The Magic of Beauty

This place - the view, the colors, the way it feels, how wide open everything is - is heaven to me. Balm to my soul.

What feeds your joy?

This is Big Sur, on the central coast of California. I can't always be there - it's about a 6 hour drive away - but I can feel it, enjoy it - in memories and by looking at photos. It reminds me of what I love most and then I feel connected to that and uplifted.

Knowing what we love, matters.

Knowing ourselves, matters.

Who you are is who you are.

So much of our lives we've gotten feedback that we aren't enough, that we should be different, that we aren't doing it right, that we're not okay.

None of that is true, but when we hear it over and over, or when people we care about look at us through that lens, it starts to feel real. It takes root within our sense of self.

For me, beauty liberates me. It reconnects me with that pure essence that I truly am. It helps me feel myself. Maybe you will find it does that for you to.

Archangel Michael told me once that our experience of beauty is powerful because when we're in it, we're fully present.

I get that. When I'm fully present, enjoying the moment and really feeling good, everything else falls away and I'm just me. The REAL ME. And interestingly? I'm completely content...satisfied...happy. <3

That's who we really are - each of us. Whole, fulfilled and perfect. Today, right now, what if you go into an experience of what you find beautiful, and use it to get current. Coming into alignment with who you truly are and remembering how amazing it feels to be you?

Just a thought.


Meg 23rd October 2019 1:41 pm

Beauty = Power = Love

spiritdiver 28th October 2019 11:03 pm

Dear Alia,

i have always felt the same. especially in certain be-u-ti-ful environments. Big Sur to me is the feeling of sitting on the edge of the earth. the space the all, between heaven and earth. where we are. where we reach beyond. Where now, forever, i want to be..expanded, naturally.

Thank you for your connection and bringing the message through. I have been dealing with the greatest loss of life, but know I need to get back to this part of the world. wherever i am, moments, daily.

thx u for keeping it real