A Little Story... & All the Good...

Hi Dear Friends!

The angels share a little story about a virus-like group of beings that likes to stir up fear and how in reality they are stirring up a lot of love! I will share inspiring thoughts on the good coming out of this and some really too-simple ways you can stay both physically and spiritually strong!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Let us tell you a little story about a race of beings who forgot their connection with one another and with the source. They were brilliant, intellectual, scientific, and very advanced in their society. They created marvelous technologies. However, in their quest to automate tasks and communications that once required true connection, they started to create greater and greater emotional separation. In time they became so technologically oriented and so separated that they forgot how to connect with their hearts, one another, and thus how to connect to the Loving Source.

In their forgetting, they did not remember the light, during their passing out of third dimensional reality. Thus, they didn't go back into the light.. Instead, they formed large colonies of beings in a plane of existence between the third dimension and heavenly. In this state, they knew no other source of power except for the energy generated by others. They became parasitic race of beings, stirring up emotional energy wherever they could find it so as to perpetuate their existence in the "in between." Without the energy of others, their energy – now unable to experience its loving connection with source – would simply melt once again back into the light. They feared their demise, not realizing, that in dissolving into and surrendering to the light, they would find their souls once again.

This race of energetic beings still exists. They influence the weak minded and stir them into states of fear and anger, not because they are evil, but because they can only live off the energy generated by others. These beings influence any who are willing to allow themselves to be possessed by fear and anger. They are, in a sense, the viruses of the energetic universe, who cannot exist without a willing and weakened host.

These beings sometimes conceive of a grand plan to create massive amounts of fear on your planet. They make use of a naturally occurring phenomena like a virus and guide those tending towards fear to stir it into a terrifying global phenomena, and thus they create quite a feeding frenzy of fear.

However, in the midst of all this chaos, God is still God. Light is still light, and in the greater balance you will see amazing good emerging from this amazing chaos.

Those beings who sought to stir up the fear will find that they ultimately stirred up more love, more cooperation, more neighborliness, more pristine waters and cleaner air, a resilience in human hearts, minds, bodies, and souls that says, "We not only survived this chaos, we are now thriving!" It will take time, but just as any virus lives under the illusion that it could live off the host forever, these energies live in the illusion that they can stir up enough fear to live forever.

In truth the love that emerges will starve them off and you will enter a greater time of light, love, and unity on your planet! You will find yourselves united as one human race, regardless of race, color, creed or belief. A time of new light, new love, new connection, new unity, and new care for the environment is upon you!

Bear with the chaos for a while. Be prudent about your health rituals. Treat one another with kindness and take care of your basic need and comforts. If you are temporarily out of work, spend the time going inward and creating your future, or spend the time in connection with loved ones. If you are working amidst the chaos, take very good care of yourself so you can continue to serve. If you are sick, take heart and be courteous of others. You cannot ever die before your time and if it's not your time, you can emerge stronger.

In truth, well-being, light, love, joy prosperity, peace, and love are always currents flowing through the universe. You can just as easily tap into them as you can tap into fear, upset, and darkness. In the light, your body chemistry is strong and vital. In fear, your body chemistry changes and allows these viruses to take root.  

They cannot live without darkness. They spread with fear. They are a creation of beings lost in illusion and they spread only because of the illusions that you could possibly ever be controlled by an external entity. You are light. You are love. You are the divine embodied in human form. How can a microscopic bug wreak so much havoc in your society? Fear. Fear is the virus. Faith, love, and joy are the ultimate antidote.

Dear ones, instead of focusing on fear and upset, focus on the good that is coming out of this situation and you will draw it forth more quickly and kindly as a result.

As we see it, global compassion is spreading more quickly than the virus. For the first time in perhaps your history the entire world has been made equal. Viruses do not distinguish between race, creed, or color. They don’t care if you are rich or poor, famous or humble. The world is coming to a realization that these superficial distinctions don’t really matter. You are all in it together.

There is also good emerging as a result of the vast amount of people that are staying at home. Pollution to your planet is drastically reduced. People are being forced to go within and “be” with themselves. As a result, everyone is being forced to become more self-aware, to grow, to consciously choose to seek the positive rather than sitting alone with one’s own negative thoughts.

While your economy is currently taking a dip into the pool of fear as well, it too will resurrect and proceed with business as usual.  

Dear ones, there is so much good coming of this. People are craving more real connections than ever before, even as they are forced to “social distance.”  People are being more neighborly, wanting to help one another, and showing true compassion for those among you who require more love and care. People are turning more strongly to God because they intuitively sense that a relationship with the Source of Love itself IS the answer.  They are right.

Dear ones, LOVE is the answer. Your viruses float in and around you on a daily basis. You have them in your bodies. You have cancers floating around. You are a chemical cocktail of helpful and hurtful entities all living in a beautiful colony that you call “the body.”  You, the soul are in charge of this community of trillions of cells, proteins, and more. You are the one who decides to send love to this community and make if feel supported, coordinated, and harmonious. OR you can send fear to the body in which case, each cell clearly realizes you are pinching off its source of well-being.

Better, so much better, to let the love flow. In this fashion, the social and biological effects of the virus will die off with the uprising of love and the subsequent death of fear.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this newsletter, while sitting in a public lobby getting my car fixed on Wednesday. People are “social distancing” and yet we share the same air. One person coughs and others look around nervously. He is being courteous and covering his mouth but many are understandably anxious. Unconcerned, I send light his way.  God is still God and will always be far more powerful than a microscopic zombie protein bundle that can only live off a weakened cell in a chemical cocktail that the body produces while in fear or upset!  My chemistry is inhospitable to these things as I rest in God’s light.

So is yours.  Fear is the virus. Love is the cure.

I ended up delaying my writing because I started having an incredible conversation with an elderly Lutheran minister sitting in the lobby at a “safe distance."  He was fantastically hip and cool in his loving allowance and support of all beliefs.  We shared stories about heaven, people we’d known who had had near death experiences, and how it was so important to love rather than argue about beliefs.  We knew God had guided us together to have this conversation.  Beneath our words, was a shared trust in the higher picture.

Behind him a kind looking Jewish man sat working and listening in. Others of diverse faiths, and no faiths, were trying to pretend they weren’t listening, but I felt them taking strength in our loving conversation. It was a beautiful thing.  We intuitively know fear is the problem We intuitively know faith and love are the answer.  We all need reminders.  We can be the ones reminding those around us, speaking with confidence that “this too shall pass, and I don’t plan to!” 

Our conversation ended and while it was apparent we wanted to hug, so at his suggestion we “bumped elbows” instead and laughed heartily at the teenage greeting.  The folks in the lobby got a kick out of it too.  No virus could live in this energy!

There IS so much good coming of this in spite of the fear, chaos, and financial woes. 

I am seeing so many neighbors volunteering to help the elderly or housebound. A personal trainer who is temporarily grounded offered to give free sessions via skype. A teacher volunteered to tutor remotely. These small kindnesses are going on all over the globe. Mother earth is getting a breather as pollution is reduced since there are so many fewer cars on the road. The waters in Venice are clear and clean and there are dolphins, swans, and silver fish easily seen by the quarantined residents!

As one quarantined man writes, "Boars in the middle of my hometown, dolphins in the port of Cagliari, ducks in the fountains in Rome, Venice canals have now clean water full of fishes. Air pollution dropped. Nature is reclaiming its spaces during quarantine in Italy." –Francesco Delrio

I am near tears daily witnessing the vast amounts of love emerging. Yes there will be souls whose darker side emerges rather than their light but we can empower the light by seeking it out and focusing on it with all our hearts. If a few million souls (the square root of pi, according to Greg Braaden's, Isaiah Effect) were to focus on the love, we'd turn the tide of thing quickly.

It will be over in months, not years, and the angels are projecting that by fall things will stabilize. They advised to move my May "Dancing with Angels" class to September. (It ended up 8/29 instead which humorously was the birthday of a dear friend, now in heaven!)

As always, love wins. Light wins. Temporarily fear runs rampant but as one soul after the next makes a decision to love, to pray, to be the good neighbor, the inspiring soul, the toilet paper shopper for the incapacitated, the light spreads!  We are realizing we are a collective human race, in this together, and that is a beautiful thing!  Ultimately the vibration that sought to stir up fear to feed itself is going to choke and starve on our love.

Our light and our love are the antidote and the cure to this panic-demic. So, as the world continues to spiral temporarily deeper into the energies of it, we need not join them.  It is time instead to be the lights of the world, to spread goodness instead of fear, and to rest in the security and blissful joy knowing you rest in the arms of the Divine.

Towards that end, here are a few tips to stay spiritually strong and healthy.

1. Stay in the light

Every day use your imagination to scan your energy and make sure you're all lit up. Imagine scanning your feet. Do you see any dark patches? If so imagine the light dissolving them. Work upward with each section of your body and then do a "shower of light" at the end imagining light flowing through your entire body keeping your vibration high and clean.

This is what we did for a very positive and guided client returning from Italy right before the panic struck. We just pictured her in light all day as she traveled, and dissolved any dark spots. Weeks later, she is absolutely healthy and fine.

Your spirit is in charge of your body. Follow normal healthy guidelines for the body but don't neglect to keep your vibration clean and clear.

2. Watch your emotions...

When fear is stirred up, even if you have no fear of Corona virus, other fears may seem a bit more exaggerated. Be kind to yourself. If you feel fearful, breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine the light running through you and outward, healing and blessing others. As we give love, we receive more of its profound flow through our own minds, hearts, bodies, and souls.

3. Commit to being more loving than usual... starting with yourself

Be kinder to yourself than usual. Say positive and loving things to yourself. Hug yourself (really touch helps even if it is your own!). Sit, breathe, receive from your angels. Listen to things that uplift you instead of feeding your mind "junk food".

Then, be kind to others if only on social media. Reach out with your heart and prayers even if we can't reach out with our hands. Spread goodness and good news. You will feel better and so will everyone around you.

These things seem so simple, but love is simple and will simply keep you healthy, happy, and immune to the world's ills. After all human life is one big adventure to the soul where we are all seeking to connect to a greater love and a brighter light inside of us.

Love you all!



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