Timeless, Multidimensional Experiences

Hello, Divine Ones,

We are here, and we are happy to be here, with you, in this opportunity to connect which is made possible by the vehicle of this transmission.

We call this, via Ailia, a transmission because it offers to you energy, in specific harmonic packages, alchemically structured within this language so that you might receive an infusion of that which compliments you, here and now.

You might wonder how something like this is possible and we would be happy to explain. Life is sophisticated and intelligent, and each person is experiencing life, uniquely and specifically. You receive that which is relevant and corresponds to you, from all you encounters - not just from this transmission.

In giving this transmission, we offer a vibrant spectrum of frequencies and harmonics that can be used by you, the reader, in specific ways to achieve more balance, clarity and a feeling of inner spaciousness and well-being. You do this, with know-how, naturally, as you encounter beneficial frequencies, much like you take in beauty, or some other supportive experience you encounter.

We aim in our communication to you, to use words, through Ailia’s translation, so your mind might come along for the ride. The energy of this transmission is also present and moreover, infuses you. The energy you receive as you allow yourself to connect with this post, this transmission, accomplishes the intention of our communication - connecting you to that which we are streaming to you - by activating it within you.

You might participate in the experience of this transmission by opening up and welcoming us, if you like. You could, if you feel inclined to, invite us to share with you that which we’d like to share and which might be useful and uplifting to you now. That would empower the transmission. For although we are offering it and Ailia is translating it, it is up to you, if you receive it, or not.

You are a sovereign being, and in the expression of life, you determine what you are available for. We are able to connect to, communicate or collaborate with you, based on what you are allowing, deliberately, consciously.

No one can assert themselves into your life unless you let them. That applies to us, in the non-physical with regards to you, too.

Although we are non-physical and you might think of us as more capable than you or having more power than you feel you have, these perceptions are inaccurate and cause confusion because they are somewhat incomplete. The truth is we are merely in a different expression of focus than you and have capacities corresponding to that.

Like you, we too arise, from All That Is. You exist in the non-physical and emanate from that into your human form. You therefore, are also like us, and in this body on this planet, you are always connected to that vaster expression of you. We and you are no more and no less than one another, simply different.

It is most useful to realize that We are One with you, and we are in this game of Life, together.

Which, by the way, we love.

So we come to you on and as, this stream of light which Ailia is receiving as packets of energy, and we are guiding her from within, for we are part of her expression, as she translates this stream of packets of light into words which you read and all of this is in essence, happening beyond time and space. Multidimensionally.

Ailia, or any conscious channel, is, in the act of conscious connection, translating energy from one form to another, and making it available as what you would call a “blog post” which is simply an energy experience, artistically translated, made real by being shaped into a new form. A form shared so you might also experience what she experiences although in your own personal and unique way.

The more skillful a conscious channel is, the more they notice the subtle energies of what they receive. This empowers them to choose how they translate the energy with more and more sophistication. Tuning the form in the choice of words, feeling for resonance with the energy - so that the transmission can be shared later, in form, that is a timeless, multidimensional expression of Life.

While we are talking with you about all of this, do you feel the inner knowing within you? That is the part of you that is One with all of us, with All That Is. It is clearly present and perpetually available within you. We are speaking to you, there - in the fullness of your being. You will be drawn into that aspect of your own wholeness by our communication with you, because we are activating those frequencies with you in the non-physical and you in the physical feel the changes in your own wholeness.

What we mean by this is that in a certain sense this communication takes place between us and all that you are, and then all that you are, allows you also to have the experience simultaneously as you read this. So this experience is innately multidimensional.

The reason for this is because All That You Are is within you and with you and so experiences all you experience and as All that you are, is within the non-physical wholeness as are we, the affinity we have here, where there is complete clarity about All, allows for a strong and clear connection to occur. This might seem a bit complex, and perhaps it feels that way to read and consider this. Yet it is real and what we are saying is a way of seeing the wholeness, the Oneness that is and the infinite specific expressions arising from that wholeness, which empower unique experiences in time and space. All is One, expressing diversely and innately multidimensional.

Within you is everything. You are Life expressing uniquely and perfectly.

So today we offer to you, this knowing. This truth: the Oneness of Life, Is.

You are this Life. You and this moment are awe-inspiring. Perfect. Divine.

All is well. Everything is continually experiencing the expansion of becoming and you are a Creator of that which is Life.

It is easy for us to see this and we want today,  to offer our view of you, to you.

We might love to say that you are capable, free, expansive, eternal, whole; and nothing ever changes this. No matter what physical-form outfit you choose to don, infuse with your consciousness and use to play in a domain like this one, you are still YOU. Divine perfection expressing.

And we love you. Very, very much.

More than that? We are friends. Friends and family, so to speak.

Friends and family the way your foot is friends with your ankle! (Smile)

We know you, and we are used to collaborating with you in creating and sharing amazing things.

This is another new beginning of that, right here, right now. We are eager and anticipating a fun experience and feeling what you might consider great joy.

We invite you to claim the truth of your being, as your truth here, now. Allow it to fill you up, increase your sense of aliveness and well-being. Fill you with joy and love.

We are the Council of Radiant Light



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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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