You Have Creative Control of Your Life

Do you believe that when things happen around you, and as you observe them, that those things cause you to vibrate, and therefore you have not control of the way you feel?

If we were to poll the majority of your population, they would answer yes to that. Most would say, "I look out into my world, and I see things which affect the way I feel. And therefore, if I had some measure of control over those things, then I might feel better."

To Control Conditions?

And we say, you might if you could do that, but from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, you don't even want to do that. You do not want to control or limit conditions or possibilities, because you understand that this Universe, in which you and we are all focused, is vibrationally based and is managed by Law of Attraction.

So, since you can control that which you give your attention to, you can control what your vibrational output is, therefore you can control what Law of Attraction matches you up with. Can you hear the difference? One way says, "I look out and I see bad things and I feel bad, so let's do something about controlling the bad things so that I can feel good." You've been working on that for eons--how is it working out?

Selective Focusing?

The other approach that we are really selling to you here is, "I am a Vibrational Being and I vibrate because of that which I give my attention to. So as I am more selective about that which I focus upon, then I have a measure of control of what my vibrational offering is, because, as I give my attention to something, I include it in my vibration. And as I begin to more selectively choose that which I remember, or that which I focus upon in my now, or that which I contemplate into my future--as I more specifically focus, then I more specifically, deliberately vibrate, and as I more deliberately vibrate, then I have deliberate creative control of my own experience--because the Law of Attraction is matching my vibration to me.

Vibrational Control?

Ah, it is so much simpler to control your vibration than it is to control the world. And since you, now in your time/space reality, have visual, sensual interaction worldwide, and since you have a news mechanism in place, believing that it is to your advantage that they point out everything going wrong, there has never been a better time in all of the history of physical Beings, focused in this time/space reality, to make a decision that:"Nothing is more important than that I feel good, therefore nothing is more important than that I learn creative control of my own vibration."

A Guidance System?

As you look out into the world and you see unwanted things and you shout no at them, you're actually, for the time of your attention to them, including them in your vibration. As you look out into the world and you see things that you shout yes at, you are including those in your vibration. And so, most of you, by virtue of your ability to observe, have quite a mixture of vibration. Some of it serves you well, and some of it does not, and it is fortunate that you have within you a Guidance System (your emotions) that lets you know which part is which. You can tell the parts of your gaze or focus or attention or comments or memories or speculations or imaginations, or observations which are serving you in the moment of them, and you can tell which of those objects of attention are not serving you well--by the way you feel.

Achieve Worthiness?

Because you live in a Universe that is freedom-based, you get to give your attention to anything that you choose. Because you live in a Universe that is joy-based, in a Universe that, at the basis of it, is utter Well-being, Well-being flows abundantly. It is your legacy. It is your birthright. It is what is natural unto you. It is not something that you must earn. It is something that you already deserve. It is not something that you have to achieve worthiness of--you are already worthy of it.

To Start Over?

Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn) is a wonderful thing, because it is responding to the vibration that is within you. And sometimes we know that you feel like you wish you could start over. You wish you could be rid of opinions and attitudes, and points of frustration. You wish that you didn't have to have had that experience that now is affecting the way you feel.

And we're wanting you to take delight in every experience that you have lived, because out of it has been born the new preference. And as you begin, more and more, to turn your attention to the new preference, then the things that you are specifically choosing will dominate the patterns that are unfolding in your experience, and you will proudly proclaim yourself the deliberate creator of your experience.

To Gain Control?

It is a wonderful thing to gain creative control of your vibration. We like the ring of those words. Do you? "To gain creative control of my experience." How does one go about gaining creative control of one's experience? By directing thought. By choosing what you think about. More importantly, by choosing how you want to feel.

Pretend that you are a director, a creative director of a movie project, and there is an audience that will be viewing your product. So you decide in advance how you want this audience to feel. If you want them to be frightened, you make a really scary setting. You make it dark. You might even make it dirty or uncomfortable. If you want your audience to feel light-hearted and laugh, you might make it in a bright, happy setting.

You would set the place, and the time of day, and you would adjust the lights to create the mood. And then you would parade your characters across the screen, and your characters would have definite personalities. And in their personalities they would interplay with one another. And in their interplay they would exchange words--and you would affect the response of your audience.

In like manner, we're suggesting that you decide to gain dominant control of your vibrational offering by setting some scenes of your own. And we suggest really quick scene-setting, about 30 seconds is really good, where you decide where it will be, choosing, hopefully, something that feels good to you. You decide what the time of day is so that you set the lighting and evoke the mood from yourself. You then identify how you feel, even putting words to it, maybe even remembering things like it. Then you decide who else is going to be there with you, and you give them their attitudes or moods. And then you exchange just a few brief words--and in doing so, you affect your vibration.

We've called this using your imagination; and we've called it a Creative Workshop. Today we are calling it Virtual Reality.

We have noticed that most of you are vibrating in response to what is happening around you, but very few of you are deliberately conjuring images that cause you to offer a vibration. And in order to be the deliberate creator of your vibration, you have to be able to deliberately conjure some vibrations. The reason that we are encouraging this process of Virtual Reality is because that's the way you make a dominant vibration dominant on purpose.

The Virtual Reality Process is for one purpose only, and that is to practice a vibration and make it dominant. Everything that's happening in your life is because of whatever vibration is dominant. Wouldn't it be nice if you could make the vibration dominant on purpose? Wouldn't it be nice that instead of vibrating as you learned to vibrate from your mother when you were 4, (and without knowing it you've just continued to practice that, so it still dominates your vibration today. So something that you've picked up a long time ago that doesn't have anything to do with who you now are or what you now want, is still controlling the way people respond to you, and controlling things that come to you, and controlling the way your body works and looks) wouldn't it be nice if you could today make another decision about how you want to attract, and make that vibration dominant? Don't you think it's worth a little bit of effort? We do.

We want to remind you that the purpose of the Virtual Reality is for one purpose only: to cause you to offer a vibration that is dominant on purpose. And here's what we mean by this:

How Money Feels?

When you think about most subjects, you already have a dominant vibration relative to those subjects. We'll show you what we mean. When you think about the subject of dollars, abundance, money, do you feel more adventurous, exhilarated, excited, unlimited? Or do you feel more worried, concerned, frustrated, limited? You know.

Sometimes you say, "Well, it's a little of both." And we say, if it's a little of both, that's good, because you can choose which you want it to be. But most of you know, easily, as we throw out those possibilities, where your dominant vibration about the subject of money is.

How Relationship Feels?

Relationships. Does your dominant relationship feel like fresh air, joy, expansion, freedom, exhilaration? Or does it feel like hard work, "I'm always in trouble," struggle? You know. You can tell.

How My Body Feels?

When you think about your physical body, does it feel vital and alive and flexible and eager? Or do you feel about your body, pensive, uncertain, insecure, not sure? You know. When you think about your physical appearance or weight, do you feel frisky and hardy and adorable and perfect? Or do you feel inadequate, flawed, needy, broken?

Bickering or Cooing?

You can practice Virtual Reality and cause different activations within you. In other words, we throw out a game like this, like feeling where you are relative to these aspects, and you can feel, but even more importantly, you see the manifestation of it. In other words, are you bickering all the time? Or are you cooing all the time? Are you romping and feeling good: or are you feeling guilty when you eat?

Enjoying Your Life?

Are you enjoying the aspects of your life as they unfold relative to these subjects: or are you not enjoying the aspects of your life as they unfold relative to these subjects? You can tell by the way you've been feeling. And what we are suggesting to you here, in the most powerful way that we could ever suggest it, because it is our absolute knowing, is that you have creative control of your life experience; you just have not been exercising it--because you have let what you've been observing be the reason for the dominant vibration.

What Affects You?

It's why so many of you form relationships; they're good in the beginning, then they go sour, and then you reach for another; they're good in the beginning, then they go sour--and it is because most of you are not doing anything about stabilizing your own dominant thoughts. You're just letting whatever floats across your "television screen," so to speak, affect the way you feel. You have become audiences that have watched what's happening. Audiences that have allowed others to make a decision how you will feel. Esther can tell, when she hears the music; she will say, "Oh, it's going to get scary, I don't want to watch it." Or, "Oh, it's turning to an unhappy place, I don't want to watch it." In other words, she wants to watch it when the music is happy, because the potential of something happy is more probable.

You Have The Ability

You have the ability to deliberately activate within yourself vibrations. It doesn't matter where you stand on any issue that is important to you, you have the ability, with a little bit of work, a little bit of consistent work, of shifting the way you feel and therefore shifting your point of attraction, and therefore shifting every relationship with every other Being, and every relationship with your own physical body, and every relationship with economic conditions...! You will never stop wanting to adjust or amend. You will never get it done.

You Can Change It!

You can change everything! You can modify everything that touches you into that which pleases you, explicitly. We just have one small warning: You will never get it done. You will never stop wanting to adjust or amend. And that's the fun, when you get the hang of this; when you begin to understand that you can control the way you feel, then you get this constant feedback of what comes back to you. And if something comes back that doesn't feel all that good--then you just amend your Virtual Reality.Excerpted from the workshop in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, May 11th, 2002