You are at the heart of the expansion of the Universe

Life is supposed to be fun for you. Life is not meant to be a struggle. And if you are struggling in some aspects of your life, then you are going
about it in a way your Inner Being does not.

Make a decision, over the next few hours and days, that you want to see the  world, meaning the details of your life, more as Source sees them. And  especially if you catch yourself in a piece of negative emotion. If it is  slight or strong, STOP in your first awareness that you're feeling negative emotion and acknowledge that it is upstream. And ask yourself a question.

Ask the Source within you the question: "You must be seeing this  differently than I am seeing this." Say to the Source within you, "Because  the negative emotion means there's two points of view going on" - your  Source Energy Point of View and the Point of view that you hold. And as you  say, "Source (or Inner Being or whatever you want to call that broader  aspect, new and improved, evolved, ever expanding aspect of you), how is it that you are seeing this? What do you see? I want to hear what you say about this."

Just listen.
Just listen.

And you will hear the call of Source giving you specific direction right there and right then in that moment. Because Source never removes its view from you. Source never stops knowing who you are. Source never stops knowing who you really are. Source never stops being who you really are. Source never stops calling you toward who you really are.

And when you take the time to ask the question: "How are you seeing this?" you will not be able to help but hear a piece of what Source has to say to you.

And don't worry if you can't hear the whole story right then and now. It will come soon enough.

Turn in the direction of what you want. Life is supposed to be good for you. And it is.

We want you to feel the appreciation we feel for what you are living. You are at the heart of the expansion of the Universe.