Underneath Ideas Something is Wrong, Wholeness Simply IS.

What if, a focus on healing, fixing, saving, protecting…what feels like it’s going wrong, actually limits LIFE?

What if our attention to and thoughts, our effort-filled actions that come about because we feel like something is wrong… these very well-meaning activities actually limit LIFE and limit our ability to receive?

What if striving for ONENESS, or 5th dimensional embodiment, actually prevents you from experiencing it?

I just listened to a video in a Facebook group I'm in that spoke about this. How many spiritual folks can get into a mode of continual healing...

The wonderful insight shared was that that getting into that mode as a mindset in general, generates a frequency of "I'm not there, yet," which limits your ability to receive.

I was about to cheer when the video continued with the idea that you could be healing your whole life. That even on your deathbed you could still be healing and releasing more stuff.

Dang. So close.

This, my friends, is 4th dimensional stuff. This idea that we have to heal, fix or save ourselves or the world is 4th dimensional energy. It's rooted in a separation mindset.

If this is you. If without noticing you've gotten into a mode of trying to heal yourself, the world, or others...I'd like to offer an idea to you, that if you wish you could embrace.

First I want to say, that attending to ourselves, taking care of ourselves, noticing when we're off and doing what we can, with skill, to take excellent care of ourselves is not what I mean by "getting into a focus on healing."

Getting into a focus on healing, fixing, saving, is something which is about approaching life with that attitude, with a sense that "something is wrong and I need to ...." That is the state or momentum I'm talking about here.

This is a state many loving, wonderful people get into. I myself got into this after last week's Earthquake in L.A. I was kind of obsessing about "getting ready for it" in a way that was perpetuating a sense of fear and insecurity. I did that for about 5 days and when I realized it, I dropped it. I can still buy supplies in case of an Earthquake and take care of myself, without being in that fearful state.

Okay - now here's the alternate view, the uplifted view.

All is Well - with you and with LIFE, with the world and with everything.

You're Whole Now.

You're already whole. There is nothing wrong with you. No matter what is manifesting - no matter where you are or what the circumstances are, all of that is just temporary forms of energy NOT YOU.


You are whole now and will always be whole. Nothing is wrong with you, ever. Or, for that matter, with anyone else.

Earth is a realm of embodied focus that allows for duality to give us many different experiences and opportunities for creation, expansion, expression.

If you want different you can change how you're thinking/feeling/emanating...the energy state you're in and the things that come with that, by changing how you think. You can see that how you think has changed, truly, by how you feel. When you feel BETTER, you're vibration is better.

When you're feeling broken, unworthy, doubtful, of afraid, incapable, unlovable, vulnerable, insecure (or when I am), it's because we've "made that real" by thinking about things that generate those kinds of emotions.

All the while...the feelings we prefer, the viewpoints that would generate those feelings are also options, but we have to move toward them in our consciousness, to know them as real.

YOU are ONE with ALL.

All that is, is perfect and whole.

YOU are perfect and whole.

What if you gave up ideas of right and wrong - in relationship to you? In relationship to everyone else, too.

And instead, gave yourself permission to cultivate the mood you like and gave up needing to improve upon yourself, choosing instead, to simply accept your worthiness, your perfection, your eternal true self as real and get on with the opportunities here, for JOY?


How good might that be/feel and what wonder might arise and come about with you in that energy state?



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Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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