Here's the thing...

There isn't just one truth.

About anything manifest.

There is the truth of the interconnectedness of all life, the primacy of consciousness... #oneness

But in terms of manifest experience?

What you experience? How it comes about? So many ways. So many choices.

Long ago Archangel Michael told us: Choose More.


Instead of waiting, hoping, wondering... all of which are fine, but are in and of themselves, a choice... Make a different choice: choose something else -- choose something you want. AND realize that wanting it is enough of a reason to be worthy of it.

Then? Unhook what you want from what you do.

Allow yourself to be led, action wise. Do what feels right "now," and what is aligned and in harmony with who you are in the moment. Stop using action to make things happen. Action, beloved friends, is for the joy of flow and movement.

Be where you're at. Sometimes you feel crappy or life is actually so hard and exhausting and other times you feel good. Let yourself be. Trust in that.

Express generously and without hesitation as you feel inclined... AND, unhook all this inspired action from what comes.

Let inspired action be HOW YOU LIVE. And what you choose and expect, be WHAT COMES.

You get to choose, you see? You get to decide what you make real, what you believe in. What you expect. What's real for you. And you can continually change that.

There isn't one truth. There is only what you make true by choosing to believe in it -- wave collapsing into particle. What you make real!

You can believe in this idea about life, or not -- you choose (That's the point!!)

For me, I embrace this, because I choose to evolve and grow and live with joy and being a powerful creator. That (to me) is a belief that can be fun and easy. And so, I choose that ...

I just really wanted to express this.

So I am writing to you. I'm so in the groove right now, with the joyous knowing of how much the DIVINE loves us/me...and how wonderful it is to know this, and in this knowing: CHOOSE!!!

And if that in some way, gives you the enthusiastic feeling that knowing this, you might want to re-think everything... then it's REALLY a new beginning, right? How fun is that. And then? Add to it, that you don't have to be perfect.

That it's okay to be embodied, human, messy and REAL about where you are and to feel good about all of that. Wow.

What if, you are really One with All That Is, and All That Is adores you?

Loves you! Supports you -- not a little, but A LOT. Like overflowing generosity. Has your back...

What if you really knew that? How would you be living? What would you be?

I invite you to riff, explore and expand in this direction, toward all the new possibilities that are calling to you!

With love, Ailia



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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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