Expanding Energetically

There is a lot of realigning going on.

Many of us have experienced a lot of expansion and an increase in coherence. This may make it clearer to you what really matters. It may also make you want to say, "No," to some things that you used to do, and enjoy, simply because you're now focused on something different.

Also? You may find that all that self-love practice has taken root more than you realized, and you're now available for something different -- your standards have changed.

Honor yourself.

It's safe to be who you are.

It's safe to trust yourself.

Give yourself permission to do what is TRUE FOR YOU NOW.

Everything is energy and energy is moving faster and coming in, in a more concentrated way as we continue to evolve. As a result WE are changing. Being lifted energetically. When this happens, our views change.

Tune in, and relax.

Notice what your next step is, what you feel you want to do, and do it. Honor this moment by being REAL, being HONEST. Being true.

It's time to learn that you're safe in the world, AS YOU.

That possibility is real, but to experience it, you've got to see it as a possibility and let yourself step into it, to receive it.