A Drama Free Zone

Sometime ago I had a very profound dream or maybe it wasn’t one after all. I found myself in a very peaceful place. I asked whoever might be listening, ”Where am I?” I heard a voice say, “your in a drama free zone.” I then asked, ”How did I get here?” I suddenly found myself on a long train; I was riding in the caboose.

The train was rocking side to side, going full speed to who knows where. I felt this urge to get out of my seat to tell the conductor to slow down. It took a lot of effort to stand up and begin walking through all the train cars. Each car represented a different stage in my life, including some past lives. I met a lot of people who complained about the conditions on this train but none of them would follow me to confront the conductor.

I always got the same response. “You can’t do that, you’ll get thrown off the train.” The ride continued, inevitably, it would always derail, people’s lives were traumatized but eventually it got back on track. I found the whole process exhausting but I was determined to confront this conductor who seemed to have cast a spell on this train. 

After many years, I finally reached the engine room and too my surprise I saw myself as a child shoveling coal. This child, who turns out to be my ego, looks at me and says ”it’s about time, where have you been?” I looked ahead and saw another version of myself with its back to me operating the controls. So this is the conductor, he is sweating profusely and without turning to face me, he say’s “I’ve been thinking about giving you the authority to operate this train,” he suddenly turns and stares at me, “but you don’t look qualified to me.” 

Maybe it was the tone of his voice or the way he looked at me but it definitely triggered a response. It wasn’t anger, in fact I almost found myself laughing. I looked down again at my ego who was frantically shoveling coal and then I saw a magnificent being standing next to me. Michael was handing me his sword and simply said, “Take ownership of your life.“

I grabbed the handle and drove the sword through the floor, past the train tracks and into the ground proclaiming “ I Am That - I Am”. The train suddenly stopped, I found myself in this very peaceful place. Standing next to me was the conductor; also known as my mind. He turned and looked at me, “I guess I was wrong, where do we go from here?”


bettina 16th October 2013 5:05 am

:smitten: :thumbs:

juliepimm 16th October 2013 12:23 pm

:coolsmiley I am smiling....

Tiff 16th October 2013 8:52 pm

Wow...how awesome

Brenda Hoffman 16th October 2013 10:30 pm

Dear Robert,
I loved your blog. What a perfect reminder/dream/sense stream for us. THANK YOU!
Blessings and Sparkles,


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