A Visit from the Divine Feminine

Hi Dear Friends!

Enjoy a message from Mary and some suggestions for connecting with the tender, loving Divine feminine.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

I sat down to channel and was surprised with a different energy this week. Enjoy the sweet, and nurturing feminine energy of Mary – beyond religion or beliefs...

I come to you today with a message of peace, hope, and tenderness, for as surely as you are the children of the Source, you are my children too. When I walked the earth I knew myself only as a humble woman whose son had a purpose I could barely comprehend. As He grew in his awareness, I listened with respect, awe, and reverence. I drank from the wellspring of love, wisdom, and being that he shared, and yet guided him in his human doings as any mother would.

In my humanity, I could not comprehend the cruelty of humanity in the life of one so loving, yet I trusted there was a greater plan. When he resurrected and looked into my eyes, with the power and force of a Love so strong, I remembered who I truly was... and who we all are truly are. In a way he initiated me into this remembrance and for the rest of my life upon the earth I knew the Presence of God within myself and others as well. As a mother, and a being who now knew the true nature of the Divine, I dedicated myself to praying for humanity to know this love, and I continue this mission from the heavens.

I now experience myself as One with the Love that sources us all. Perhaps because of my role upon the earth, I experience myself predominantly as the feminine aspect of the Divine. I speak to you from the perspective of that awareness. I also appear to mankind from time to time, always speaking in a way that suits the beliefs and spiritual practices of those to whom I appear. There is great purpose in each encounter.

As with all aspects of the Creator, I live within each of you – male or female. As the feminine aspect of the Divine, I live in your tenderness, your care, your compassion, your nurturing. I live in your gentle strength, and intuitive wisdom. I live within the parts of you who wants to birth not only the Divine consciousness in the form or children, but just as importantly, the Divine consciousness within yourself as well.

Call on me to bring the Christ within you to light. I speak to you from a perspective beyond any religious ideology.

Call on me to nurture the Divinity within you into a greater expression.

Call on me to nurture and soothe you when you wish to be more loving, even when you feel you cannot.

Call on me when you want to connect more deeply to the Divinity within.

Call on me dear ones when you need God to come to you in the form of a mother who loves you without condition.

I do not literally ask my son to do favors and grant you mercy, I ask instead the Divinity within you, the Christ within you, to rise up within you to bring with it the inherent help, mercy, grace, assistance and love that is part of its very nature. I ask creation to support you. I call forth my earthly sons and daughters with whom I feel you would have kind interaction, for although I played the role of the Mother of Christ, now I realize I am one with the mother/father/the source of all.

So are you dear children. I am here for you, regardless of religion or belief, in the form of Mary and in many different forms, to help nurture the Divine light within you into a glorious expansion, in your heart, your homes, and in your life.

I love you.

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

That was unexpected. I was in between my gazes last Sunday, when I had the sudden urge to sit at the computer, go into semi-trance and allow the newsletter to come through. Instead of the angels or the Presence that I have been feeling more often, a gentle yet powerful feminine energy began to speak. I recognized her immediately. It was Mary.

For as long as I can remember, my family had a dedication to Mary. There was a beautiful statue of her on my parent's dresser. My grandmother was Mary. My mom is Carol Ann Mary. I'm Ann Mary. A miracle statue of Mary was brought to our church when I was a young child and while praying I felt her presence in my heart in a way that was so profoundly loving it brought tears to my eyes. As part of a school project we made rosaries, and my grandma liked to tell people that she would discover me beneath the covers at night praying the rosary.

My mom's Jewish friends knew Mary was a good Jewish Mother! My mom's catholic friends prayed to her for "intercession." I felt her as a loving and nurturing presence. Since that time I have come to understand how Divine feminine has been embodied in many different forms in many different ideologies, nonetheless, it was always the tender, loving, side of God working to nurture itself in human hearts.

As I grew into the spiritual teacher that I am I have continued to love all beings who embodied the Divine in any form - beyond religion, ideology, or belief. I love nature, and animals, for the very same reason. I don't really talk about Mary much although she's in my heart. So it was surprising to me when a dear friend gave me a little statue of Mary this year, with the message that he felt I shared her compassion for humanity.

I knew there was more to this gift than a statue, so I went home, held the humble statue to my heart and thanked Mary for her support. I asked her to continue to make the Divine light within me strong. I was unprepared for what happened next. 

Heat started flooding through the statue into my heart. I felt as if I would burst with a love so nurturing, so profound, and so expansive, that my body could not contain it. I burst into tears and sobbed my heart out. I went zipping through time and remembered a forgotten memory of myself as an infant in my crib crying and crying and crying with no one else around, except Mary. I saw her standing there in spirit next to me. As an infant I was wailing and telepathically begging her, "Don't let me forget! Don't let me forget!" I didn't want to lose my memory of the truth of our being. I saw in this vision how she had telepathically promised to walk each step with me. I knew, beyond intellectual knowing, viscerally, how I had never been without her nurturing presence.

The experience changed me. It deepened me in ways I can barely put into words. It reminded me tangibly how loved, protected, nurtured, we are even in the depths our unthinkably difficult lessons. I remember, tangibly, a little more clearly who we all are – beyond intellect, experientially, in my heart.

Here are a few ways to embrace the love of the Divine feminine this week... 

1. As for her nurturing

Most of us learned to think of God as a man. Although most of us have come to understand the Creator as more of a presence, we still hold on to those old ideas of the masculine God.

Imagine for a moment, God was feminine. What form would she take? A beautiful maiden? A nurturing mother? Mary? A goddess? Green rolling hills and verdant trees? Ask yourself... if God were to take the form of a woman, to me, what would she look like? Trust the first image that comes up.

This is your symbol for divine feminine – the nurturing, compassionate, aspect of the Divine

2. Talk to your Divine Mother... & come as you are.

Just as a child would bring all their problems to a loving a mother, we can bring all our challenges and problems to our Divine Mother. Just as a child knows a good human mother will never judge, and can therefore come exactly as they are, we can approach our divine mother without regard to any superficial standard of perfection.

Take time this week to shut your eyes and pour your heart out to the Divine feminine. Ask her to help nurture your dreams, your faith, and your divinity. Ask her to help solve your problems. She cares about you at every level. She is, after all, the nurturing side of the Creator.

3. Share Compassion

Think of one person you really don't like. How can you think about them more compassionately? The divine feminine will help you, and you'll feel that love within you.

How can you be more compassionate to yourself? Try this week :) 

May you feel the loving, tender Presence of the Divine feminine this week, and be infinitely blessed by her sweetness.

Love you all!


Sebastian9 17th January 2019 6:58 pm
Hi I also have a beautiful picture of Divine Mary on my altar since childhood I grew up Catholic but now I understand the Divine Feminine more deeply and by just looking into this precious picture I feel Peace and Love Love & Peace


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