Whatever Spirit Wants

A friend of mine was eager to get her book published, so she attended a panel discussion by successful inspirational authors at a large publishing convention. The authors went into gnarly detail about all the requirements for a new author to be published.  As prerequisite piled upon prerequisite and the number of hoops she would have to jump through added up, my friend grew discouraged. “I’ll never be able to do all these things they are telling me I need to do!” she anxiously thought.

Then the spotlight turned to panel member Clarissa Pinkola Estés, author of the hugely popular Women Who Run with the Wolves. Her comment was brief:  “If Spirit wants your book published, it will be published.”

And so it is. When I wrote my first book, The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, I submitted the manuscript to a dozen publishers, all of whom went thumbs down. So I published the book myself, using money my mother gave me—her life savings. As I was about to leave the printer’s office after making the deal, he said to me, “You know they say you don’t make any money until your third book.”  Not what I wanted to hear.  I replied, “That’s what they may say, but what they may not know is that my agent is God.” I was not being arrogant; I just had to uphold my work rather than letting it fall prey to negative limiting beliefs.

Soon after the book was printed I found a brochure from the company that printed and distributed A Course in Miracles and related books. I considered sending my book to this company, but being shy to promote myself, I tossed the brochure in the wastebasket.  The next day I received a letter from a friend, containing a copy of the exact brochure I had tossed. “I think you should send your book to this company,” she told me. Taking the clue, I sent the company my book. They printed and distributed the book and sent out gratis copies to churches and spiritual centers. Before long ministers were quoting the book from the pulpit, it became a bestseller, I received a multitude of invitations to speak, and my life changed in amazing ways.

In the musical Damn Yankees, seductress Lola sings, “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets.”  We might even more authoritatively say, “Whatever Spirit wants, Spirit gets.”  A Course in Miracles tells us that there are not conflicting wills in the universe. There is only the will of God. What God wills is always good, and it will always happen.

Bob Friedman, then-president of Hampton Roads, the company that published the wildly popular Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch, was giving me a tour of the company’s facilities. “When I received Neale’s manuscript, I was not impressed, so I tossed it in the wastebasket,” he told me. “Then my daughter, who was working for me, noticed it and was intrigued by the title. She took the manuscript home, read it, and the next morning told me, ‘Dad, you have to publish this book.’ I reconsidered and published it.” Bob laughed as he pointed to the warehouse full of Conversations with God. “This is the house that Neale built.”

More accurately, “the house that Spirit built.”  Higher Power gave that book to Neale, who eloquently followed through and did his part. That same Spirit worked through Bob Friedman’s daughter. It was no accident that that book and Neale’s subsequent books have been so successful. Whatever Spirit wants, Spirit gets.

If your life and your work are aligned with the intentions of Higher Power, the same Force will give you all you need to succeed. God will help bring your creative expression to the people who can benefit from it. You don’t need to manufacture success alone. You are in partnership with the Intelligence and Love that guides the entire Universe.

Great events are not random. They are a part of a divine design. Author Ayn Rand found her way to America from her native Russia in 1926. Struggling to earn a living, she landed in Los Angeles. On her second day, she missed an early bus and took a later one. As she walked along a street in Hollywood, iconic movie director Cecil B. DeMille was exiting his driveway. She said hello to him, they chatted, and he invited her to go to the studio with him, where he was filming King of Kings.  DeMille gave her a job as an extra and later hired her as a junior screenwriter. Rand worked her way up to being a screenwriter and eventually wrote the classic novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, two of the most intellectually influential books of the twentieth century. None of the events in that chain were an accident. They were all Spirit’s will.

 If Spirit wants your book published, or your song, or your art, or for you to be with a particular partner, it will happen. Don’t be daunted by all the human rules you are told you must follow. Humans make up human rules, and God makes up God rules.  A Course in Miracles tells us, “Your holiness reverses the laws of the world.” Listen to the lecture on how things get done, but remember how things really get done.


Homeostasis68 15th April 2015 8:27 am

As much as I respect these stories, there are million stories about people who did not make it and they did have great stories and talents too and they felt spirit called them to it. Just because they did not get recognized does not mean their work was not great or guided by spirit. I think this thinking often places a huge weight on people's shoulders thinking 'I am not enough', 'I am not spiritual enough'.

I guess the message here is 'Don't give up', but then again, we can get so focused and obsessed with a thing we miss out on other opportunities. I think letting go is as big as a gift as not giving up.

Deeni 15th April 2015 9:19 am

Thank You, Alan.

A much appreciated message for the times.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. :)

Atrest 15th April 2015 9:37 am

I am getting tried of these stories too. I guess my Intelligence and Love guides don't want me to experience much good. So far this year, which is suppose to be such a life changing year for the good, I have had more not wonderful things happen to me than ever. The more I try to be non resistant, less judgmental, look for all sides of the story and so on the more I get kick, bit, knocked down and so on. I keep reading and keep on trying to believe, I pray things happen soon because I too am tried of feeling I am just not bright enough or worthy enough for this good to happen to me and others that are around me.

godling 15th April 2015 10:01 am

Dearest Atrest......I can 100% relate to your written words. It takes tremendous couarge to express dissatisfaction with ones Spiritual journey, I could have written those words myself,I have had so much heartbreak and stress from all the crap that has fallen at my feet......as humans we have our little break downs when things get piled up on us and then we just fix everything a well as we are able and we keep moving forward but we are not the same as before,we are wiser,stronger and we are less fearfull....we learn how strong we are.
It is in your human DNA to never give up even if you try to know that you are not alone.

zorro 15th April 2015 12:37 pm

As we whisper into the creation matrix, so it is unto us, regardless of "immediate" appearances. I hear your whispers. Have I not delivered the horse you ordered? We are all horse whispers here, eh? What are you whispering right now?

gretchendreisbach 15th April 2015 1:12 pm

Dear Alan Beloved,

I feel as if this post feeds the illusion of separation my Brother.

It implies that Humans are somehow separate from Spirit?
(or "less than"?)

Humans ARE GOD experiencing Being Human!

Separation is an illusion and what we feed grows.

It may be possible that those who are experiencing the frustration vibration, may be doing so because they feel that their personal power is being doubted, and not enforced.

God's Will IS Our Will! Our Desires ARE the Desires of SOURCE.

I believe that Divine Timing means Self is actually trying to give us MORE
(and in no way implies that we are creating in "error")

Trying SO HARD to move energy to force something to happen, actually blocks FLOW (I believe!)

It is like paddling frantically in a current that is already indeed moving!

3D is "follow the leader" and New Earth is follow yourself

We really CAN "Let Go/Let Love/TRUST (and not "work" so hard at it)


Love to ALL from, Gretchen Grace


cyndy 15th April 2015 1:30 pm

We are not bodies with a soul. We are souls with a body.
We have been unclogging the pipes as to clear the way to the new operating system. Getting what we want in 3d (manifesting) was a completely different operating system. In 5d manifesting is really materializing light. We have in the past years brought in more light and embodied more soul.
Just adding this(my piece) (peace) as in string theory, another dot until the dots begin to connect and we began materializing light in this new dimension.


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