Who Is Best Qualifed to Govern Us?

Jerry: In the area of government, who do you feel, among us, is the best qualifed to set the standards, terms, and conditions of life for the rest of us?

Abraham: Your question leads us back to an earlier-mentioned flawed premise, that there are right ways to live and wrong ways to live, and therefore your objective as a society is to eventually find the right way to live and then to convince all others to agree or comply with this “right” way. The diversity of your planet is of tremendous value and beneft because from variety, springs all new ideas and expansion. Without the diversity, there would be complacency and endedness.

Let us carry the flawed premise a bit further by pretending that your current population were to come into complete agreement with one another. Let us say that, by persuasion or coercion, you came to a worldwide consensus on the proper way to live. But new babies are being born every day from their powerful Non-Physical vantage points of understanding and they are seeking diversity. It is such a perfect process where a small portion is coming into your environment (through birth) and a small portion is leaving (by death), while the largest part of your population remains, providing you with both continuity and stability.

As individuals living life, you are individually, but also collectively, making constant Vibrational requests about an improved life upon your planet; and there is no possible way that you can individually or collectively cease the offering of these Vibrational requests and the responsive Universe steadily responds to those requests. That stable central part of your population that we were just speaking of usually stubbornly holds to its limited beliefs (by at- tention to what-is), which prevents it from receiving the immediate beneft of the improvement it is seeking . . . but then the old, and therefore “more set in their ways,” among you die; while the open and eager ones are born. And so, life continues to improve in response to the asking that life summons from you.

There are many who would argue that there are ideologies that are more conducive to a better life, and that even within those ideologies there are those who are better suited to lead and guide and make laws and decide what is the better approach to life, and all of that molding of the clay of your lives is pleasurable and satisfying. But there is something very much larger than that happening upon your planet: You are billions of people, living the perfect diversity, just as you knew you would, constantly asking for improvement and thereby setting up, for the next generation, that improved life experience.

If you understood that, and no longer clamored for the “one right way to live,” things would go better for you sooner. So the answer to your question, “Who, among us, is the best qualifed to set the standards, terms, and conditions of life for the rest of us?” is: No one is more qualifed than you to set the standards for you. But there is nothing to worry about because you cannot cease making your requests, and Source never ceases answering them. And when you, right here, right now, no longer offer resistance to what you are asking for (by focusing on the opposite of it), it will reveal itself in your life experience immediately.

In other words, if you focus upon something that your government, or someone in leadership, is doing that pleases you, then you are not resistant to the things you have chosen by the living of your life. But if you are bothered by something you see and are chronically pushing against it, you then use that unwanted thing as your reason to hold yourself in resistance to what you have chosen. Appreciate your government, or any other, in every way you can; and, in doing so, you will not disallow the thriving that is already set up for you, and by you, that is on its way to you. The powerful Law of Attraction always, no exceptions, is best qualifed to deliver to you the standards that your own individual lives have set.

What Is the Perfect Form of Government?

Jerry: So, how would you envision the perfect form of government for us here?

Abraham: It would be a government that allows you freedom to be or do or have as you want. And that will come only when there is an understanding of how you are getting what you are getting. You see, your government, for the most part, has become one of rules and regulations primarily established to protect one of you from the other of you. When you come to understand that you invite through thought, then you will not feel so much need for all of that restriction, and then your government can be established as it was begun, more to offer services rather than restriction or control.

(...from The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks)



hmm 22nd September 2009 11:03 am

Our destiny is an anarchy based on cooperation and love.

Kathy Wilson 22nd September 2009 11:07 am

The question assumes that we must give our power away to someone else, who will then decide for us how we are to live. We tend to forget that all those who work in government, from the lowest to the highest position, are employees working for us. We pay their wages with our taxes. In an ideal situation, WE would be the ones who tell those in our government what standards, terms, and conditions of life we wish. It's their job to make it so.

netdragon 22nd September 2009 6:09 pm

This is all very obvious and I have known this for a while.

It makes sense for the simple thing, but the one only thing I've always wondered is how organized aspects of society like transit/transportation will work that are currently handled and planned by bureaucracies. Won't by inviting something like rail transit we be creating an efficient structure to manage the transit - namely a bureaucracy - and in essence thus creating something that will again want to control us?

wsbur 3rd October 2009 5:52 am

The clarity, precision and core system reboot that this elder called Abraham,
and these wonderful souls we know as Jerry and Esther share..........
offer such a clear stream of Life, Spirit and Inspiration.
What is there left,..... but to Breath and be HAPPY.

LordJesusChrist 7th June 2010 8:58 pm

Yes, the perfect truth is King Florino G. Lusterio, the Lord God Almighty and Master Melvin M. Lusterio, the Lamb*King of The New Jerusalem are the Best Qualified to govern you in this new heavens and new earth for all eternity. Our perfect form of government is called Theocracy. Amen! Alleluia!* Good Wisdom