Burning the Inertia

Once again it is our pleasure to blend our presence with our physical counterparts. We want to remind each of you that perhaps you feel drawn to these words, this message, because you believe we have something to share that you are lacking. Perhaps a deeper understanding of who you are and why you feel the way you do during this time of transition. It continues to be our joy to share with you how we perceive your reality but our intention is not to only deliver a message.

Each and every time you desire to deepen your connection with the dynamic presence of your soul nature, we respond. It might be through these words but more often than not our presence can easily blend with the elements of nature or Gaia. It is here that we can caress your checks with the soft breeze of the wind or ignite your passion with bolts of lightening. Help to cool your frustrations with the dampening rain and perhaps broaden your vision of your own magnificence whenever you acknowledge the beauty of this Earth. Humanity is now just beginning to add another aspect to these elements, the ethers or our nonphysical reality. No matter how our relationship with you unfolds, it is always with one thought in mind. We miss you! We love you beyond any love that you have experienced as a human being.

We admire your courage to step into a physical reality with such enthusiasm. We serve you now to remind you of that. We adore you for your understanding that all of life is continuously changing and growing. We serve you now by reminding you of that. We admire your capacity to accept who you are at this moment. We serve you now by reminding you of this. Our relationship with you continues to evolve into a deep, mutual respect for each other. We understand that you have forgotten much of what you have always been while playing the role of a human being. We want you to understand that you are indeed perfect just as you are, complete and whole and always changing. As you read these words, for a brief moment we have your attention. Can you not feel the immense love that these words often fail to translate? This is and will always be our most important message. We cannot help but love you for we are YOU!

Desiring Change
We understand your dilemma as a human being. Change on Earth seems to move like a turtle basking in the sun. Your belief in your natural abilities to create change has taken a beating every time you don’t experience the change you desire for yourself or for this planet. It is our joy to remind you over and over again of your inherent abilities, not by judging or belittling you, for would you not agree that you have mastered that feat. Our love for you invites you to experience the many expressions of love. For we have spent the last 10 years with our partner (Robert) inviting you to embrace your human nature/personality/ego. Our partner’s personality believes these messages come from a separate identity and calls it channeling. His soul knows that we represent his lineage by speaking our truth, and that truth is that your soul is not a singular being. Our truth is that your human nature will never be able to perceive the bigger picture. Our teaching invites you to stop asking your human nature to guide your life.

The nature of embracing acknowledges and respects the existence of life as it is at this moment. Your human nature has been suffering from a broken heart for most of your life. It does not trust love for it only knows a love that has been consistently withdrawn. Healing the wounded heart of your human nature is essential. Your personality must learn to trust. Stop resisting in order to experience the immense presence of love from your own soul nature. Many of you attend spiritual gatherings simply to feel this new love, and this is very much a part of the healing process. The love that we have been sharing with many of you has resounded to the word-yes! Yes to life, yes to healing the pain of your past, yes to your ability to reclaim your birthright. Yes to self empowerment. Yes has such a beautiful resonance, do you not agree? By proclaiming, yes - you have also invited a non-dualistic relationship with another aspect of love. For this new mantra resonates to the sound of -NO!I

Shining the Light

Prior to your incarnation, we sat together in council pondering the many choices each of you would consider. Together we would turn our attention to Earth and could easily perceive the energy fields of humanity. Do you remember? Do you recall how we responded when we perceived the collective flickers of light representing a very diminished consciousness? Do you remember how we would respond when a human being awakened from their slumber and began to radiate such a powerful wave of energy? Such a beautiful sight! Do you remember seeing how this radiance weaves its way into families, communities and entire countries? Do you recall our enthusiasm for envisioning your life filled with this same potential?

Acting as a beacon to transmit energies from the source within all of life. Placing yourselves in strategic locations so that your presence could impact your immediate environment. If you were to die today, you too would see a very different landscape of energies now playing on Earth. For there are now millions of these beacons whose radiance extends at times several miles beyond their body.

It is indeed a great honor to hold yourself like a beacon for the Christ seed within you. This seed continues to grow and expand, and as it does, many of you are feeling unsettled and somewhat confused. Your radiance has evolved into an energy that now moves in and around all of life. The beacon continues to serve its purpose and many have been called or will continue to respond to the role of a transmitter of energy. This energy is, and will continue to, disrupt patterns of behavior that support a life that feels disconnected from Spirit. Although this might be very good news to many of you, it is not to many others. For they have grown addicted to the roles they are playing. As these vibrant new streams of energy continue to flow into and around all of life on Earth, many of your institutions will not be able to “flow” with the change that is required to adapt to this new frequency. We know that this too is very good news for many of you. For you desire to be a part of this change.

This love that now radiates through your bodies does not resonate with the love that your human nature understands. Nor is it content with simply destroying systems that do not align themselves with this potent consciousness. The very change that many of you desired to experience on Earth is shaking the foundations of many of your institutions. These have provided a support for many and act as a type of control.
Again, we deeply honor your service as these beacons for life force energy. But at some point, as you feel these dated structures begin to dissolve, can you also feel the impulse from this very consciousness that you are serving to also create the new systems?You have done your job very well. And yet, do you not feel a restless presence growing within your solar plexus. For alongside all that will not withstand the changes MUST come the new creations. Many of you are feeling called to move and to now work with others who share your vision.

Bringing your thoughts and ideas into a new collective, whether that be your immediate family, work place, community, or global enterprises. The very nature of the energy you have been serving is to create life. You have awakened the Christ seed within you and it has grown with you over the years. Its nature does not resonate with the majority of humanity at this time. It does however resonate with many of you and is inviting you to develop a conscious relationship with your co-creative abilities.

Many of you have enjoyed a somewhat quiet, simple life. Such a life served your service as the beacon. As the Christ seed continues to grow, many of you are feeling frustrated that so many of your old habits or desires no longer bring you the same satisfaction. You recommit yourself to being a more focused beacon only to discover this now lacks the same joy or passion. This can be frustrating and at times very confusing for you feel this immense energy flowing through you and at the same time your life feels somewhat empty. The Christ seed cannot be contained within the parameters of your past. If your desire is to be of service to this very potent consciousness, now would be an excellent time to embrace your immense abilities as a creator.

The Law of Attraction

Our service to you is to remind you again of the incredible service you have and continue to offer to all of life, including Earth. You have changed the play on Earth, and perhaps now would be a good time to revisit the dressing room and to claim your role as an active and conscious creator. You will find at this time their is much attention being given to the ” law of attraction”. For those that played the role of a beacon and awakened the Christ seed now become the leaders for this consciousness. How does that feel, Beloved's? Leaders and teachers? The days of following outdated patterns of behavior will interfere with the gift that you carry within your heart and belly. This Christ seed is burning with a love for life that will carve its way into physical reality through your hands, hearts, and mind. Understanding the law of attraction can serve your relationship with the aspects within you that resist this transformation into unity consciousness. It is our joy to remind you of the nature of this law and its impact on your life. We also remind you that your planet has been gifted with the most comprehensive presentation of this law by the ones called Abraham/Hicks.

The gift that was granted to you long ago was the freedom to embody whatever state of consciousness you would choose for yourself. Again, we remind you that the state of consciousness that many of you already embody accepted this lifetime as an opportunity to serve something greater than your human self. You agreed to carry within you the very solution to this polarized reality. You also agreed to reflect back a living model of this Christ seed for others to perceive. You did not agree to compromise your own value or worth in the process of modeling this new consciousness. We talked about this relationship in our book (Riding a Stallion), and invite you to read those chapters again to refresh your passion. The law of attraction is very clear, the life force energies that support all of creation, what you call Spirit, will reflect back to each of you a mirror image of how you are feeling. How are you feeling Beloveds? May we assist you in reminding you how life, in this very moment, is waiting to serve you? We hear your frustrations each time you shout - why is life taking so long to reply?

Your Energetic Bank Account
Let’s explore how life does serve you.Imagine that your body serves you as a personal energetic bank. This bank, your body, acts as a storehouse for living resources or Spirit. Much like your monetary banking systems, your body gives you daily reports that reflect the energetic status of your withdrawals and deposits of life force energy. You “read” these statements based on how you are feeling. This energy downloads into your personal account from life affirming choices that are supported by thoughts that reinforce the value you have placed on your own life. The physical well being of your body is dependent on a steady flow of energetic deposits. The magnetic quality of your body attracts to it energies that are aligned with the status of your bank account. Building a healthy storehouse of energetic deposits in your body greatly amplifies your radiance and your creative abilities.

The art of “being in receivership’” is another way of giving yourself permission to step into the flow of accepting, free life force energy. When you shout out to the universe with all of your heart that you desire more money, better jobs or a compatible lover or friend, we want you to know that your thoughts are heard. We also want you to develop a better understanding of why your desires are not experienced.
As we have said many times, being in receivership can feel very vulnerable when you have been conditioned to shield yourself from life. These shields literally block the presence of Spirit from coming into your body, your life. Being in receivership of life affirming energies is a very potent deposit. It supports the health and well being of new cells in your body that are capable of supporting the immense presence of Christ consciousness. Being conscious of a continuous flow of deposits into your energetic bank account builds a very vibrant, magnetic presence. Such a presence makes it very easy for the universe to serve you.

Many of you opened yourself to feeling the presence of Spirit with great enthusiasm. What you didn’t expect to experience was an intense period of physical detox. The discomfort from feeling the withdrawal symptoms created yet another polarized relationship with Spirit. Receiving the dynamic presence of Spirit is your gift to yourself. It is based on self love! The patterns of behavior you inherited support a state of consciousness that feels disconnected from Spirit. That separation gave birth to a “feeding frenzy”. Feeding on anything that could act as a substitute for Spirit. As you have already discovered, you have lost your appetite for these substitutes. It is natural for your “cravings” to want to be fed, they are simply attempting to fulfill the void. A conscious devotion to a steady stream of deposits can radically shift your conditioned behaviors in just 30 days. Let yourself feel the anger and resentment and express that energy in any creative way you can imagine for yourself.
We want you to understand how your conditioning maintains a community of cells in your body that feed on conditioned patterns of behavior. These conditioned cells are literally withdrawing life supporting energies from your bank or body. They reflect the consciousness of your past that gave birth to your human nature or personality. Without your permission and on a daily basis this personality continues to play mental tapes from your past that in turn withdraw energies from your bank account, leaving some of you feeling exhausted or energetically bankrupt. Your energetic bank account acts like a magnet, attracting to it energies that match your personal balance statement.

Withdrawals are being made, on a daily basis from indulging in feelings of doubt, worry, and concern. Your personality's solution to this imbalance is to try to convince you that you must work harder, put more effort into achieving and pursuing its conditioned agenda, an agenda that is based on finding love outside of itself. If it fails to achieve its agenda, it becomes passive, disengages from life, withdrawing more energy from your bank account with feelings of remorse, self pity and disillusionment. How then does love serve you by saying no? If you discovered that someone had withdrawn from your monetary bank account most of your savings or investments without your permission, would your response be to embrace them? Pat them on the back? If one of your own children or friends was withdrawing funds from your personal bank account on a daily basis without your permission, would you truly feel like giving them a hug?

We want to be very clear about this for indeed, on a daily basis and without your permission, the conditioned thoughts that continue to play in your head over and over again are withdrawing life supporting energies from your own energetic bank account. Over time, these withdraws of energy from your bank or body greatly diminish your body’s ability to act as a powerful magnet for your hearts desires. Sacfificing your joy, in the consciousness that you have invited into your life becomes a major withdrawal. Deposits into your energetic bank account are based on self love, self nurturance and self fulfillment. Placing YOU at the very front of your life to now receive your true worth.

Being Passive
Earth or Gaia has an agreement with all of life. Any being or consciousness is welcome to be here on one condition, it must take a body. She allows all of life, no matter its consciousness to experience itself in flesh. You are surrounded by a consciousness that has forgotten that all of life is sacred and will forever expand. Coexisting with this consciousness or the collective energy of your conditioned beliefs has stretched the patience of even the saints among you. We are suggesting that your patience is being misplaced at this time. For those of you that have been embracing this little puppy, your ego, we bow before your patience. We understand the hypnotic qualities of physical reality and how easy it is to become passive about your choices.

Now is the time to become consciously accountable to your own creations. We desire that this become a joyful experience and not be used as another opportunity to beat yourself up. A very potent way to address the issue of withdrawals and deposits is to keep a journal of your days activities. At the end of each day, be honest about how you were feeling. Notice if there is a pattern in some of your activities, and if so, can you gift yourself by changing how you are feeling. It might not be necessary to change your activity but you can change, at any moment how you feel. Try it right now. Simply take a deep breathe, exhale and notice at the end of your exhale that there exists a slight difference from how you felt just a moment ago. Turn your attention to this slight difference and observe how it begins to grow and eventually becomes your preference.

Life affirming choices leave you feeling enthusiastic, joyful, courageous and at times blissful to name but a few. When you notice these thoughts running in your head that leave you feeling depressed, confused or disillusioned, take a deep breath and imagine feeling anything that is slightly different. You don’t jump from depression to bliss in one breath. But if your attention is on allowing a steady flow of deposits into your energetic bank account, in time bliss will kiss your cheeks. The conditioned thoughts that support your human nature are literally withdrawing your most precious life resource - Spirit, without your permission! Without the presence of Spirit, not only does your own health suffer, but the very presence of your own soul is not compatible with an environment that lacks the life force to support it. Have you not noticed that we venture for only short periods of time into your reality? The universe responds to your desires by reading your personal bank account. By the law of attraction, it will respond to your desire and match it based on your current balance statement. You can change that statement to become whatever you desire. As you build an abundant, energetic bank account within you, your body acts as a powerful magnet to draw to it whatever your heart desires. What does your heart desire? Have these desires been lying dormant, waiting for your imagination to give them life? Have you noticed how boring it has become to allow your human nature to continue to play the victim leaving you feeling impoverished on so many levels.

There exist many teachings and practices that have been designed to awaken and help maintain the presence of Spirit in your body. As well, the choices you make for yourself that encourage you to love yourself as you have never loved yourself before are very potent deposits that the universe MUST reflect back. Maintaining a healthy, balanced inner bank account puts the universe at your feet. You designed it to serve you. It is more than a hope or a dream, it offers itself as an energetic partner. Keeping a journal is a powerful tool to help you become conscious of your daily withdraws and deposits.

Many of you desire to feel the immense presence of your soul and yet your body or energetic bank account is lacking the deposits to support such a magnificent presence. You have already demonstrated your patience with your personality, self love now says “No”. No more withdrawals. For these withdrawals diminish your ability to truly enjoy your life. if you are willing to engage in this simple but powerful exercise for the next 30 days, you will discover that you can choose how you want to feel, and how you are feeling will define your experience. Allowing the dynamic, multidimensional presence of your soul to literally descend into every cell of your body brings to you the support for ALL of your heart’s desires. You have invoked the presence of Christ consciousness into your life. Its potency can be overwhelming to your human nature. This personality will want to continue to withdraw from life for it knows it is not qualified to work with this energy. It is time, personality, to surrender to the presence that is qualified to embody the Christ - for it knows, your soul, THAT IT IS THE CHRIST!

We come full circle then with the ones who acted as beacons for an energy that has disrupted the collective consciousness of humanity. This energy now seeks expression, movement, and expansion. You cannot contain the very nature of life. It won’t feel safe if you attempt to control it. It will feel destructive. Look closely at the thoughts that seem to passively play out in your mind and yet dominate your perception. Don’t take our word for it. Stop thinking for 10 minutes and then share with us how you feel. Indeed - choose life by choosing how you want to feel by choosing how you want to think about how you want to perceive your life. The magnetic presence of the collective consciousness of humanity is supported by thoughts that radiate out, for ALL to hear, thoughts that suggest you are less than source energy. Stop listening to these. You agreed to experience the pain of humanities consciousness, that part of your life is complete. You also agreed to model the very solution to that inner conflict. This part of your life is waiting to support you with tremendous joy and passion. The creators have awakened, it is time to celebrate a truly fulfilling life. Place yourself at the front of life and receive ALL that your heart now desires!

All of our blessings!



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