Why Is There a Need to Justify One's Worthiness?

Jerry: Abraham, why do you feel that so many of us, in physical form, seem to have a need to justify the good that comes to us?

Abraham: Part of the reason is that humans incorrectly believe in the limitation of resources, so they feel they must explain to others why they should receive it instead of them. Belief in "unworthiness" is another factor. There is a very powerful thought here in your physical dimension that says, "You are not worthy, so you are here to prove yourselves as worthy."

You are not here to prove your worthiness. You are worthy! You are here for the experience of joyful expansion. It was by the power of your desire, and by the power of your allowing - indeed, by your application of the very Law [of Attraction] that we are discussing here - that you have emerged into this time-space reality. And so, your physical existence here is proof of your worthiness, or deservedness, to be, do, or have whatever you desire, you see.

If you could realize that the reason your thought about your "unworthiness" feels so bad is because that thought is in utter disagreement with the way your Inner Being feels, you might then seek to improve the direction of your thought. But if you do not understand that, then often you flounder around, trying to please others, but because there is no consistency in what they ask of you, eventually you lose your way. When you are in a mode of justifying, you are in a negative mode, for you are not focused upon what you want. Instead, you are trying to convince others that it is all right for you to desire, and you need not do this. It is all right. (Abraham through Esther Hicks, from the book, The Law of Attraction, page 104)