You, the Visionary Law of Attraction, the Manager

Are you knowing that you are the creator of your experience? Is that a good thing? Have you noticed that there is a continual new desire within you? Are you beginning to understand that the desire that is focused within you is the most natural thing in all of the Universe? Are you beginning to understand that the desire that continually focuses within you is the natural consequence of the contrast in which you are so dramatically, emphatically, and precisely focused?

You are focusing mechanisms and your ability to perceive within the framework of the variety that is around you causes continual focus, or desire, to be born within you. The entire Universe is established to help you -- a creator out here on this leading edge of thought -- assume your new stance or conclusion or determination or decision or idea, or desire.

Desires are born within you, constantly, whether you verbalize them, or not. You are focusing mechanisms creators out here on the leading edge of thought, in this natural environment where you synthesize data and conclude.

We are here to assist you, if it is your desire, in helping you to find vibrational harmony with the desire that is flowing through you. And, it is your work to allow the desire that has been concluded by your process.

We have been calling this gathering, "The Science of Deliberate Creation," for it is a wonderful thing when you are standing in a place of deliberate focus. But we think a very important subtitle for this gathering would be "The Art of Allowing." Because unless you have learned how to bring yourself into vibrational harmony with the Energy that you are pulling through you, (under the title of "desire") then you stand in a place of resistance.

Desire is a natural thing. When desire is born within you, and you are blocking or resisting or not allowing the desire that is flowing through you -- that is what resistance is. When you learn to allow the Energy, that is being summoned through you by the power of your desire, to flow in a non-resisted manner -- that is creation at its best. That is fulfilling your reason for being. That is living, as the extension of Nonphysical Energy that is you, out here on this leading edge of thought -- allowing the Energy that creates worlds to flow through you.

What confuses most people about this is that you have not learned to be discriminating in that which you are giving your attention to. When you see something that you want, and you say, "Yes yes, more of that," what's actually happening, not by your yessing but by your attention to it, you are including that vibration in your mix, which means, when Law of Attraction acts upon that -- you are going to get more of this that you are saying "yes" to. But when you see those things that you do not want and you shout "no" at them -- because this is a Universe that is based upon attraction, and there's no such thing as exclusion -- when you say "no" to something it's really the same as saying "yes" to it. Yes means yes, and no means yes. Whatever you give your attention to means yes.

Don't Put It On Your Plate
What we are wanting you to begin to recognize is that there are differenct ways to evaluate contrast. There is that light way of making choices, like you do at a smorgasbord of food: "I will have some of that, and I will have some of this, and I will have some of this," where you don't get all upset about the stuff you don't want on your plate -- you just accept that you don't have to put it on your plate. But in the smorgasbord of life, most of you get all bent out of shape about those things you don't want in your life, and so you offer a vibration of resistance, as if, if you could shout "no" loud enough, or push hard enough, you could keep those things out of your experience. And Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn) says you can't.

The harder you push against something, the more you vibrate in harmony with it, and the more you vibrate in harmony with it, the more Law of Attraction yields it to you. Not because you're bad, but because you are vibrating mechanisms that are saying "yes" to things you do not want. Your work as an allower, is to get happy and stay there. The Universe knows exactly what you want. And because you are blessed, worthy beings, this benevolent Universe is yielding to you, constantly, all this good stuff.

Well-Being is Natural to You
You are magnificent beings in this perfect time/space reality, and we are wanting to assist you in finding fewer and fewer excuses to disallow the Well-being that would be there otherwise. We are wanting you to realize that Well-being is your legacy. Well-being was your plan. Well-being is what is natural to you. And anything less than absolute Well-being, which means anything less than passion, anything less than clarity, anything less than eagerness, anything less than exhilaration, anything less than perfect vitality and physical Well-being, anything less than abundance and prosperity relative to all things that you desire, anything less than that means only one thing: you've picked up some habits of thought -- that you are holding as beliefs -- that are pinching off the Well-being that would be there otherwise.

We want you to be able to recognize, from now on, when you are in the place of disallowing the natural Well-being. Because when you get that, then you become one who is looking for rampages of appreciation. You become one who is looking for positive aspects. And it's a gradual thing, friends. Don't beat up on yourself if you cannot go instantly from aggravation to joy. Or from a place of depression to exhilaration. Or from a place of confusion to clarity. Don't ask yourself to do something that defies Law.

We want to show you how to switch your vibration, little by little by little -- by reaching for the thought that feels better from right where you now stand. You may be in the middle of something that has your attention, that has caused you to regurgitate feelings from a long time ago. And the vibration within you may be very far from the eagerness and clarity and abundance and Well-being that you want. In other words, you feel pretty rotten, right now, let's say, and so, as you're feeling really, really rotten, and some bright-eyed, shiny person comes in and says, "You know, you are the creator of your own reality," you sort of want to just punch their lights out. You wish they would just go away, because you are vibrationally very different from where they are, and that's the last thing that you can, or want to hear.

In Harmony With Disharmony
When you feel rotten, you're saying to the Universe, "Don't yield me anything that I deserve, and don't give me anything that I want, for heavens sakes! because I have decided to use this nitpicking thing as my excuse to hold myself in vibrational disharmony with all things that I consider to be good. I'm out of harmony with clarity. I'm out of harmony with good. I'm out of harmony with abundance. I'm out of harmony with wellness. I'm out of harmony with eagerness. I'm out of harmony with all things that I want. I'm in harmony with feeling rotten, and I hate it. But here I am." That's what you're saying when you're standing in that rotten feeling place.

So, what do you do about it? Well, you can't reach for a joyful thought because you do not have vibrational access to a joyful thought. It is as if there has never been a joyful thought in your head. That bright-eyed shiny person would like to get you to think a happy thought. They're dangling them in front of you like carrots. To you they look like scum. In other words, you can't see, through those eyes, in the way that they would like you to.

Moving Up Your Vibrational Range
So, what does one do? Well, you stand right where you are, in this rotten feeling place, and you say, "Which thought feels best?" And in this rotten feeling place, you have a range of choices. And as you choose the first thought that feels best, not much will happen. You might not even realize that you feel that much better. But just by making the effort of choosing -- from all these rotten choices -- the thought that feels a little better than the other, just by choosing this thought that feels best out here on the edge of your range, and by holding it for as little as 17 seconds, you have shifted.

Now your vibrational range has shifted. That thought that was on the edge of your range now becomes the center of your range. You can't go back, in this moment, to that further negative edge of your range. But you now have more available that feels even better.

It takes a selfish person: You have to want to feel good, and if you are selfish enough to reach for the thought that feels better, the same thing happens again. And if you maintain it for just a little bit, 17 seconds is really enough, that becomes the center of your range. And now, in less than a minute, you don't even have access to the really wretched thought that was touching you a moment ago. And you now have access to range of much better feeling thoughts than you did before.

Try it another couple of times, and you might be back in range with your bright and shiny friend. Maybe not. But one thing is always true: When you make the effort and you shift, even slightly, the entire Universe yields to you differently. Which means, you now have opened to a whole new range of thoughts. A whole different set of memories is now to accessible by you. A whole different pod of traffic is accessible to you. A whole new range of ideas... That with which you will rendezvous, physically, mentally, through memory, reaching into the future, or right here in your moment, has shifted because of this very minor effort that you have made. You reach the place where you easily get to this really good place of feeling wonderful. But that's does not mean that you cannot go all the way back to where you started in 17 seconds.

We are not asking you to look at something awful, and call it good. What we are encouraging you to do is develop such a propensity for vibrating up here, that before long you have established a medium of vibration that no longer yields you access to the rotten feeling stuff like that.

So, your life just gets better and better. The better it feels, the better it feels, the better it feels, because, as you offer the vibration, the Universe yields it, because it is always true: "What I'm thinking and feeling and what I'm manifesting are always a vibrational match. So now, as I'm manifesting this good feeling stuff, now I'm standing in an easier and easier place to anticipate more good stuff."

Should I Take Action?
What we see, so often, is, you stand in a place where you don't want to be. And you say, "I really don't want to be here, I really don't want to be here, I really don't want to be here, I want to be over there. Okay, I think I'll take this action to get over there." And we say, before you take the action to get over there, take another step first: Imagine being over there. Imagine the finished place of being over there. Imagine the thrill of being over there. Get excited about being over there. Feel like you're over there more than like you're over here.

Do the Energy work first, and then take the inspired action. Because when you take an action to try to correct something that is wrong, all the action does is amplify what is wrong... There's not enough action in the world to compensate for your vibration.

Guide Your Own Visualization
Just find something fresh in your now that you're excited about, and turn your attention to it. You see, there's a whole world out there with all kinds of different vibrations. And you could choose all around it. But the tendency is to believe that I have to clean all of that up before I can feel better. And so, you say, "Well that's ridiculous. I could never get that done. I don't have enough time in this lifetime."

Instead, say, "Where I stand is a very good place, because where I stand is the culmination of a whole lot of things that I've been wanting. And I don't have to go back and figure out all the steps along the way. All I have to do is figure out, from where I am, what do I now want? I don't have to explain or figure out how I got here. All I have to do is figure out, from where I stand, where do I want to be?"

And envisioning that gets easier and easier. Someone said, "I'm not very good at visualizing." And we say, most of you haven't practiced visualizing. You're good at turning on the television, or you're good at reading a book, or you're good at watching a movie. You're good at watching someone else's visualization. Most of you have not guided your own visualization that much.

Wouldn't It Be Nice If?
Here is the key to guiding your own visualization: Here's a nice way to do it: Play the Wouldn't It Be Nice If? game. The reason the Wouldn't It Be Nice If? game is so important, and so powerful, is because when you say, Wouldn't It Be Nice If?... you're choosing something that you want, and in your Wouldn't It Be Nice If? you're soft and easy about it. It's not the end of the world. It's a much softer vibration.

"Wouldn't it be nice if I stumbled on something that really worked for me? Wouldn't it be nice if the desires that I've been holding for a long time sort of came to a peak like a guiding light? Wouldn't it be nice if I could meet someone who had just run across something that really worked for them, that would light a fire in me? Wouldn't it be nice if I could reclaim the body weight that I had when I was such and such an age? Wouldn't it be nice if?..."

Your logic may tell you: "Hey, I've been at this for a long time. If I knew how to do it, or if I was good at it, I'd have already gotten it done. So there's something screwed up in this." And so, you hold yourself in that vibration. Where, when you're playing the Wouldn't It Be Nice If? game, much of that vibration will be diffused.

Imagine that you are the owner of a huge corporation. There are a hundred thousand people who work at various stages and places in this corporation, and you are the one who created it. You imagined it. You saw the need for it. You dreamed it. You found vibrational harmony with your dream. And now it's yours.

And there are a thousands who don't know how to use their computers, they don't know how to file very well, they are learning at different stages, it's a constant turnover of people, they're in and out, they're squabbling over parking places, some have windows, some don't. It's an immense organization.

And you have a manager that is just incredible. Because this manager takes care of all of this, you don't have to deal with anything. You get an idea, and you express it softly. And the manager says, "Consider it done." You get another idea and you envision it, and your manager says, "Consider it done." You have such an extraordinary manager that you are free. You're not dealing with the nitty gritty in the parking lot, not dealing with raises or vacations, you're not worried about any of this stuff. You are the visionary. And you have a manager that deals with it effectively and perfectly. And you count your lucky stars, every day, that you found this manager.

And now, we're saying to you, you have such a manager -- and it's called Law of Attraction. But most of you do not know that you have that manager. And so, you keep thinking that you need to step into those many roles, and be the facilitator. And then you get bogged down in all that nitpicking, nitty gritty stuff that doesn't have anything to do with who you really are or with your vision.

Our message to you is: You are a visionary. And of course it is lovely to be an actionary too. But if you will let your vision be real and full and you find full alignment with it before you take action -- then the effort that you offer is always joyful, fulfilling, satisfying effort.

And so, keep telling the "manager" what you want. Not because the manager (called Law of Attraction) needs to hear it, but because every time you talk about it, and every time you come into vibrational harmony with your own desire -- you open your vortex of allowing so that the Universe can yield to you a little bit more of what it already knows you want.

You are all working much too hard at all of this. It goes like this: You are wonderful beings. You are blessed beings. You are deserving of Well-being. Well-being is on its way to you. Chill out and let it in. Play more. Do the Hokey Pokey. Someone gave Jerry and Esther a little note: "Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out that the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?" It turns out, it is. It is!

There is great love here for you. We are complete.


Anne 23rd August 2007 7:32 pm

:smitten: :smitten: Thankyou ,always fantastic, uplifting and inspiring and of course immensly practical. These channellings are a gift of love. I believe by their popularity that they are playing a huge part in helping many people understand a new way of thinking and being for a new time.