Act Out Of Love

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Enjoy your lives dear friends. Don't waste your time in worry, for God cares about each and every one of you and true abundance flows through a heart willing to receive his love and guidance. So many of you are what we call "do it yourself-ers." Due to impatience, lack of faith, unwillingness to surrender to the movement in your own hearts, or fear that your dreams will not come true, you try to force things in your lives, rather than relaxing into the natural movement of God. When you act upon the guidance of God you will take actions that inspire and uplift you and ones that are truly productive. When you act out of fear you create unnecessary labor and chaos in your lives.

Let us share with you an example. You want a new job and yet at the present time you are uninspired to go and look for one. You can force yourself to look, lose yourself in worry because you cannot find what you are seeking, conclude that God doesn't care about you, and then give up in frustration. Alternately, you can intend the type of job you want and then each and every morning sit in silent pray. Ask God for what you want. Feel how it will feel to have what you want, and ask one simple question. "God is there anything you need me to do today to help create this change?" Trust the answer you hear or feel in your own hearts. If for example you have the urge to eat lunch with a friend, call them and schedule a lunch date. They may be the one with the recommendation you seek. If you have the urge to look in the classifieds, do so... you may find the job you are seeking, or you may open your mind to other ideas.

Dear ones, just as there is a huge difference between acting out of impatience (fear) and acting out of guidance (love), there is also a huge difference between surrender and lethargy or laziness. Lethargy or laziness occurs when you know what to do and you are not doing it. For example, you get the urge to meet the friend but you do not call, making an excuse why you don't want to bother them. You want to go but you don't allow yourself this joy and in so doing miss an opportunity.

Laziness and lethargy are borne of a fear of failure,a fear of success, or the sad illusion that nothing you do will matter. Surrender is borne of confidence and the truth that God will guide you in the right time and in the right way. Surrender comes when you have done what you are guided to do and there is no other guidance at the time. Surrender is borne of love. Laziness is born of fear

So impatience creates actions born of fear, just as surely as laziness or lethargy is inaction born of fear.

Guided action is born from love, and from the desires within your heart. Surrender is patient loving inaction born of confidence in God's love for you.

How will you know the difference. Simply stated, impatience and lethargy or laziness lead to frustration and feelings of being separate from the creator's love. Guided action and true surrender lead to feelings of inspiration and connection to God.

Dear ones, God does love you. God does want to help you through your lessons with greater ease and grace so you may harvest the fruits of your labors. Breathe deeply. Take time each day to sit in silence and ask God, "What is next?" Act when the inspirations come to you. Be still and surrender when they do not. In this fashion, your life will flow with grace.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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