Questions and Answers / Part Two

Question: Now that 9/9/09 has come and gone, can you tell us when the next big portal will arrive? There also is channeled information about 2012 that suggests the magnetic poles on Earth will shift, can you share your perspective?
Yeshua: Indeed! We invite you to step back for a moment from all the energy that surrounds these cosmic events and simply observe all the reactions you are feeling. In this moment, the choices you are making have the potential for giving birth to any number of future events. The process of becoming conscious of your own creative abilities opens portals in your own life on a daily basis.
Individually, whenever you embrace life outside the story of your past, you create a profound impact on the currents of reality that support all of your choices. Life must yield to your new choice that is now willing to trust in your own heartís desires. The impact of such a choice isn't confined to your life, it begins to move into an expanded or collective version of itself. Over the last 20-30 years, many like yourself wanted to experience a new type of freedom that would allow you to enjoy your life with passion and wonder. Many choose to experiment with a number of healing modalities, and spiritual teachings, all designed to help break the codes of your past.
These cosmic events reflect the impact of those choices and now represent an expanded version of the changes each of you made individually. If you look at these events as something that is happening to you, outside of yourself, then you miss the opportunity to take ownership of your own creative abilities. So many of you wait for these moments on your calendar to give yourself permission to feel your own co-creative process. We want you to understand that for any of these cosmic events to exist at all, each of you, individually and now collectively must first give birth to the energy that supports them. The energy of 9/9/09 was created in your past and is now being celebrated and integrated as a collective experience. As an expanded version of your original intention, it has a more dynamic presence, but each of you have your name written on these events.
Take a deep breath and observe the energies that surround this event. Yes, celebrate them as an opportunity to now share with your human family what you created for yourself many years ago. Your human mind is already circling on your calendar the next portal that it believes will finally bring you the change you desire. Enjoy the life you are creating in this moment by being in the moment, which indeed is changing everything.
In regards to the shifting poles, this lifetime is very unique and represents the end of a particular cycle in creation. This cycle would have imploded upon itself if an expanded version of life wasn't honored. We want to remind you that none of you had to wait for this lifetime to ascend from your limitations, the opportunity also existed in your previous incarnations. There is nothing like the end of a cycle however to motivate your desires!
The reality of the poles shifting reflected a very real potential if humanity choose to resist the internal changes. Some would argue that this resistance still exists and in many ways we would agree. We now perceive a major shift in the pole that exists between your heart and your human mind. That indeed is reversing and creating a lot of challenges in your life. The external shift reflected a choice that would have been made for you if your human family chose not to make it for themselves. Gaia is now cooperating with this new ìinternal shift, one that gives your human mind the vacation it deserves which in turn opens your life to receiving what your heart desires. Be patient, breathe in all of the support for your heart's desires on a moment-by-moment basis and watch the beauty of your own consciousness unfold.
Question: After Obama was elected there were a lot of expectations that he would represent a new kind of government. Instead, it seems like we have a system that has put future generations at risk by borrowing billions of dollars. What's the deal?
Yeshua: The real deal rests within each one of you. Are you now willing to take full responsibility for your own creations? Your government must follow the state of consciousness you choose to embody. There existed a choice within your government to simply cut off those that could not adapt, adjust or embrace the ways of your new administration. Compassion, however, prevailed by offering a lifejacket to those that have been denied the opportunity to work within this new way of perceiving life. Some would make the case that Obama's character has been tarnished because he refused to stand up to his own principals and yet those principals are not black and white. Every human being is entitled to have the opportunity to learn to work with the new energies that many of you have introduced. Our concern is not with your future generation but with your current one. Many rely and depend on a corrupt system that has denied humanity free access to all the benefits life has to offer. The role of the dictator is slowly ending, no matter what system it plays within.
Question: I am still confused by all this channeling business. Does Robert leave his body when Michael or Yeshua are speaking? If he doesn't, how do any of us know if these words are true?
Michael: We understand your concern. Robert also faced the same issue and believed for many years that he could best serve our message by removing himself from the relationship. Initially, he found it very frustrating every time he attempted to leave his body we would follow him. We have no interest in taking over anyone's body. We offer to blend or merge our presence out of mutual respect. If you want an authentic, unfiltered version of our truth, we suggest you drop all of your beliefs about yourself and experience the freedom that life has to offer. For now, we accept the distortions involved with all of our conditioned human companions.
Question: You often say that our divinity is within us and then go on to say that until we learn to receive, our divinity exists outside of us. Can you please elaborate, thank you.
Michael: Indeed! All of life is supported by the presence of Spirit. At the very core of your soul exists your divinity. Your divinity will not force itself upon you. If your mind insists on being in the drivers seat of your life, your divinity will not oppose that choice. Your divinity is all about giving life the freedom to choose for itself. Our teachings serve to encourage your mind to become a partner with your divinity by teaching it the art of being in receivership. Your divinity lives within your soul as an eternal partner. When your mind chooses to operate outside of this relationship, your divinity appears to be outside of you from your mind's perspective.
You, soul, are here on Earth to experience the joy of living inside your own creations. It asks of you to choose for yourself how you would want life to serve you. Once you become clear about that choice, your mind will stop trying to control your life and begin to serve your divine presence as a partner. It is but the beginning of a beautiful dance each of you are creating in your life. 
Question: I find myself wanting to spend less time around other people and more time by myself with nature. It feels like a kind of self preservation, can you share your insights.

Yeshua: Indeed! We invite you to go deep within the forest that surrounds you. As you are walking between the trees, how does it feel? Most of you will share with us that you feel at peace, very content and deeply respected by nature. There is an exchange happening between the trees and you energetically that humanity is just beginning to learn. The trees share their presence with each other by maintaining a vertical connection with the source of life. Trees never vary from this relationship, and they offer a profound teaching to all of you by their example.
You have become very sensitive to energies that exist all around you. When you place your body within the sea of humanity, the energies run horizontally. This exchange is very debilitating, you have practiced shielding yourself from the onslaught of these unfulfilled desires. Shields, cutting cords and reflecting back energies are all vital tools in the process of creating a foundation, reclaiming your own sovereignty. Like many others, you practiced these tools because they serve your sense of wellbeing but they also filter your connection with your soul.
The tree loves being a tree! It enjoys being a tree and can't imagine living anywhere else but here on Earth. It is now time for each of you to also claim this feeling even if your mind presents evidence to the contrary. Life wants to serve you! You will experience this truth when you consistently breathe in your heart's desires. The art of being in receivership asks of you to have an unfiltered relationship with life. You'll discover these horizontal energies will just pass through you. Put it to the test, go visit your local community, walk about town while breathing life in. Claim this freedom for yourself and notice now what your heart desires and then act on it. Thank you for your question for it is on the minds of many others.
Question: I've been on this ascension path for many years, and although I agree with many of the concepts, like being in the moment, I still find it impossible to quiet my mind. I would love to experience the joy and wonder you speak of, what am I doing wrong?
Yeshua: In my life as Jesus, I too discovered that the mind is very resistant to change, especially when the change we are talking about involves giving up control of our lives. This is no easy task, very few people are willing to face the same frustrations, challenges, and anxieties you have experienced. That is why Michael and I and many others honor your choice. It would be far easier to simply ignore your passion for a more fulfilling life. It would be much easier if you would just accept the life that society expects from you, living up to the expectations others have created for you. Your freedom won't be given to you by anyone else. Your human mind won't resign its position as the CEO of your life. But over time, with practice you will experience the joy and wonder many speak of. You have already discovered your freedom escapes you when you try really hard to achieve it. It comes to you when you surrender all the effort and reduce your life to one breath at a time. One breath, simply breathing in your heart's desires. Your heart hasn't forgotten what joy feels like. One breath at a time puts the human mind in service to your soul. I, Yeshua, can promise you that if you devote yourself to placing your attention on breathing life in on a regular basis, your life will indeed change. Yes, the mind will insist that there are more important things to do. It will become bored, restless with this whole notion that you don't need it to direct your life for you. It will also, over time, experience the benefits from not feeling responsible for your life and will begin to relish serving your heart. For behind all these control issues, your human mind, like everything else in life, just wants to be respected, honored, and loved!
Question: Over 20 years ago, I left my day job with a passion for serving others. I studied a variety of holistic healing modalities and slowly built an alternative practice. Like a lot of other women, I felt I had the capacity to give to others what they were lacking. My business grew over the years but during the last two years, I started to feel disillusioned. I keep seeing the same people, with the same issues who seem to just want me to pamper them on many levels. I've become bitter, resentful and this of course has impacted my business. I am now once again looking for that secure day job to support myself. I want to continue to serve, but I seem to have lost the passion and enthusiasm that inspired me 20 years ago. Your comments and insights would be greatly appreciated.
Michael: We want to thank you for being so honest. The role of a healer, like everything else on Earth, is shifting. For a very long time, your human family has been under the domain of a mind that feels it doesn’t need to have a conscious relationship with its own creator - consciousness. It lacks the tools or resources to embody its own healing abilities by separating itself from the source of all healing.
It has been the role of the healer to act as a bridge between source energy and those in need of healing. That role is now changing, and it is now no longer appropriate, no matter your gender, to act as the source for others to rely on. We celebrate your shift, even though it might appear that you have somehow failed in your profession. To the contrary, you can now serve others in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling depleted, exhausted, or disrespected. This will ask of you to also look at the role you play as the Mother. We would say this is one of the more challenging shifts for any woman to embrace. We won’t mince words with you, you are being be summoned by the Priestess to now serve life from a more self empowered perspective. We will speak more about this in another session, but the Priestess is here to teach. She doesn’t use nurturing as a healing tool, she is more interested in cutting through the illusions that deny yourself your own magnificence. The new healer becomes the Priestess embodied, she  embraces a type of spiritual selfishness that honors the self as being sacred. You are now being asked to stop denying yourself the pleasures of life. It is time to look at what YOU desire before sharing those gifts with others.

Once you claim the sacredness of your own life, what you share can be the overflow of what you first give to yourself. If you allow it, your mind can be relieved of all of its responsibilities by accepting its new role. The mind now serves the energy or presence of your new consciousness. It is a relationship that signals the end of the age of the mind that insisted that life serve its own agenda outside its relationship with consciousness. Embrace this opportunity and we can see you serving yourself and others with a renewed sense of passion and wonder.

It is our joy to serve our human family. We now have access to your physical reality in a way that reunites your soul with the presence of many galactic families. It continues to be our joy to witness the sovereign creator unfold it’s wings with integrity, compassion and love.



rnagle 15th October 2009 11:39 pm

I made this shift in my therapy practice with my clients and in my personal life and it changed my life for the better. I live in peace, happiness and bliss. It has been quite a journey but worth it. I live to serve my desire to be in joy and that gives me more energy to empower others to find compassion for themselves and their own joy. Jesus, has always been the master teacher....and I will always be eternally grateful for that gift, for he taught by example....which, one would think that in doing so he eventually suffered, however in reality, he was set free...and so was I and so can all of you....Peace be with you and humanity. Namaste.......Renae

sharky 13th December 2009 9:36 am

I am a very normal woman having all the human frailities,a couple of months back I went through a traumatic experience which totally devastated me.I felt as if a force outside my control was manipulating events in my life that is the time I discovered angels.I had strange dreams and I became totally engrossed in angel cards and guidance.Today I feel at peace and feel as if Michael is always there protecting me at every step but i realise i still have not ridden myself off Ego and judgement how do i do that?Also I want to know why i went through such a traumatic phase to find my spiritual self and am i moving in the right direction?
I feel as if I am meant for something different but have been unable to find my life's purpose.Can somebody answer my questions?


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