Sex, Money and Power

Greetings! It is with great joy that we blend our presence with your reality and to share our perspective about this wonderful year called 2008. It was four years ago that we mentioned this year as having the potential to inspire great change. As with all potentials, timing is very important. This is the year however that you can finally - finally feel  “turned -on” by life. The potentials for this year fill our hearts with such joy as we acknowledge how difficult life on earth has been for each of you. Many of you have been asking, when, if ever is my life going to change? When will I experience the bliss that others speak of? When will I receive the abundance that has been promised? When will I feel the unlimited nature of my soul? Indeed, we suggest you buckle your seat belts and prepare yourself for the ride of your life!

We have spoken of how you changed your destiny in 1987 by declaring a new love for self. This was a pivotal time of choice for your planet. If that choice had not been made, it is very unlikely that any of you would still be here. So we say to you again and again, thank you!    

The year of 1991 offered another choice. You were asked if you would be willing to allow your soul nature or higher self to coexist with your human nature. Once again you responded with a resounding yes even though your mind doesn’t recall ever being asked the question. None of you realized how challenging this new relationship would be for your personality. Your human nature has been conditioned to rely on the mind to support its identity. Your soul nature uses its imagination to generate feelings that ignite creative potentials. The creative abilities of your soul reside in your heart and become activated by your feelings. For this new relationship to flourish, your personality and your mind can no longer control your perceptions. They must be willing to serve your consciousness. How is that going beloveds? Did we bite off more than we can chew? Indeed, now you know why many stepped aside when you offered to incarnate during this lifetime! For the last 17 years, most of you have been involved with healing the wounded heart of your human nature. You have learned to feel the energetic presence of your soul and you are learning to integrate that relationship into your day-to-day reality.

Of late, many of you experienced a pause in your life. It left you feeling that you had somehow taken a few steps back in your spiritual growth. Some of you even felt that your soul had abandoned you. We can assure you your soul is right here. This pause is here to serve you. This is a pause that has you acknowledging the state of your relationship between your human nature and your soul.

We remind you that your soul nature is willing to assume complete responsibility for your life and accepts all the conditions of your past.This pause represents another pivotal moment in your life to choose. It gives your human nature time to reflect upon its control issues for it feels bored. All of the concerns, worries and doubts that reside in your mind are draining the precious life resources from your physical vessel. Now, for most of humanity this is an ongoing, unconscious relationship that keeps your hospitals fully staffed. You are at a very different crossroad. The year 2008 offers itself as another opportunity to choose again. No matter where you are at with your life, the choices you make this year that honor the inherent integrity of your own soul nature will unleash a wave of passion unlike anything you have experienced before. We remind you, life is here to serve YOU. Most of you have requested a life that is filled with joy, passion and good health. Many of you have also denied yourself an authentic relationship with joy by processing the collective energy of humanity. You have used this relationship with these collective energies to deny yourself a sovereign connection with source. You deny yourself your birthright by denying yourself self love in order not to expose yourself as being truly magnificent. Your mind insists you can sidetrack this whole teacher business by downloading into your body the collective turmoil of humanity.

During this time of reflection their exists the opportunity to taste a freedom unlike anything you have ever experienced before as a human being. We are here, once again to ask you to make another choice. Are you willing to now surrender your control of life and place your trust in your soul nature? During the last 17 years, has it earned that trust? The choice that now lies before you is very potent. It will ignite your creative abilities and awaken your second chakra. This sacred seal is ready to serve you, and as it does, you will be gifted with the opportunity to acknowledge your relationship to “sex, money and power.” It is time to truly honor self! Your mind insists it represents that self. To honor self, you must choose if your ready to allow your consciousness or soul nature to represent you.    

We have been teaching your human nature how to disengage energetically from dysfunctional relationships that support a feeling of being disconnected from joy. Disconnected from passion. Disconnected from love. Like any addiction, it takes time to change patterns of behavior that rely on others giving to you what you are unwilling to give to yourself. Indeed, this dance of victimhood upon planet earth is very intoxicating. This year, 2008, offers so many new potentials, that will invite you to become very honest about how you are feeling. This pause is a gift. For many of you are feeling no life at all. It is a void for you to consider a new choice that supports your magnificence. Life awaits your choice and will respond during the first part of this new year with a feeling that life is again moving, changing and expanding.  That choice will invite you to have a conscious relationship with how you feel about sex, money and power. Potent energies that reside within your second chakra. Lets explore those issues and offer some insights that we believe can serve you.


We would say that 2008 is all about freeing your creative abilities. What would you need to change in your life for you to truly experience an unlimited flow of abundance? Are you willing to joyfully befriend “money” as a valid and vital part of your own well being?     

Many of you relate to money like an unwanted guest. You tolerate its presence, but for the most part you see it as an obstacle to your own freedom. You see how money is so often used to reinforce a deluded sense of personal power. That delusion is equally represented whether there is a lack or abundance of money. In this new relationship with your soul nature, money serves YOU. Money has no power over your choices, it freely serves your new passion for living. Many of you refuse to trust that having money in your life can enrich your relationship with Spirit. This is the year to honestly look at how each of you are reacting to conditioned beliefs that deny you your true freedom. Money is a neutral energy until you infuse it with your own thoughts and emotions. In this new relationship with your soul nature, how can money serve you? Let’s play with that question .   

To change your relationship with anything you must be willing to change how you are “feeling.’’ We know there is great joy in wanting to intellectually change your beliefs without having to address how you are feeling. From our perspective, your world would be be vibrating to a very different energy if that approach was effective. Money only knows how to play one game-follow the leader. We want to introduce some ideas for you to consider or practice that will ensure that money is following you.    

Let’s begin with how you support your physical vessel. In this new relationship we are inviting you to feel really ”turned-on” by life. How could you make your food shopping experience more fulfilling? Buying food for yourself is a direct, physical relationship with self love. Most experience shopping for food to be a chore or obligation. How could it become something you really look forward to? The next time you go shopping, double the amount of time you give yourself and be willing to indulge all of your senses. As you scan the fruits and vegetables, take time to touch the texture, smell the flavors and enjoy the array of colors. These foods will also be blending and merging with your life. Most of you allow yourself to feel great joy while you anticipate hearing a channeled message. Are you willing to play with those feelings as they relate to your food?   

Shopping for food can become a full body, orgasmic relationship if you are willing to change how you feel about that experience. When it’s time to pay for the food, stay connected to those feelings of joy and gratitude. As you reach for your money, it too offers itself to blend and merge with your life. Appreciate that relationship. Let yourself get excited about the potentials.    

Once a month each of you also place a great deal of energy on paying your bills. It is rare to find someone who enjoys that experience. This however is a perfect opportunity to shift your “feelings” and empower yourself. Can bill paying become a spiritual ritual that is infused with life affirming thoughts? Are you willing to play with the power of your feelings? Using the shopping experience as an example, sit before your pile of bills, face the envelopes and allow yourself the freedom to feel a sincere sense of gratitude for the services that have been provided. Look at each envelope or bill as a gift. Slowly unwrap it.  Feel its sharp edges, admire the color of the paper and caress the texture of the bill. Appreciate, appreciate and appreciate again the opportunity to dance with life as you now thank those that supported your desire to have a home, heat, clothes and water. Let yourself go deeply into feeling a sense of gratitude as you write your checks. Lick the envelopes with joy, and place them in your mailbox acknowledging how good it feels when “money” serves you. It must. Money has no choice. In this new relationship with your soul nature, you must choose for yourself how YOU want to feel. The pause that so many of you are experiencing is to be honored. Your personality is exhausted and is using this time to reflect upon the nature of your soul. Play with “feeling” different in all the ways money plays a part in your life. Watch how a part of you is very invested in pretending that you follow money. As if money doesn’t deserve to have an intimate relationship with you. This is powerful co-creation at its best.

Personal Power  

In this year of 2008, your sense of power or feeling powerless will ask of you to make a choice. The power that your mind seeks to obtain has a very fragile foundation. We believe you will begin to see this crumble within the collective consciousness of humanity this year. As this new year unfolds, the opportunity to reunite your human qualities with your angelic roots is ripe for change. You will find that our relationship is shifting to accommodate your growing awareness. We speak  often of being your physical counterparts, and for the most part you can accept that intellectually. 2008 invites you to embody our relationship, shift your identity and  begin to speak and act from this new perspective. Channeling, as you understand this type of communication is also changing. Those who allow us to blend or meld our consciousness with their human identity will flourish if the human part takes responsibility for also embodying that presence. We have shared many times that it is our intention to work and play alongside the human being. We offer ourselves in relationship with your humanness, speaking alongside your conditioned beliefs. The separation that has existed for eons between our realities has shifted, inviting you to consciously participate in a reunification of all of your counterparts. To your singular human nature this feels like a corporate takeover. It will need time to adjust to your true muliti-dimensional nature as it blends and merges with your human experience.

Personal power as it relates to your mind becomes an illusion. Your new sense of power is reinforced by the actions you take to ensure that YOUR life is fulfilling, rewarding and reconnected with source. This year is your time to claim your truth. A time to stop listening to the lies of your mind and begin to imagine just for yourself new opportunities. Your personal power reflects your ability and willingness to love yourself. Trusting that you are worthy just as you are of having a grand galactic family and its presence living alongside you in this physical reality. Trusting that your body knows how to accommodate this new relationship if you would stop listening to your minds agenda. Your personal power finally emerges when you experience the bliss of a mind that has learned to serve your consciousness. A profound sense of peace is waiting for you.    

2008 offers this magnificent choice. This new relationship can not be simulated. There is no substitution for it and very few living models. It is not supported by following the words of others, no matter how inspired you might feel. It supports itself each and every time you claim your own unique truth and recognize how vital that is to the “whole.”    

This year you will understand that compromising your own sense of power or well being is a form of self denial. Denying yourself love. As you place yourself in the front of the line of life to receive your true worth, you will need to embrace your personalities reluctance to accept such a gift. Embrace how it has learned to support itself by feeling unworthy. As you begin to feel a new passion for life, acknowledge the conditions that would deny such a feeling but claim these new feelings as your own truth. Is it your truth to be shy? It is your truth to lack an abundance of resources? Is it your truth that you missed the boat that is heading towards personal enlightenment because of your age? You must claim how YOU want to feel and then act on these “new” feelings. Energy in motion will solidify and integrate your relationship with your soul. Again, don’t take our word for it. Put this new relationship to the test. If the nature of your soul is truly unlimited, dump your entire history at its feet and witness its reaction. If your soul is capable of embodying unconditional love, take that love for a test drive. Let it drive your life and see if it is trustworthy, competent and reliable.


2008 is all about feeling ”turned-on” by life. Which naturally leads us to your relationship with the most sacred energy within you. Your creative life force or your sexuality. Your sexuality reminds you that life is also about pleasure, joy, bliss and ecstasy. Your human nature is conditioned to relate to your sexual desires from a place of guilt and shame. Very few have been taught how to use sexual feelings as a way to reconnect with source energy. Your sexuality is not limited to your sexual organs. It is but a focal point of pleasure that invites you to circulate these ecstatic energies to every part of your body. To every part of your life.  

This year invites you to reconnect your life with orgasmic waves of pleasure. You already know how to imagine that for yourself sexually. Imagine playing with those feelings in other areas of your life. Feeling turned on by life connects you with source energy. Sharing that energy with those aspects of yourself that feel disconnected offers a very new relationship. You are changing the dynamics between the polarized aspects of what you term light and dark. Your soul and personality represent symbolic aspects of a galactic dilemma.     

Feeling turned on by life opens the floodgates of joy. Let these new passions flow, with your mind acting as a witness. The passions don’t try to overwhelm the fear with its presence. They will wash over the doubts and concerns like a river over rocks knowing that it is futile to resist such a love. It is only a matter of time before the rock eventually moves, but that time also ends up being your experience of life. As you play with your sexual passions or your creative life force energies, let the energy circulate up your spine and down your body over and over again. You will develop a newfound freedom to express your joy for life. In this year 2008, you will also discover that this joy cannot be held in place. It cannot be contained within the safety of your conditioned past. Your mind isn’t qualified to represent your magnificence but is is qualified to support it. Your mind is not qualified to be the new teacher in this new relationship. Those of you that step forward will experience the fears of your mind and the bliss of your soul. Initially, the dance between these aspects won’t appear very graceful or professional to your human pride. Its not about how well you dance but  are you willing to do this dance. It is that time!   

Personal power has nothing to do with perfecting yourself. In this new relationship, your soul accepts all the fears you inherited and still acts on its own desires. It accepts that your personality will most likely complain at every new turn you make in your life. It accepts that, but it doesn’t allow those fears to stop it from acting. In time, perhaps during your entire lifetime, your personality might learn to trust in the integrity of your soul nature. Not because you visualize such a relationship in the safety of your meditations. This trust is solely based on your willingness to act on your heart’s desires, even when your knees feel weak, your throat becomes dry or your solar plexus has turned into a knot. Your soul accepts all of that and gently whispers to your mind -you are not responsible for my life. Relax and let us do this together.    

Claiming how you want to feel leaves no one else to blame. This kind of freedom is not for everyone. Many will continue to be fed by whatever story exists in the past that puts others in charge of their current dilemma. I, Michael, have not hidden from you the turmoils that do exist in the stars or your freedom to discover your own unique place in creation. This year offers such a profound opportunity to develop a first-hand relationship with source energy as it exists within your soul nature. Sex, money and power sit like pillars in your life waiting for your imagination to set them free to now serve you.    

Our love for you is beyond your knowing. Be forewarned, we are not shy about our feelings for each of you.
All of our blessings,
Archangel Michael



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