Conscious Connection with All That You Are

Hello Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. We are here, today to speak with you about self-care. Self-care in an expanded way - a way that is about you living here in conscious connection with all that you are.

Each and every day we encourage you to start your day, listening to you. Tuning into you. Acknowledging the vastness of your being, Your Source, and inviting that vaster field of awareness to infuse you, lift you up, guide you, love you.

Within you is everything you need to live a most incredibly wonderful life.

When you pay attention to you first, when you tune to you - the vastness within you, first, you allow yourself to receive.

Most people are striving to get what they want.

That is an option.

We are inviting you to recall your innate connection with all life and all abundance. Your innate connection with the vastness of you.

We remind you of the nature of this connection by asking you to consider how you feel, treat and want to give to those you love. When you are feeling good don’t you want to give to everyone that you love? When you have more than you need, isn’t it natural to want to share it and don’t you do so with great pleasure and joy?

This is how the fullness of your being feels, about you!

All that you are wants to give to you. Is abundant and abundantly satisfied. You are expanding life continually and the fulness of your being gets to experience that expansion and does so enjoying everything about you and everything you are choosing.

Your continual expression enriches life. It opens up new combinations of energy, new templates of form, new expressions of Life. Life is expressing in new ways through you; through your willingness to be here, experience life and allow life to inspire you to expand life further.

As you do this, day in day out, unconsciously, effortlessly, the fullness of your being becomes all that you are creating. Expands immediately to become a vibrational expression of the even more enriched version of what you choose. Sweeping into this field complimentary and equally satisfying expression in forms, arrangements that resonate and expand you. The even better than you’ve imagined or dreamed it version of your life is alive and well, vibrationally and being in tune with you allows you to let it flow.

All life is continually moving into more and more complete expression. This is true for all expressions of life; the natural thing is for energy to evolve vibrationally, and manifest! Vibration manifests. This is how life works. Feelings are manifestations. Desires are manifestations. Thoughts are manifestations. Experiences are manifestations. This moment right here, right now is manifesting.

It is manifesting from a vibrational momentum that is of your making.

The natural thing is for vibration to evolve and it’s natural for what you’ve created to flow into manifestation that you can perceive, experience, savor, RECOGNIZE as of your making, and enjoy!

We want you to get to experience MORE of what you’ve created! To expand, elevate and ride the ascending energies of Life in manifest expression. This was your aim when you came here - to experience your expression here, on Earth, as you.

We want you to know more of the joy that the fullness of your being knows as it experiences the continual newness of your expansion.

This is how you let your life flow: you tune to you. You do what feels good to you. You think in ways that foster inner harmony, a good mood, feelings you like.

You understand that feelings and thoughts are options within all you can experience and you can say , “Yes” to feelings, or “No.” It’s not necessary to feel all your feelings. Feelings are indicators of vibrational momentum. Feelings don’t need to be processed, they can indicate what your vibing, vibrational momentum and then you can tune them to improved momentum, if you pay attention and care to do so.

When you choose thoughts that feel nice to you, you tune to the vastness of you. You’re synching up with the truth of your being. Truth, dear ones is current and relative. It’s true for you, now, for example. You know it’s truth for you if it feels good. Truth, feels good.


This is clarity! Live it. Dare to experiment with your own life, come into deliberate, repeated conscious connection with all that you are and see where that takes you!

Be willing to play with this and see how good you can get at doing what feels good to you in thought and action. Pay attention to yourself and care about how you feel.

We encourage you to risk doing this even though it might not make sense to others. Even though some part of you might think this is hogwash. (Smile) What if you allow yourself the opportunity to see, and know first hand, from your own direct experience that practicing choices that cultivate inner harmony does elevate your life?

What a great discovery that would be!

How differently you might live with that knowing…

You give yourself the experiences you want. You let yourself do what feels easy and natural now. You learn how to tune to inner harmony rather than comparing yourself to others, or trying to get energy through attention from others. You learn to satisfy you and life simplifies as you do this. Becomes easier. You feel more relaxed and easy. Happier. More free and alive.

As you experiment with living this way you will make a profound and amazing discovery: you will find that you can do this - create inner harmony and a great mood - simply by using your focus. Unconditionally! NOW you’ve tapped the Source of your Being.

You are unconditional love, unconditional power, unconditional clarity in form and focus here. When you use your focus to feel the way you want to feel you move beyond transactional ideas of expression and creation into a direct relationship with All Life.

This, beloved one is Life as you meant to know it!

This is you being her, infused with the love, light and truth that is you. Consciously creating. Unconditionally happy and expansively free!

Life is wide open to you. You are the maker of the experience you perceive. Starting your day by caring about how you feel. Being willing to put yourself first and take excellent care of you is how you thrive.

We want to be clear here that taking excellent care of you is not about following some specific diet, or doing anything in particular all the time. It is not about rules, or methods, it is about cultivating your state of being, your energy presence, and the way you know what you’re creating vibrationally, is by what your mood is now.

If you’re feeling good, you’re in good harmony with the vastness of your being - your own leading edge. And good feeling things will come about. This is just how it is.

You can’t get to good feeling experiences from a state that you hate how it feels. If you hate how it feels, more things you find dissatisfying are what you’re moving toward and letting in. You know this intuitively. You know that what you get going momentum wise tends to persist.

Everyone knows this.

This is how life is.

This is how life works.

This is not rocket science, but learning to care about how you feel is something so many of you struggle with…you’ve believed the ideas that you must do this (whatever this is) to get that (whatever you want.)

What if, that isn’t true?

What if there is a way to live in joy and get what you want and do it all with ease?

Wouldn’t you like to discover that way of being?

If yes, then tend to your mood. Tend to your mood about all else. As often as possible and as much as you can, bring yourself into a good mood, using thoughts that you are free to choose. Reach for the better feeling thought and do the relaxing and easy going next thing that occurs to you.

See where this takes you.

Discover that ease and joy and pleasure and satisfaction are the KEYS to the KINGDOM dear friends.

Let yourself be light. Let your lives become lighter and a whole lot more free and fun.

Choose to live in conscious connection with all that you are and to cultivate harmony within you.

Then, dear friends, you will see how good life can be, and those who recognize this in you, will also be uplifted and encouraged to live their truth too.

It is all happening energetically. Live in the knowing of that.

We love you very much. We are complete.

I am Ashira, with the Council of Radiant Light


yogapriestess 14th February 2019 12:12 pm

I absolutely love this message from Ashira and the Radiant council of light! Just what i needed to tune into this morning! It feels really simple, loving and oh so leading edge! thanks abundantly dear ones for the unplifting reminder!


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