A Sacred Relationship

The story of your soul, your divine journey since you left the kingdom, is filled with adventure, excitement, and conflict. Your grander self helped to create the stars, galaxies and multiverses. The formless, luminous presence of Spirit has always been with you, it has never left you. We share this with you to stir the memories of your own magnificence and to reawaken your relationship to a grand, angelic lineage that is available to all of you. A relationship that will honor and respect the creative abilities of a human and an angel that have joined hands as sovereign beings.

Many of you have read stories of your past that share a galactic history that is grand. As much as you would like to believe that your origins come from the stars and that your abilities are truly unlimited, you continue to struggle with the day to day demands of being a human being. Confined to a physical body, many of you now yearn to return to the stars, to play in the angelic realms that you imagine would fulfill your desire to be free. And yet, here you are in a physical reality with a physical body that you volunteered to experience. Only to know the limitations and conditions that you inherited? You are here, beloved soul to experience the integration of all aspects of your consciousness. To then turn and face humanity with your many gifts with eyes that are blazing with a sovereign heart supported by a love for self.

In other lifetimes, you would choose to incarnate into families that would encourage a relationship with Spirit and earth. Some of these cultures you have labeled as being native. You recognized prior to this lifetime that humanity would dismiss your awakened presence if you walk among them as a shaman from another culture, a different upbringing. Being the clever and courageous souls that you are, you dived right into the heart of dysfunctional relationships. You not only survived them but learned to heal the wounds of a unauthentic love. You understood that the conditions of Earth would encourage you to separate the mind, your male nature from its beloved counterpart. Your soul recognized humanities addiction to playing the victim. Each of you agreed to fully experience these conditions, heal them and embody the very identity that choose to be here.

In time, you would awaken from this separation and begin to reunite your mind with your heart. Many of you are experiencing this intense transformation as you read these words. By allowing your mind to now serve your heart, you can consciously share with humanity a model of a fulfilled human being in whatever manner that brings you joy.

New Dreamer

We are speaking to the new dreamers, ones who are willing to risk believing that the potential of feeling fulfilled is at least as great as that of not being fulfilled. For each of you have within you at this moment the freedom to feel or experience life in any manner you desire. We celebrate your choice to activate this awareness by fully engaging in becoming very, very sensitive to how your body is feeling. These beautiful vessels are not a prison for your soul. They are devoted, divine companions offering the inner resources to experience whatever state of consciousness you would like to embody. If you want to embody the state of consciousness that created the stars, then you will embody patience, joy, and enthusiasm. You will embrace a passion for living that now recognizes that your past no longer dictates your choices for you. Your past now serves you by merging with your expanded identity. This new identity is supported by self fulfillment, self love and a willingness to share that love by allowing it to flow through your life.

Singing the Blues

We understand that the current collective consciousness of humanity has many of you “singing the blues.” You believe that the majority rules, and until the majority chooses joy, then you must continue suffering alongside of them. So we invite you, simply for the fun of it, to put that belief to the test. Align your body with a state of consciousness that is deeply in love with itself. Very much in the minority on your planet, would you not agree?

To embody such a consciousness, one would make deliberate choices that are fulfilling and rewarding. In time, one will begin to feel the bliss and ecstasy of such a relationship. We invite you, as you embody a blissful state of joy, to now place yourself in an environment where others have yet to taste this bliss. As you have shared with us on many occasions, that will not be hard for you to find.

If the majority rules, then how do you explain the relationship that spiritual teachers have with the majority of humanity? If you agree that they embody a state of consciousness that is very much in the minority, why doesn’t the majority rule in their life? What choices have they made that allows them to interact with your reality and yet seemingly not be a part of it? We would suggest that for many of them they made a choice, a preference for a reality that served their own relationship with Spirit.

Our companion is faced with the same choice as all of you - engage with life, people and things from a dualistic perspective or embody a perspective that supports what many would label as his imagination. In his relationship with us, his soul family, the majority of humanity does not recognize this relationship, and yet, he is fulfilled.

Self love, by authentically honoring and respecting yourself, is a true sovereign state of being. Self love would ask each of you: “why it is any of your business what other people are doing with their lives?” So, we invite you to experiment with these ways of selfishly loving yourself first and to see how your perspective of physical reality takes a quantum leap.

Down the Aisle at the Sunset

Many of you sense that the sun is setting on duality. Opposing duality is only perpetuating the very conflict that is so distasteful to many of you. We understand your deep and earnest desire for peace, and mutual cooperation between individuals, families, and nations.

Indeed, if the sun is truly setting on duality, then each of you have discovered that the source for such a peace lies within your own heart. You are offering to yourself a new relationship between you and you. You are acknowledging that within you there are two, potent divine lovers. You are creating a magnificent marriage that reunites these lovers and allows for a sovereign and whole experience.

Walking down the aisle, alongside this setting sun is your own male and female nature. It is a most sacred ceremony, ending the internal conflict between your mind and heart. The mind, your male nature, bows before the beauty of the heart, offering himself to be of service to her love. Your heart turns to its Beloved, the mind, filled with her gratitude and joy for his unending allegiance to describing her beauty.

As you embrace these aspects of yourself, you awaken the divine seed that has always been within you. For within each of you resides the very gift of creation. It is a gift that was freely shared by the Divine Mother and Father or God/Goddess. There is, Beloved, a presence that supports the majority of life if you will but allow it into your life.

The divine male and female embracing each other as the eternal lovers of all of creation, multiplied by each soul. A divided reflection of a united consciousness. What is the universal glue that binds these two aspects of Self? Of course it is love.

The Heart of Creation / Sacred Feminine

Your soul has journeyed throughout all of creation looking for its counterpart. You have relied on your divine male attributes to guide and support you. In the kingdom, there existed a presence that literally blessed all of your experiences. You knew this presence by the underlying state of bliss that weaves its way into all of your thoughts and actions. This was the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine or as we call her; the Heart of Creation. You have searched far and wide to reconnect with this presence. It is now here on Earth offering herself to each of you. She has always been present within your reality but existed in a place that you had neglected to look into. She is here now, within the pages of this book, offering her love to the one who is reading these words. She impregnates nature with her vitality, warmth, and love. For those with hearts open, you can feel her in your home, at work, and igniting all of your personal relationships with a simple truth. The love that you seek and yearn to feel is within you. The heart of this book is to teach you, remind you that she makes herself known by your willingness to receive her presence. She does not judge life as being right or wrong. She only perceives a universal truth “All is One”. Her presence touches your heart and asks of you, “may I be with you Beloved? I am that presence that exists before time, space and thought. I am both, within the silence of my Beloved lover, your mind, and within all of its descriptions. I exist that love may be served. How may I serve you, dear soul? Are you ready to receive what has always been offered? My patience is eternal but your pain need not be. Turn your attention inward, and like a gentle breeze, let me caress and soothe your tender heart. All is well Beloved. It is but your resistance that perpetuates the illusion of being separate from your divine heritage. I am not here to change the world. I am here to love life as a reflection of myself. As each of you accommodate this love for yourself, indeed, all of reality will change.”

“ I am ready to enter your life with each breath. Lay down your swords, your judgments, and your fears and receive the gift that was freely offered. Dear mind, my Beloved partner, the soul of the human is allowing us to dance “our dance”. Thank you, dear soul, your path is paved now in joy. Thank you!”

The Search Ends

It is here, on Earth that you, soul, have discovered that your male nature, your mind, is very much in need of being loved. You have attempted to place that burden of responsibility on others to fulfill for you what you resist sharing with yourself.

You attempted as best you knew how to adapt to your physical environments without fully realizing that you were compromising your own value and worth.

Now, something very dramatic is occurring in your lives, changing the very nature of all of your relationships. You are taking responsibility for developing a sacred relationship within yourself. You are discovering that your mind feels overwhelmed with the responsibility to fulfill your needs and desires. It is so devoted to you soul, that it will attempt to steer your life using all of its divine attributes. Your life becomes a byproduct of your mind’s divine but limited perceptions.

If you are asking your mind to read this book, it will search in vain for more details and stories to validate our words. It will use your limited past experience as its only reference for deciding what is true. It will also pause every time you honor its divine nature by reuniting it with its counterpart. In that moment, in that pause, it is in service to you. It waits for you to allow her presence to merge with its identity. When you hesitate or resist your female nature, the mind goes back to serving you with its limited perception, inviting you to download more and more information. In the end though, you are still left feeling unfulfilled, for the limited perception of information can never give you the ecstatic experience of the reunion with your female nature. Bliss passed you by.

Your mind is truly devoted, but without the presence of its counterpart, your heart, it becomes confused and disoriented. For, unlike your heart, it does not perceive the bigger picture. Indeed, that is not its divine nature. It is perfect as it is. It gives you, soul, the opportunity to describe in detail the exquisite beauty of the Heart of Creation. Your dilemma is to stop relying on the mind to give you what only your female nature can embody-unlimited, intuitive and all encompassing perspectives. No divisions, no right or wrong, black or white, good or evil. It is ALL INCLUSIVE in its perception of reality. The majority of humanity is allowing itself to be ruled by its divine male nature. Again, the mind is very loyal and continues to serve you knowing it hasn’t a clue when you ask what the purpose of life is? Its purpose is to dissect, separate, and describe the unfathomable, and mysterious nature of its female counterpart.

Pick up The Phone

The mind is sensing that many of you are beginning to acknowledge its concerns. If you prefer to call this your awakening, indeed that is a beautiful description. In a way, you are simply picking up the phone that has been ringing for a very long time. You say “hello” and hear a barrage of complaints from your mind asking, pleading,” Where is my Beloved? You keep asking me to make your life safe, known, and secure when I don’t have a clue”. The Beloved that your male nature is referring too, of course, is the Heart of Creation.

Your female nature is endowed with a presence that brings a profound clarity to your thoughts. A perception that does not require the use of the mind. This can be very confusing to your human experience and so we invite you again to put it to the test. Stop your internal dialog for 10- 15 minutes and notice what part of you is now perceiving your life. Where did all the anxiety go? Why do you suddenly feel so ecstatically blissful.

As a human being, you will feel the presence of your female nature when you rely on your intuitive abilities to acknowledge her, trusting your feelings to guide you through your life. We know that the state of consciousness that you adapted to has you deny using your feelings as your main preceptor. You learned to rely almost exclusively on logic and reason. And yet, even logic would confirm that your collective reality lacks balance, cooperation, and clarity. Logic cannot confirm that Spirit is real. You only ridicule the very nature of your mind with such questions. It can, however, give you a very detailed description of pieces or a slice of her nature. Of course, there can be enormous pleasure in dissecting these slices, but it becomes dysfunctional when you are relying on the describer to take responsibility for the indescribable. Give that responsibility to the indescribable, your female nature in partnership with your mind, body and Spirit and watch your personal reality blossom.

Many of you are discovering that when you rely on your female nature to answer your questions about life, it leaves you speechless. You develop a sense of knowing that is very difficult to describe, even for the describer. And yet the mind, being most comfortable when it truly is connected to her presence will joyfully attempt to describe her magnificence. Your divine male nature is at peace with itself by serving its counterpart, the divine female nature, its Beloved! This is not a gender base relationship. You are using your human nature and physical reality as a mirror to reflect back to you the balance within yourself.

Being in Receivership

We do not ask of any of you to take this at face value. We encourage you to experience it for yourself. Feel the dynamic presence of these divine lovers merging with each other in your physical reality. Why don’t we start with your body as an anchor point for this reunion to unfold. What does that ask of you in order to allow such a grand reunion? It asks of you to learn to be in receivership. For your female counterpart will not force her presence upon any of you. She has no agenda. You can pray with all your might till your face turns blue, but if you have not learned the fine art of receiving, you will feel that your prayers have not been answered. Not because they haven’t been heard, but because your asking your mind to be responsible for bringing joy in your life. And how is that going Beloved?

Your mind has been pursuing, achieving, pushing, and controlling your life, in service, to help you feel fulfilled. You deny yourself the very experience you desire each and every time you ask your mind to be the driver in your life. It wants to get in the backseat, but its devotion to you soul will not allow it to get back there until it feels her presence in your body.

For most of you this will be very challenging for some time. We know how unfulfilled life feels for many of you, and yet, shifting your allegiance to your female nature can feel very vulnerable at first. Lets play with this new relationship and reveal some exciting possibilities that any of you can learn to enjoy.

The Joy of Receiving

We have asked our companion (Robert) to share in our workshops the practice of being in receivership. It simply asks that you spend 30 minutes each day, 3 times a day being still and imagining that life is loving you. If at first three times day is difficult to arrange, start with once a day. Imagine that at this very moment, all of nature is receiving love from the sun, moon, stars and galaxies. It freely shares its fulfilled radiance from this relationship with all of you. There are no conditions, nothing to prove. You are qualified just as you are right now. Imagine as you once did as a child, playing with this new idea that love enjoys taking the form of nature, the sun, wind, and rain. Love will not be contained and enjoys sharing itself with anyone that is open to being loved. Now to feel this presence, you as well must love yourself.

Morning Practice

Let us take this a step further. What are the first thoughts you hear when you start your day? Do they have anything to do with joyfully anticipating your day to come? If not, perhaps all these concerns are simply your mind feeling overly responsible for your life. Can we give it the break it is asking for? Play with some new thoughts just for the fun of it, and see how it changes your day.

Now the true delights of your day begin. Every form that you call physical reality is but a description of one aspect of the Heart of Creation. It is a description of one aspect of her body for you to reflect upon. How many ways can you perceive her presence in your reality? Most of you start your day washing your body. As you jumped out of bed, your feet touched the floor. How did that feel? Did you notice how sensuous the floor feels to your feet? As you brushed your teeth, did you notice that your gums truly relish being brushed? How did that escape your attention? Are we still asking the mind to try and figure it out? You turned on a faucet to bring you water, did you stop and let yourself truly feel the texture of your metals that you call a faucet or were you thinking about where you will be later in the day, missing out on another opportunity to feel the presence of your Beloved in your life?

Standing under the water, play with imagining how water is but another form love takes to share its presence with you. Are you laughing and singing while she cleans your body and refreshes your Spirit? How long are you willing to let love, in the form of water love you? What value are you willing to place on self love? You end your shower by drying yourself with a towel. You guessed it, did you truly enjoy feeling the towel touch every part of your most sacred temple? Or, were you thinking that it is more important to treat it like a task, being very efficient to prepare yourself for being more productive. How is being productive going Beloved?

Some of you return to your bedroom to dress yourself. Here you get to choose colors and textures that will enhance and highlight your day. Dressing yourself is another wonderful opportunity to feel life loving you. How do the colors of your clothes make you feel? Can you sense how your body is more comfortable with certain fabrics? Do you enjoy experimenting with those choices?

Let us fast forward to your breakfast. Here again the pleasures of life confront you with a choice. Will you mindfully devour your food perhaps reading while you eat? Or is there in your food the opportunity to feel the presence of life loving you? For there is nothing you can eat on this planet that did not come from her body. This Earth, is yet another form of love that freely offers herself so that you might embrace your own reflection! How would you, yourself, like to be devoured? Respectfully, consciously and with great appreciation?

What is your Preference

The start of your day offers countless opportunities to reunite with your female nature by opening yourself to feel the love that is already here to serve you. Many of you have shared that if you embodied this type of awareness you would not be able to continue with your present life. Do you have a preference, Beloveds? Do you enjoy “feeling” alive? Life always says “yes” by honoring your preference. It faithfully responds to your feelings of lack or abundance. It does not judge. It simply responds to your freedom to choose how it is that you want to experience life. A life that is truly fulfilling will ask of you to be attentive and to not fall asleep at the wheel letting your mind drive your life for you. This is a very sacred relationship that will demand all of your attention.

You have chosen to face the most difficult challenge as a human being. To fall in love with yourself by allowing your feminine nature to support you. Being complacent and passive will not reunite these aspects within you. It will challenge you to love yourself as you have never loved before, for being in receivership is all about self love.

When you learn to receive love, you will discover that these elements are but a mirror of yourself. This brings us back to Spirit dividing, perceiving its own reflection and falling in love with its Self. That experience continues through each of you. How many ways are you willing to love your own reflection at the start of each day? If joy became your new standard that all of life must serve, what value have you placed on joy in your personal relationships, occupations and physical vitality. Loving yourself becomes the new, authentic model for an emerging culture that has discovered a solution to a polarized existence.

All of this naturally leads us to asking the big question. Do you really want to take victimhood for a ride around the block one more time? Or, are you willing to receive the unlimited expressions that love has to offer in everything that is in your life right now? A self empowered, sovereign soul takes full responsibility for their experience of life. This lifetime offers a wonderful opportunity to stop hoping and start knowing that you are Spirit also.

Life can become your love affair with your Self. Can you imagine all the ways that you can transform your mundane activities into the most pleasurable experiences? Can you imagine it? We know you can Beloveds. Self fulfillment is no longer negotiable when you taste the freedom to be loved by life itself.

Archangel Michael


Aurora 18th April 2008 10:14 pm

Thank you. :-*


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