Advertise on Spirit Library

Spirit Library offers CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for spiritually based companies and organisations to promote their products or servies. Ads are available in standard-sized ad units such as 250x250 pixel square banners.

250x250 Square - CPM
Runs across all pages on the right side of the site, above the fold. This format gives a high visual impact.

Our new self service advertising offering will be available shortly - in the meantime you can contact us using this form.

Why Advertise on Spirit Library

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to Spirit Library on a daily basis to read the very latest inspiring and uplifting spiritual material available and they always find something that encourages and inspires them.

If you have a spiritually based business, website or practice that wants to be an empowering tool for people on their inner journey and self development process, by advertising on Spirit Library, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of spiritually like-minded people and lightworkers everyday that are seeking your special services, talents and abilities.


“The response I received from my ad on the Spirit Library was many times greater than any other advertising I've done. Orders came in from all over the world! Mariù and Ben were delightful to work with, very helpful and supportive”.

Kathy Wilson, Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Author