Living Outside your Story

Greetings! We are so honored to once again serve the physical aspect of our spiritual family. We bow before those who volunteered and have chosen to be at the forefront of change, altering potentials that do not honor the sacredness of life. These times offer such a dramatic view of a reality in transition. Indeed, all of life is constantly changing and there are also cycles that encourage profound shifts. You, beloved human, are serving such a cycle with your presence here on Earth.

Your Olympics provided a stage for how this transition is changing your world. While athletes performed, a new door to freedom was opened in the land called China. She opened herself to your world community with a deep sense of pride for all that she has accomplished. The willingness to freely express a love for life opens the hearts and minds of humanity, restoring a sense of trust and well being. Living alongside this fresh wind of change is also the history of this land. It is now faced with a very important question, can freedom be contained? Can such a freedom that allows full expression of the human spirit be realized within your personal and collective story?

Shortly after your Olympics, the world was treated with another emerging voice for change in the U.S. democratic convention. A dynamic speech was giving on behalf of a new, emerging culture within a country that has been granted the honor to model true freedom. As millions listened to this voice for change, humanity paused for a moment,  experienced the joy of such a potential and the fear that such a life will not be chosen. Many have spoken in your past on behalf of freedom with the same clouds of fear lingering above their voices. Many of you ask, what can we do as individuals to support and empower the birthing of this inherent right for all people on Earth.

We have talked for some time of how your service to humanity included fully immersing yourself into the drama/trauma of human affairs. That experience helped to form a unique human identity that also forged a bond with your planetary family. A time would come in your life when you would awaken from that experience and would break this bond that has kept you separate from your true identity. You have called this shift a spiritual awakening and we come to remind you once again that time is happening - now!

Dear reader, you did not incarnate on Earth to only experience the limitations of your past. You volunteered to demonstrate how a human being can free itself from these polarized, internal issues by walking outside the story of your life. Very few individuals have taken that walk and never before has a collective group chosen to walk this together. Many of you still wonder why we, your angelic family insist on kissing your feet. Many of us have never experienced being separate from source. We cannot imagine how painful that must be and yet here you are, reclaiming that relationship with your own soul nature in service to humanity that allows them to make a choice. A choice that they must make for them self.

2008 represents enormous opportunities that will energetically support your intention to experience the expanded version of YOU. By itself, 2008 will simply be another year on your human calendar. The many benefits this year has to offer resides in your willingness to challenge your own story. Trusting in the fragile nature of a new belief that suggests life ”wants” to serve you. It is waiting at this moment to serve your hearts desire but you must consciously choose how “you” want to be served.

Now, we often hear, how do we accomplish this? We suggest you begin by asking yourself, how would you like life to support you? How would YOU like to feel about life? If you could choose how you wanted to feel, what would you choose? Was there a time in your life when you experienced joy? If not, can you imagine how that would feel? See if you can bring that feeling back to you at this moment. We are inviting you to become so vulnerable, so open to the possibility that joy is real. Begin to breath the energy of that feeling into your body with every breathe you take. You might notice a change within a few minutes or it might take all day. Continue breathing no matter what comes up. You often say to us that if it is truly this simple, why are there so few living their life in joy and abundance? Indeed, excellent question! Lets shed some more light on the choice before you.

Conscious breathing places you in the moment, with very little effort. This simple but profound shift in your attention to your breath will establish a new foundation of support that will also serve to work with all those feelings that have nothing to do with joy. Using your breath as a point of focus to “claim” how you want to feel will naturally change your relationship with all of life in a dramatic fashion. Your feelings represent the ”being” part of you.

The work shows up when your story begins to interfere with this process, resisting the change and attempting to distract you with thoughts that live outside of joy. Fortunately, your story does not have the power to stop your breath. With a little practice, this moment will become just as real as your past. You will rediscover the joy of feeling your soul nature. Being in this moment puts you outside the story of your life. There is nothing wrong with your story but over time you begin to realize that it doesn’t know how to dance with the immense presence of your soul. It feels inadequate, clumsy and awkward.

2008 represents an opening for change. It will not be the only opening but it does offer an ideal time to reclaim your core identity. Many of you have worked so hard to experience the true nature of your soul and will naturally ask, could it really be this simple? Choose to feel alive, breath that feeling into your body, continue breathing and go live your life? Hmm! Not much drama involved in this new story and very little trauma from feeling unworthy or undeserving. In fact many would describe being in the moment as also being boring. The presence of joy has the capacity to unify life including the many aspects of your soul that reside throughout all of creation. Many of you will begin to feel that your life also serve’s a much bigger picture. Reuniting these aspects of your soul is your galactic service.

Now, there is nothing to feed the anxiety of your story when you choose to place your attention on your breath. We repeat, conscious breathing does not rely on your past to support itself. It will naturally blend with Christ consciousness. As we look at all the support networks that have been put in place to accommodate your story and it’s need to feed on life, we feel a great deal of compassion for all of you that have chosen to awaken from this dream. This will be an enormous transition that will most likely frighten your human personality, for it has no experience of a united consciousness. Self love continues to play such a vital role in this transition.

You, dear reader, volunteered to inspire your human family to walk and live outside their own story. Your human nature will proclaim that we, your non physical family, must be mistaken. Surely there are others far more qualified than yourself to represent  this radical, new freedom. We know who we are speaking too. The teachers on Earth at this time are all proclaiming the same words - this is your time! You already sense or feel the unsettling energies of humanity as they begin to question, collectively, their own freedom. The majority of people will most likely sit with these feelings until 2009 which invites an outward expression of these inner questions. 2012 represents an opportunity for every human being to make a choice. Freedom is your birthright, claim it within yourself to serve your  external conflicts .

Some believe their freedom is being withheld by others and will choose to confront or oppose those outside of them self. Your history is full of these conflicts. Humanity has worked very hard to achieve a sense of equality for all of its world citizens. We are inviting each of you to ignite the same passion and attention you place on events outside of yourself to your own inner process. Thoughts that continue to reinforce your old story deny YOU your freedom on a daily basis. The freedom to be a conscious, co-creator does not exist in the story of humanities past. True freedom comes from “knowing” that you have the ability to experience life as you desire that for yourself. Life has no choice but to serve and reflect the energy of your life based on how you “feel” about your life.

2008 is a prime time to live again as you have never lived before. If you are feeling frustrated by the lack of changes in your life, make choices that challenge your story. That story can become very hypnotic by denying the value of trust and the virtue of change. Now is not the time to procrastinate. This moment, right now is why you incarnated. Celebrate it!!

Together, we promised to come back into your life to remind you of the choice that is now before you. No matter your choice, we will continue to serve you with all our love. Can you feel the warmth of your spiritual family waiting to embrace you and the joy of your own divinity waiting to ignite a new passion for living. You have endured and survived the pain of love being withheld as a human being. That qualifies you to now serve the wounded heart of your human family. You already know your story cannot serve the immense presence of your soul. It has never experienced unconditional love. The clarity and confidence you desire will build with every breath and with every intention to consciously breath joy back into your life. Kicking and screaming, your human personality will learn to trust in your soul’s ability to create a fulfilling and rewarding life.

The curtains are rising to reveal part two of this grand play of consciousness on Earth. Humanity doesn’t recognize this new act. It is being performed by familiar faces with a profound new joy in their hearts. Sitting in the seats alongside humanity is the presence of many spiritual families who are also waiting to see who and what is behind the curtains. How does the divine nature of a soul in a human body express itself? Everyone is holding their breath as the new actors take the stage. All of life is waiting on your next choice and I, Michael along with many others have been invited to play alongside each of you. Suddenly, a voice behind the curtains proclaims, “I choose joy!” Fireworks explode, the curtain fully rises revealing the new players on Earth and finally, finally the new story begins! Welcome to the second coming beloved's and you thought someone else would be playing your part - silly human!

All our love,


lavoiew_God 3rd September 2008 8:08 am

Free your mind and your ass will follow! Georges Clinton

AS I read today's articles (3) my question is: what is your agenda? I AM tired od channels so sweet (would give me diabetes) the truth is let's gather the cattle toour cause so we can win! I guess it tells us how much power we hold in our hands doesn't it? Rise above this brothers and sisters. the real purpose here is TO BE WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE. GOD (intelligent awareness) doesn't really care either way. WE CAN NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BE WRONG!!!! LIFE is about experience whatever you choose is always welcome as a new experience for God.Ther is NO right or wrong! how can it be? life is. God is. I AM. (emphasis on the period) BE aware.
Rised above the "GREATER GOOD" GREATER GOOD FOR WHAT?, FOR WHOM? BEWARE... SINCE intelligent awareness is behind everything (you included) all you have to do is BE and do whatever YOU WANT! WITH ALL THE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING IN MY HEART...realise your power!

ninaferrell 9th September 2008 12:35 pm

Thank you for this.

Much love



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