Realizing Your Creation


I AM Hermes. It is good to be here, with you. Your conscious awareness, your focus upon this transmission empowers us to be in conscious connection. If you wish to empower a fuller connection between us you may invite that now.

You are a sovereign being. You create your experience in any state of awareness. You are always transmitting the energy that is you and inviting resonant experiences to come into your consciousness. You are the realizer of experiences and the creator of expressions within Creation.

In your embodied state there is an especially beautifully conversation ensuing as you and the fullness you are, dance.

All that you are, is within you, as steadily as your breathing. All that you are, is the Source of your being and from that Source you arise, in this embodied focus, relatively experiencing yourself in new and expanding ways. As you live here, investing energy with your attention, you create. You make more of all you invest your attention in. 

You are perceiving and responding, constantly, to all of life. You, in this distinct focus, have opinions, preferences, and you express these vibrationally as your life flows in and out. You are here and you are giving life new forms of expression.

We, in the non-physical are enjoying the many creations of your focus, the way human beings enjoy fireworks. Yes, it is really that good. And we never tire of it. It is endless, your creativity and beautiful. There is an innate harmony to the work, the firework show that you are generating in consciousness. It has a particular theme to it and it has a distinct signature to it, such that no matter if you think you’re having a good day or a bad day, whether you are happy or sad, there is a consistently beautiful, awe-inspiring expansion with your name on it, taking place within consciousness. You are expanding the expressions of consciousness in very valuable and treasured ways.

We, the Council of Radiant Light, along with Archangel Michael and many other great beings of light, pay attention to Earth and your lives here, with tremendous appreciation.

We aspire to consciously co-create with you for it gives us joy to be your pit-team. To help you reorient, remember, refresh, renew and then take another spin around the track. You are speeding up. Your vibration has more capacity than earlier in your life when you didn’t have as much conscious awareness of the real you.

That’s fun for you and for us.

As we come together today, we want to offer you some thoughts, some ideas that we sense will assist you here and now, in this next part of your ride.

First we offer this: nothing is beyond you. Nothing. Nothing is too good for you. Nothing is outside the realm of possibilities for you. How it plays out might surprise you and we know in ways you like thinking but aren’t always trusting in, that it will be better than you wish for. That is always true. Life is capable of showing up beyond your wildest imaginings in both big and small ways. Your job in this is to choose what you like and what you want and to allow yourself to want it, with anticipation of it.

That’s it.

Second, we offer this: being outside and breathing deeply, relaxing and letting good stuff come to you easily, is the most beneficial thing for you to do today. It is productivity to the max. Living with a substantial part of your day being about pleasure and delight in this Earthly paradise is how you are most productive. Trust us on this. When you do this, when you get outside and move around and savor the view and notice things big and small, with pleasure and enjoy them, you are as productive as you can possibly be.

Third, and most importantly, and in support of these first two things - the real you is eternal infinite consciousness. Do you live knowing that? Living, knowing that is who you are, is how you set yourself free. If you don’t really feel that as who you are, then making that more real - meaning investing more attention in that - is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself.

When you remember who you truly are, then life falls into place. When you remember who you truly are, you care about you, you’re nice to you, you feel worthy, without question. Life just sorts itself out.

Everything you dislike about your life, is an expression of only one thing: forgettting who you truly are.

We know that you’ve heard this before. We know that your days are full. We know there is a lot of noise in the world that can lure you into states of being in which these truths fade from your conscious awareness. That’s how it is here, on this beautiful planet. There is variety and you are able to determine what plane of experience you’re in, with your attention and because you create your energy state. Dynamically.

We know that these things might seem overly simple or too good to be true. Yet we cannot help with that. Because these things are true. They are real and they are important. They are Universal Truths, of which there are not a lot. 

You are free to pay attention to them, or not. You are free to live here however you choose.

There are a lot of stories about life and anything you give your attention to will become real for you. By paying attention to it, you’ve declared it as important. This is an energetic reality of your realm and how it all works.

So as we said a moment ago, we are so appreciating you and appreciating the fireworks, the incredible beautiful creations that you are making available for us, to realize in consciousness. We invite you to shift your own lives such that you too might not only enjoy the ride, but change the scenery, the landscape the situations and what’s showing up, as you make this journey here.

You are surrounded by energy that is a match for your sense of self. Your beliefs. Your ideas about who you are, what this life is about and what matters. Change any of those and the scenery changes.

It would be very fun, for you to play with that.


KP88 11th October 2017 9:33 pm