A World in Rebirth....

Hi Dear Friends!

The angels and I talk about the contractions we are all experiencing as the human race goes through a huge re-birthing. I'll share a few tips about how to handle the labor pains :)

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Breathe. Be patient with yourselves and one another. You are in a state of re-birthing upon your planet earth and birth is not a process that can be easily rushed. It must come in its own time. The human race is going through intense contractions right now – one moment feeling very hopeful that things are progressing and that you can see the light at the tunnel, and in the next feeling stuck, frustrated, and stagnant.

We celebrate the joyous anticipation so many of you feel. You are indeed moving into a kinder and more connected world, a world in which more people acknowledge the value of every human being, a world in which you crave touch, kindness, and where you have learned that you can indeed "hug" one's soul even if not hugging a body. So many of you are focused upon this reality and even better. That is a blessing to your entire human race.

We also understand and are sending love to so very many of you who are feeling the very human frustrations that are arise from feeling stuck – stuck at home, stuck out of work, stuck with people you'd rather not be stuck with, stuck without a solution as to how you might manage your present conditions. The feelings of stagnation are as prevalent now as the feelings of peace, love, and kindness. Thus, the contractions.

If you are in joyous anticipation of a more beautiful, higher dimensional world, stay in that space! You are creating it, not only for the world, but for yourselves as well.

If you are feeling irate, stagnant, or stuck, start by giving yourself a hug and speaking to the child within that feels helpless, afraid, or is just simply throwing a tantrum. Love this part of your soul that is irate or fearful. Talk to this inner self as if they are very real, for in truth their energy is affecting you, and not in a way that feels comfortable or happy. Remind this inner child that there is always growth, even if there is no movement. There are always solutions even if you can't see them yet. There is always a Divine Presence and angels available to assist you if you sit, breath, receive, and believe. You are where you are for a reason. You are there to love some part of you that requires your attention now.

Rather than shifting blame, or running to addictive behaviors, whatever they might be – busy-ness, anger, sugar... sit with your unhappy feelings and be with them and love them as you would love an unhappy child. For in truth the child within you does want love, and has most likely for some time. Now is your opportunity to heal.

Dear ones, you may feel a combination of both sets of emotions – hopeful one moment, and impatient or discouraged the next. It is OK! Birth is not always an easy process. Birth involves a bit of struggle for most... but birth can also be the greatest teacher of surrender.

Surrender to your own feelings, and love yourself. Surrender to the world at large, because there are some things you cannot change by force. In surrendering to self and world however, you will find your heart, you will begin to change your inner world... and in so doing, you will imagine the "newborn" human race, and your "newborn" life into being.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure you have seen the "contractions" as the angels call them. There are so many people doing so much good in the world right now. Then there are the angry tantrum throwers you see raging recklessly on the road. There are kind protesters standing apart with signs, simply voicing their opinions and dialogging intelligently, and then there are those whom Darwin's natural selection might weed off the planet because they disregard their own well being and that of others.

It is an interesting mix of light and dark, hope and frustration. It is to be expected. After a few months of having lives disrupted, people tend to respond in one of two ways: they adapt and grow, or they resist the birthing. As we all know "resistance is futile," and it hurts.

I've been very lucky to have an easy adaptation. A large percentage of my client sessions have always been remote, and I enjoy the remote readings for a variety of reasons, so much so that I am going to keep this going for awhile at least, maybe indefinitely. I'll see how the heart guides. In any case I've been fortunate to be able to continue my service in quarantine.

I've talked to many souls who are off work for awhile. For the most part they have been incredible. They're cleaning house and getting organized, starting businesses they've always wanted to start, volunteering at food banks, meditating, manifesting, and creating. I've been so impressed with the proactive, rather than reactive responses of so many people.

I have also felt the frustrations of many who are simply having a very scary and difficult time, having been furloughed or laid off, sick, or not sure how they'll sustain themselves, or their families. As always, angels being angels, they remind everyone that God is still God and as I grew up hearing, "You can move mountains if you had the faith the size of a mustard seed." I've seen so many miracles for so many people – and myself – over the years, I know this to be true.

I went through my time of uncertainty, helplessness, and fear over two decades ago when I quit engineering on guidance, left my marriage, and became psychic in the window of a local bookstore on the deadest days of the week. I had no clue how I'd make a living, and of course although this wasn't forced upon me as recent restrictions are, it was a time when I needed to call upon my manifesting skills and my faith. As I learned to manage my mind and focus it towards the life I wanted, I received so much grace, and one miracle at a time I became established in an entirely new life.

So if you are doing well, enjoy this time. If you are in a scary, angry, or frustrated space, be kind to yourself first, because, as the angels say, some part of you is desperately in need of love.

Here are some pointers to deal with uncertainty in a positive and constructive way:

1. Love yourself first

If you are angry, scared, frustrated, or just not feeling comfortable, give yourself a hug. Seriously - wrap your arms around you. Imagine as you do so you are hugging a younger version of yourself who is angry, scared, frustrated, or uncomfortable. There is a lot of science out there that demonstrates simple touch – even your own – is calming.

Remind this little inner child, "You are not alone. God and the angels are with us. No matter what happens, something good will come out of this." The more you say it, the more you'll believe it. Something good always comes out of tough situations if you allow for it.

2. Give up the need to control the external world

This may sound obvious but getting mad about things you can't change is not productive. It is what the angels lovingly call, a "Tantrum." It doesn't usually feel too great, and it doesn't shift reality.

When you feel the need to have a tantrum – to rant and vent, try to do it in a healthy way. Journal, vehemently vacuum, throw rocks (safely in nature where no one else is around!), sing loudly, breathe intensely (while seated or laying down), or play intense music and dance your upset away. Alternately you can write a complaint letter to God and shred it, call in your angels and have a great rant in private, make art, write intense poetry, create loud music, or just shake it off physically.

The bottom line is that you need to move the energy out of your system so you can then come from a more peaceful and powerful place in your psyche and soul.

3. Start to Master your Inner world

Once calm, breathe slowly and deeply. You already know what you want, so ask yourself a different question, "Who would I be if I had what I wanted right now?" Can you try to imagine what that person would feel like? How would they speak? How would they behave? What would the energy feel like. Imagine you are that person in the future. What would your future self advise you to do now... just imagine.

You are starting to connect with a better future reality, and the better-future-you that lives within it. Be that person now and you'll receive all sorts of insight and guidance to match the energy.

It isn't the easiest time on earth for many. It is blessed time for others. Wherever you find yourself in the equation, know that change is inevitable and the contractions between hope and frustration may come fast and furiously as we go through these labor pangs. Nonetheless, in the end, we will all emerge in a better and higher vibrational world. 

Surrender to self. Surrender to light. Surrender to love.

Love you all!



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