Alexandra and Dan

Alexandra and Dan

Alexandra was born in Romania. A natural empath and channeler, she regularly communicates with the angels, guides, and spirit helpers that are always there to support us. Dan is a native of the United States. He affirms that his greatest source of inspiration in writing and in life is something we can all draw upon, our Core Divinity

Alexandra was born in Cluj, Transylvania, Romania on September 27, 1977. An empathic child, she enjoyed being out in nature, feeling the earth beneath her feet, and marveling at the beauty around her.

University helped her discover her greatest sense of fulfillment: sharing and inspiring joy. In her desire to assist others, Alex’s academic studies led her to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She is also multilingual, speaking Romanian, French, German and English fluently.

As an adult, Alexandra rediscovered a childhood gift that she thought she had lost. She communicates with the angels, guides, and spirit helpers that are always with us. In 2004, she began to channel publicly, first Mirjiam (Mary Magdalene), then Tobias, and shortly after that, Saint-Germain and Ohama.

At present, Alex assists her clients and readers in opening up lines of communication to their immediate sources of divinity, inspiration, joy, and clarity. These sources can include spirit helpers, guides, and ascended masters, but more importantly they embrace the intimacy of the Soul and even Higher Aspects of the individual.

is a native of the United States. After obtaining his university degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, he worked for twenty years as a conservation biologist in tropical Mexico and the desert southwestern U.S. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dan’s conscious spiritual path began as an adolescent, when he was drawn to the works of Edgar Cayce. Since then, the love and wisdom of many have guided him. He affirms that the greatest source of inspiration available is Core Divinity, our Unique Spiritual Essence. This is the “God Who Lives in me, as me.”

In 2007, Dan began a trip around the world to meet spiritual adventurers he has come to know through various Internet forum groups. During his ongoing travels, he has shared moments with friends from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Pakistan, Greece, Malta, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, and Norway.

In Romania, Dan met Alexandra with whom he now shares his life, love, and service to Divinity.

If you would like more information about Alexandra and Dan, and their channeled materials, articles, workshops, private session work, please visit their website at 

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