Living on Earth

My dreams of late have been about dancing. They often take place in a beautiful park surrounded by old growth trees, flowers in full bloom and hundreds of birds singing. It’s just another ideal day to be alive on Earth.

In this dream I see myself acting like an android - very predictable, mechanical, and looking a little out of place in this setting. I look at my surroundings and begin to label and identify everything as being separate from myself. This seems to make me feel more comfortable with this environment. I’ve been programmed to perceive physical reality as being the only reality. I’ve been taught to view life as a series of opposing forces of good and evil, light and dark. I learned to put my mind to the grindstone, work hard, and for that I am rewarded with a vacation once a year for being a good person. Life inside this android self feels safe. I know what is real, what is expected of me and how to accomplish what needs to be done. In general, I am also kind and respectful of others, but I feel uncomfortable if I am asked to participate in anything I haven’t learned. My android self has begun to feel very stressed out lately with the responsibility of keeping this known world intact. Compounding this dilemma is a growing, annoying feeling that I am also bored. In the silence of my mind, my android self calls for help.

In the distance, I notice someone walking towards me. It’s a beautiful woman walking barefoot who begins to freely dance the closer she gets. Her movements are graceful, passionate, and flowing. She begins to twirl, leans back, and laughs as her hair flows within the currents of a gentle breeze. Suddenly she leaps into the air. It appears for a moment that she is suspended in time while she gently turns her gaze at me. My android self is spell bound by her presence and very confused. As she approaches me the confusion turns into fear. Although her features are very unique, her face is identical to my own.

She begins to dance in circles around my body, gently touching and caressing my face. Suddenly she stops, looks directly into my android eyes, and whispers into my ear - I love you! Dance with me! A rush of new feelings overwhelm my android self as she takes my hand and begins to guide me in a series of slow, deliberate movements. I keep tripping over my own feet and begin to feel embarrassed. She holds my head up while staring deeply into my eyes and proclaims again - I love you! How could this be? How could I be looking at myself and yet have nothing in common with this dancer? My android self stops moving, looks back at her and asks - “who are you?” Her eyes begin to blaze with such a passion unlike anything my android self has ever seen. At first it frightens my android self, then suddenly her eyes become as still as a lake, reflecting a deep and profound compassion for the state of my android self. She turns to me and proclaims, “I am called consciousness. I reside within all of creation, including you! You called me. I offer myself to be a part of your life.

I suddenly wake up and begin to laugh. Okay, I get it, I say to anyone who might be listening. I believe many of us share this dream and also struggle with allowing our own consciousness to be a part of our conditioned reality. These are very exciting times to be living on Earth. The changes that are taking place can be very unsettling, but within each of us resides the solution to all of our problems.

The heart of this book represents a multifaceted relationship I share with a spiritual family called the Family of Michael. It has become my passion and joy to share this relationship in our workshops and sessions. At the heart of this family resides the presence of archangelMichael. He offers his hand in friendship and his heart in communion to any human being to help heal the separation between Earth, our soul families, and source energy.

I dedicate this book to you, dear reader. You are the ones who are willing to embrace and integrate consciousness into your life. You are the ones who will inspire others to reconnect with their own soul nature. It takes tremendous compassion, integrity, and a very good sense of humor to experience life outside our conditioned story.

I believe that all of us share a common desire to experience a direct relationship with the source of life. It is a profound experience that enables us to serve life with joy and passion. Now is the time to live inside those passions, create the life your heart truly desires and discover the beauty of your own soul. Let the conscious dance begin.

* excerpt from my new book - Living Inside your Passion



k 21st February 2009 12:57 pm

Thanks for sharing. I think this helps me understand the issue of freedom I have been dealing with. It seems regardless of how far along the path we think we are, the journey never ends. When one of my beloved swans flew away a few weeks ago, I was frious because her courage to fly off into the unknown alone made me face some things about my life I would rather not deal with. When I retrieved her from the pasture a week earlier and put her back into the protective swan yard, I though about clipping her wings, but knew that would be terribly wrong, that I had to let her have her freedom even if it meant losing her. I am still trying to understand the message from her decision to face danger in her flight to freedom. At first I though maybe it was telling me I should buy a rv and travel, but I think now maybe it has to do with allowing a part of my soul free. The beast that has to be tamed. I am afraid of this beast, but it is a part of me and in order for all of my soul to be free, I am going to have to let it out and work more on taming it. Learning how to put that energy to good use


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