Add More You Into You Life

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Your lives, dear ones, were never meant to be a dance of survival, but rather a dance of expression in which you allow your light to shine brightly and therefore fit into the great puzzle of life here upon your planet earth. Each of you has certain gifts and talents that can be used at any time in your life, no matter what job you find yourself in, or even if you find yourself without a job.

It is an act of self love to express these gifts and talents. Maybe you are a good listener. Perhaps you give good advice. You might be a healer, an artist, a recycle, a bicycler, an athlete, a leader, a speaker, a writer, a mother, father, lover of life, traveler, etc. The list goes on! Take time to think about the things that people have complimented you on during you lives. Take time to think about what gives your heart joy. And then, dear ones, no more excuses! Start to do the things that give you joy. Start to explore the areas of interest in your life, if only in the smallest measure. Perhaps you are a mother with little time on your hands and yet you long to be an artist. Do art with your children! Perhaps you are a man searching for a job to feed your family but you care about the environment. Volunteer to clean up an area once a month. It is in doing the things you love that you create a vibration that says to the universe, "I am worthy of my own time! I have something to contribute. I have something that gives me joy!" In this joyous space you send out a beacon and the universe, by its very design will send more joy back to you!

Dear ones, do not deprive yourselves... of yourselves! Put more YOU into your lives. Put more joy into your lives, if only in the smallest measure. If you are a giver but can't afford to give, find people who can and match them with receivers. Or leave a penny in the grocery store and bless it. Someone in need of a sign of God's love may have hope inspired from that single selfless gift. It is not the quantity of your actions that counts, but rather the degree of authenticity with which they are achieved, for that is where you send an energy out to the world, and for that you receive the honest echo. Dear ones, we love you! YOU. The real you. The authentic, wonderful, beautiful, cherished, and treasured you. Put more YOU in your lives this week and see how things begin to change!

God Bless You. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

I've had a lot of me in my life lately. That means a lot of things going on because I love my job, I love teaching my classes, and lately I've loved the experience of gazing with Braco, the healer I've been talking about. Healer may not be the accurate term. I'd say he's a tuning fork that resonates you up into the highest light you can reach at the time.

So although I had to prepare for my class this week I still took two days to go see him in person and times to do the live-streams on the Internet. It is Monday as I write this and I know I'm in for a packed week. I also know that by honoring my heart in all ways, the class will be better than I could have made it had I not! After all, it is a class on self love and practicing what I preach gives me the ability to teach with greater authenticity.

It took a long time for me to unlearn old habits. I had to learn that if I took care of my own joy and well being that I would be able to serve in deeper and more authentic ways. When I thought I had to answer hundreds of emails a day all day in every spare minute, I got hundreds of emails. When I got sane and decided to answer only a few times a day or when I felt like it, then I got nicer and fewer emails. When I thought I had to work seven days a week, I did, and burnt out. When I listened to the angels and cut back, my life got sane,the bills still got paid, and now I find other ways to contribute to the world through inspiration that inspires me right back.

A times it does take unlearning old habits to put more YOU in your life. You have to decide that you are equal to everyone else. You have to remember God loves you as much as everyone else. You have to make a decision to trust in ways you might not have trusted before, that if perhaps you goof off instead of doing the chores, they will go more smoothly later! Or if you say "no" to something you really did not want to do, everyone will be fine. Real friends will stay; others will drop away when you are more YOU. The greatest service is achieved when you serve from the heart, not from a fear that you are a bad person if you don't.

So try this week to see how you can put a little more you in your life. In doing so, you will find that things will ultimately flow more smoothly. You will attract the people who really belong, and you never know... it might just lead to all sorts of ideas about new careers as well. I didn't intend to talk to angels. It was simply by exploring my own interests that I ended up here. Often I see people who start businesses that were once hobbies in the kitchen, or they meet future employers while volunteering at things they love. The universe loves love, and if you choose to honor yourself you will get the honest echo back in miraculous fashion!

Have a great week,
Love and hugs,




betsy. 21st May 2013 3:39 pm

"Take time to think about the things that people have complimented you on during you lives. Take time to think about what gives your heart joy. And then, dear ones, no more excuses! Start to do the things that give you joy." Also the part about "real friends will stay, others will drop away when you are more YOU..." (sorry, I had no idea how to paste more than one part here LOL). Thank you so much, Ann, for this message. It seems fear causes me to hesitate to do both things - what gives my heart joy and saying no to things I don't really want to do for fear of making others angry or hurting their feelings. I know it will get easier the more I do it though! Much love to you!!!


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