All your dreams are waiting...

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Never give up on your dreams dear friends. They are always closer than you think. In the mind of God all things already exist, waiting to be made manifest in your physical world. In the heart of God all possibilities are there for you to explore. And what you cannot achieve by sheer hard work, brilliance, and dedication, God can deliver with seemingly miraculous ease.

It sounds easy and yet the human mind is the single biggest culprit in sabotaging your own dreams. Your doubts, dear ones put the brakes on your manifestations. If you haven't see anything like what you desire in your life you may find your dreams hard to believe or imagine. Seek out role models. Seek you examples of what you desire. And instead of justifying why these role models have what you want, and you do not, say instead, "If it is possible for anyone, it is possible for me as well." Do what you know to do by all means to get your dreams going, but then dear ones, trust in God to partner with you and create what you cannot yet figure out.

God, dear ones is the love that gives you life. God's love is who you really are. It is only your mind, your beliefs, your conditioning, and all that you call your ego that forgets this. Can you take time to imagine every day the life you desire? Can you imagine it in such detail that it begins to seem real. Can you be grateful for your present circumstances and all they have taught you, while still imagining more? Make this a habit dear friends! Make it a habit to think of the best that can happen to you, the most joyful outcome, the thing that you desire the most. And by all means, get going! Do what you know. And then when you have done everything you know to do, everything your heart has guided you to do, trust in God. Relax into God. Surrender your concerns, and release your dreams unto the heavens, where in reality, they already exist, just waiting for you to believe.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

This week's message was sweet and I felt different angels than the ones that usually come through for the newsletter. It was a lot of fun actually. It felt like I was tuning into "Fairie Godmother" energy! I loved it. And I know the angel messages are oh so true. So many times I haven't had a clue how I would manage to accomplish something. Usually my constraints have been pretty common. I didn't know how to do what I wanted. I didn't have time. Or I didn't have money. The big 3 really when it comes to excuses for sabotaging our dreams!! And yet none of them really count when we start doing life God's way.

The first time I took on a project I didn't know I could accomplish was in my twenties. Prior to then I played it safe, doing only what I was certain I could do. But when I found I had an intense interest in aromatherapy, I was guided to a wonderful teacher who taught a six month certification course at the time. The classes were fun. We met once a month and our instructor discussed many different essential oils and their properties. It was the homework that frightened me. We were given 5-6 exercises each month and for each one we had to make a special blend of oils and use them via light massage on 5 volunteers each. To make it more interesting, we had to find people with specific problems - sinus congestion, cough, muscle tension, cellulite, etc... to name a few. The goal was to try an oil blend on several volunteers for the same condition and document the results so we learned first hand, hands on what worked. At the time I was an electrical engineer. I was professionally friendly with my co-workers but not to the point where I'd put my hands on them. And so I began this course without a clue as to how I'd work it all out. Miraculously, as word spread, I got my volunteers, and somehow finished the class. I've loved aromatherapy ever since and more importantly the experience taught me that you can go for anything you want, even if you have no clue how it will all work out.

I faced similar obstacles when I quite my engineering career to become a psychic. "How are you going to pay the bills? You can't pay them on a psychic career," I was told by so many people, psychics included. My answer... "Why not?!" I asked God to show me my calling. I expected He'd make it work.

Likewise when I was teaching a manifesting class in the late 90's I knew I would soon need a new car. Sure enough my old one gave notice, sputtering and threatening to break down. I had no idea how I would afford the one I wanted. A dealership in town popped in my head, and to make a long story short, in less than three hours I was in and out with the car I wanted and at a price that worked for all. I even had fun doing readings for the sales people while there who decided to give me a really good deal as a result! Again it was God's timing, and God's direction that fulfilled this desire.

I have even bigger desires for my life. I want to snorkel with humpback whales and swim with dolphins someday. I have dreams for books galore, creative projects, you name it! So many ways I can share the angels' wisdom if only I had more time... and yet I'm starting. One day at a time I'm working on my projects, and I'm making sure I do it only when inspired so it comes from a place of authenticity. I had some big projects under way when I got sick a few weeks ago. I worried when I'd have time and energy to work on them. And yet after so much down time I zipped through the previously tedious work and got a lot accomplished.

Divine timing is a beautiful thing. We are dancing with angels and dancing with God every day of our lives. We can lead. We can follow,, or we can take the steps we know and be shown the rest. For the most part, I live my life this way now and when I am true to what I know, it flows with so much grace and ease! This fall I'll be releasing a few new products for your enjoyment and inspiration! I'll let you know soon as I'm done! In the meantime, dance in your life as well! God is there, waiting to swing you around effortlessly towards your dreams!

Love and hugs,


springoss 10th October 2011 7:55 am

This message is exactly one of the examples for divine timing...while I was having a strong pressure by the people around me pushing to do something I even hate, I found myself reading this message. I know it's not a coincidence. It's directly a sign of God and angels so that I could have the patience to go on doing what I want, what I dream. Thank you very much for this excellent message. With Love...

SpiritHeart 10th October 2011 3:54 pm

Thank you Dear Ann,

A lovely and encouraging message from your angels. Thank you for sharing your loving and generous heart.

Love kay

dragonfly3 10th October 2011 4:03 pm

Hello Ann
I was reading your message for today October 10. I noticed you mentioned one of your dreams was to snorkel with humpback whales and dolphins. I can help you realize that dream. Im not sure if you reply to these comments but if you do drop me a line.

Crystal38 10th October 2011 10:10 pm

Thank you, dear Ann and angels, for this beautiful message... Much love to all :smitten: 12th October 2011 1:42 pm

Dear Ann and All the Angels,
I loved your message!! There are so many dreams we harbor in our heart but don't fulfill as we are too insecure to make that START..
Having said that, I am still still still so scared and unsure of how to venture towards my dream.
Seeking more guidance,


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