Aligning With a Fast Flow

Hi All,

Today the angels talk about the swiftly flowing stream of love and how it affects our lives. I'll share some fun stories about aligning with it and the consequences of resisting. Then I'll share some practical ways to align with the stream so you don't have to engage with the world's chaos and can be carried above it!

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

A massive stream of love is flowing into your dimension at this time. The past few years have caused countless individuals to pray for so much better upon your earth. While the Divine is always sending you a mighty stream of love, it is you who decide how much to allow into your reality. Right now, the human race is asking for more love than ever before and, at the same time, wobbling between accepting and resisting it.

This is why you see so much chaos right now. This is why some of you feel such fatigue. As clearly as a boulder causes turbulence in a swiftly flowing stream, resisting love also causes turbulence in your lives and your world.

When you are flowing with the currents of love, you feel good. When you're not, you feel bad. It really is that simple. You are made of love. When you are not focused on things that feel good to you, you resist love to varying degrees. This doesn't make you a bad person. It just doesn't give you the most pleasant experience of life.

We know there are things and people that trigger your anger, but your anger is a loud signal to turn away from them and turn your attention towards better, towards what you want.

We know that losing a loved one can trigger profound grief. Try to focus on the love that is beneath the grief. Love feels good. Longing feels terrible. Love flows with the stream. Longing resists it. You want to connect with your dear ones in spirit. You want a relationship. You want to feel their bliss. Allow yourself your tears, of course, but when they subside, focus on the happy memories, the presence of your dear one, even if you can't feel them yet, and even if you don't quite believe it is possible. Make space in your heart for the eternal bond that you share, and anticipate that at some point, you will connect with them in a new and even more amazing way. We would never make you wrong for your human grief. We gently seek to assist you in finding the energy of love and joy in which you will connect with your dear ones.

It is easy to blame the external world for bad feelings, but ultimately you decide if you point your thoughts upstream (away from the flow of love) or downstream (aligned with love). Ultimately you decide. If you focus on all the craziness in your world or if you look for the good. Ultimately you decide if you are problem-oriented or solution-oriented. Ultimately, dear ones, you choose to tell happy stories about your future or dismal ones. You get to choose to focus on the pain or the good, even if you must imagine the good for now. You choose. Do your best... one better-feeling thought at a time.

Love wants to flow unobstructed. It wants to help guide you towards all you desire. When it is stuffed, denied, or ignored, it finds another outlet. Sometimes in disasters, people put all differences aside and focus on what is most important. Love is allowed to flow. Sometimes when you have a feeling come up that you've stuffed, you must choose to love yourself through it. Sometimes when you have a physical challenge, you must choose to love yourself and embrace more self-acceptance than ever before to heal. These challenging circumstances are not necessary, but they are the consequence of not permitting love an easier outlet.

For example, most physical conditions are not the result of one massive blockage but rather the result of years of denying your own feelings in small ways. Physical issues can be healed much more quickly these days by consciously aligning with love. Focus on what it would feel like to feel good. If you cannot do that, focus on anything that feels good. Little by little, seek a better feeling and celebrate it each time you find it. Your body knows how to heal. You will be guided to proper care and assistance. The mighty current of love informs your cells and constantly wants to bring your body back into harmony. Focus on anything pleasant to allow love to work its wonders.

Likewise, if you have an old emotion pop up, don't push it away or try to ignore it. Love yourself through it. Ask how it is trying to guide you to greater love. "Anger, how are you trying to guide me to love?" Perhaps it tells you that revisiting a particular upsetting topic from the past that makes you feel bad is not a self-loving choice and that you would be better served by shifting your attention to what you want. Your anger will dissipate as you permit yourself to focus forward.

"Sadness, what are you trying to tell me?" Perhaps it is trying to tell you that you feel something or someone you lost is unattainable or unreachable. In this case, surrender to thinking about what you want, even if you don't know how your desire might come about. Surrender to imagining an incredible connection with a dear one in spirit. Surrender to imagine an even better relationship than the one that didn't work. Surrender to imagining that house you want even if you don't know how to get there. Surrender to imagining a future where you feel good, happy, and free, and look for those feelings in small ways now. It would be sad indeed if you all had to answer your own prayers using only what you know. The creator of universes wants to help. Believe in that. Trust in that.

As you align your thoughts with those people, things, situations, and above all, thoughts that make you happy, your manifestations will come much more quickly. You'll enjoy delightful, magical interactions on your path. Rather than struggling, efforting, and stressing about how to solve your problems and challenges, surrender to love. What feels better? Put your focus there. Allow yourself to feel good. Do you have a problem? Stop struggling and trying to figure out the solution. Anticipate the outcome happily and wait for the inspiration and magic to unfold. The creator of universes does know the best and most benevolent solution.

Dear ones, you are loved beyond measure. You have called for a mighty flow of love. Surrender to it. Give yourself permission to turn your thoughts away from what drags you down and towards all that uplifts. It is better and more productive to focus on appreciating a single flower instead of getting angry about politics! It is even more powerful to imagine a world at peace, in harmony, filled with kindness and compassion. It is better to enjoy your drinking water with appreciation and therefore align with love in such a simple fashion than to fear drought. It is even more powerful to anticipate the lush reservoirs filled with water. Do what you can to point your thoughts with the currents of love in the simplest of waysn and you will reap the benefits of being carried forward by this mighty stream!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I feel the massive flow of love streaming to us in my body. When I slip out of love, it hurts. As I realign with love, things feel amazing. It has been an incredible dance to stay aligned with such a swiftly moving current. I think of something I want with delicious anticipation, and it happens. I focus on something I don't like, and ouch!

I've been playing with "becoming friends" with the weather since the storms here have been intense. I have a deep appreciation for nature's majesty and a deep desire to stay on the calmer side of it! As I focus with love on the weather, gratitude for the rain, and feeling safe and relaxed in fhe midst of it, I get the most amazing guidance.

Several times in the past month, I've been working on my computer when I suddenly get the urge to go out into the yard and secure things. Sure enough, each time, a big storm was blowing in. I marvel at the timing. The angels are in my head whispering "Emanate peace. You can have the experience you choose. Focus on peace." So I sit and emanate a vibration of peace while telling the clouds how much I love them and how grateful I am that they'll be kind to my area. In several cases, I have watched the turbulent clouds that were aiming straight for me (I can see them on weather radar) stop short, break up, and go around me instead. I've ended up with gentle soaking rains, hummingbirds flitting joyously in the backyard, and rainbows. I feel like I'm in a fairy tale at times.

The manifesting energy is getting stronger. Last Saturday, I spoke at the "Helping Parents Heal" conference for over a thousand parents who had lost their children. The week before I spoke, I intended with all my heart that I would be able to share an experience of heaven with the people in attendance. I imagined the light of heaven flooding the room. I thanked God for using me as a channel in advance. I aligned with love and the desired outcome as much as possible and focused on as much joy as I could muster to raise my vibration. It worked. People came to me and told me how they physically saw the light and their radiant children in spirit. Many had an experience of the beauty and bliss their kids are experiencing now. I was humbly grateful. Love that flows through us must first flow to us.

Lest I pretend I'm not human, I've also been on the other end of the spectrum! This week, I experienced the consequences of not aligning with love or looking upstream instead of downstream – as the angels say. I focused too much on something I "couldn't stomach" and promptly came down with food poisoning. Not fun. I didn't waste time beating myself up. "Oops," was sufficient, and then I focused forward. It was a bit tough to imagine feeling good when I felt so bad, so instead, I slept and watched happy videos to distract myself from the pain. Luckily it was on my office day! I focused on the beautiful feel of my polar fleece blankets, the cool soothing coconut water I felt inspired to drink, and the delicious taste of manuka honey that I craved, which apparently is very anti-bacterial! I healed rapidly as soon as I realigned with love. I didn't even have to miss a day of work. As quickly as we can resist love and create a mess, we can also realign with love and get back on a happier track.

So many people have been telling me they are tired. The angels say, "rest," and as they stop resisting the desire to rest, they feel better. So may have had weird physical things popping up or old emotions. The angels say, "Be kind to yourself." It is not a good time to push yourself or make yourself wrong. It is, instead, time to be like a child and enter the flow of good feelings, thoughts, and actions to the best of your ability. Seek good. Look for the good. Anticipate what you want, even if you don't know how it may come about. Manifestations are happening quickly. It can be a lot of fun to point downstream and flow with love. I've heard many marvelous stories from people who have chosen to look for the good. It feels silly when the world serves up so much chaos, but it will always provide better outcomes to choose your own thoughts than swallowing what is offered without discernment!

As a friend likes to say, "Surf's up." Time to buckle up, point your thoughts towards anything that feels good, and enjoy the ride. With love, you will rise above the obstacles and chaos and enjoy a fast flow towards what you truly desire.

Here are a few tips to help you turn around quickly when you start to resist love...

1. Sit. Breathe. Receive.

Yes, again, the angels are in my head, reminding me that the simplest way to stop resisting the ever-flowing love is to sit, breathe, and intend to receive their love. Put on a good song, watch a video, or create a pleasant environment. When you breathe with awareness, you open to the flow of love. If you do this, you can even facilitate quicker physical healing.

2. Turn away from those things that drag you down

When you are able stop focusing on those things in the past and present that make you feel bad. Stop focusing on the worries about the world. Be part of the solution by anticipating, imagining, and focusing on the desired outcome. See if you can find the feeling you want in the future. Stick with that as much as you can.

For example, we have a drought here in the southwest. I don't want a drought. I consider that a problem. So I immediately turn my thoughts to the solution. I looked for photos of the reservoirs when they were full and glance at them often. I tune into the delicious feeling of Mother Nature, experiencing lush deep blue lakes with verdant growth along her rivers. I think of a time when we don't have to worry about water and instead feel the absolute abundance of it. Water exists in abundance on our planet. We can either attract it with our attention to its abundance or jam up its flow with our attention to lack. We can shift this situation with our energies alone. I'm determined. Jump in and join me on this one if you wish.

Turn towards the things that make you feel better. Talk yourself up. Look for things you like in your present. Focus on what you want to see in the future. If you can't find something to feel good about, make something up. Tell yourself good stories about how you want life to unfold. When you feel good, you feel God.

When you're in a vibration of love, even a little, things start moving in a good direction. And when you're not, at least love yourself. That, too is going with the currents.

3. Don't buy into the doom and gloom

The angels will say this forever. No one has more power over us than our own vibration. We can shift just about anything if we're willing to get into a good vibe. And even if the rest of the world is crazy you don't have to swim in crazy soup! You can rise above it and look for the good in anyone and everyone that you can until you are in a whole different reality.

Just like a single atom has multiple layers of electrons, reality also has multiple layers of experience. In the same room, someone in a foul mood will run into those who complain, while someone asking for love, even if in a very sad state, will find the help they are seeking. Attention on even a little love can plug you back into the mighty flow.

I know the world is wild. I see it and quickly feel the effects of this swiftly moving stream. It may be more challenging than ever because we quickly see the results of sloppy thinking! However, it can be more incredible than ever before, too, because we quickly see the results of choosing to focus on thoughts that feel good.

Our planet is evolving. Things are definitely not stuck. Be sweet to yourself. Be gentle and kind. Don't push yourself. Rest when tired, move when inspired, and allow joy to be your compass. The results of talking yourself into good feelings are quickly becoming more apparent, and it can be a lot of fun! When you get off, just turn back around and focus "downstream" by aligning with anything that feels more like love :)

Have a beautiful week :)



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