Angel Apps? Really!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You live in an unbounded universe, rich with potential and possibility. You are connected with the power that creates universes and runs them, in all their harmony and complexity, with simple loving intent.

When you think about it, the magnitude of human problems and challenges, no matter how great they feel in a single lifetime, are minuscule compared with the challenge of making sure the planets and galaxies don't collide.

The same power that harmonizes entire ecosystems loves you in ways you cannot possibly comprehend. This Source wants to help create greater love and order in your lives too. However, you were given the gift of free will. You are not robots, lovingly controlled by the Source, compelled by your design to live in order and harmony, as with all of nature.

You are beings made in love's image and likeness, gifted with the ability to not only live according to your original design, but also to create "new universes" within your own lives. If you, like nature, lived only according to your original design you would live beautiful lives, but then again a leaf cannot become more than it was designed originally to be.

You can.

Sadly the human race has forgotten its incredible nature and power to create. So many live with an "app" running in the computer of the human brain that we might easily label "iTryiSurvive." You interpret, file, and judge life's experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, useful or useless, when in reality life IS and you get to dance with it in a creative way. You do what you can to get by.

When you seek safety and survival, rather than exploration and creation, you limit Love's ability to assist you. When you allow your fears and resignation to limit your dreams, you narrow the field of infinite possibility down to only what you know. We are here to help you gently awaken into a greater reality – a reality where you run a different "app" in your brains, one that we would call "iLive-iLove-iCreate."

Let us look at a concrete example. So many of you want more abundance. You look at your life and don't know how you'd work more, create more business, or make more money. You think about bills or dreams you can't afford, and your brain starts to run its conditioned "iTryiSurvive" app.

You obsess about who you can ask for money, where else you can work, or what you can sell. You do your accounting over and over, focusing on your lack. iTryiSurvive takes all this input and tells you, "Sorry there is no way you can create the money you want. You might as well surrender to the fear of losing what you love or the resignation that comes with knowing your dreams will never come true."

However dear ones, what if you allowed yourself to run "iLive-iLove-iCreate!" then you would say, "Well right now I don't have much. Today I can't pay the bills or fund my dreams, but that's OK! That's yesterday's creation that is made manifest today. Today I will create more."

Rather than obsessing about money, you know you live in an unbounded universe. Money is only a tool. What do you really want? You want peace, security, or the fulfillment of your dreams. You allow yourself to "tune into" that feeling of having the bills already paid and living in peace.

You allow yourself to "tune into" that feeling of having your dream come true. Suddenly, as you live your life in gratitude and love in the present moment, "iLive-iLove-iCreate" which has been running quietly in the background of your mind, gives you ideas, draws you into helpful situations, brings you helpful people, and guides you straight into the life you want to live.

You are beautiful creators dear ones. Aim the power of the universe where you want it to go by focusing with delight on your beautiful creations. Disable the "iTryiSurvive app." Survival is already built into your operating system! Instead start to imagine you are running a better one... iLive iLove iCreate!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I've been redoing my website in my spare time for a long time! I love it. It is an art project. My desire is to create a thing of beauty, saturated with the energy of heaven, the angels, and nature, while at the same time making my products and classes available much more easily than they are now. It is a labor of love. My inner artist loves designing it... most of the time!

Today the developmental site crashed. That's not so enjoyable! I've been eating up disc space with all the photos and products and there have been issues with backup programs and plugins clashing – all things that hopefully many of you won't have to ever deal with. It does get frustrating at times.

iTryiSurvive kicked in. "I have to get this done! I want to create more books. If this keeps messing up I'll never have a life!" and on we go. I started to search for solutions. There are a million more things I want to create in life beyond this. Somehow when things go wrong I forget how much I really enjoy the creative journey. At the moment I'm waiting on customer service. I set today aside to work on the site. God had other plans!

So be it. iLive-iLove-iCreate kicks in. "Ok, so my day isn't working as planned. God always knows better. It is a beautiful day! I'll get the newsletter done earlier. I may even have time to read a little. I'll get sleep tonight and the next few days will flow more easily. Well, how about that! God really does know better and want me to have a gentler experience of life.

I am imagining the site coming back up at the perfect time. In the meanwhile, I'll do the newsletter and enjoy my day."

Suddenly I'm in a great mood again. iTryiSurvive never really made anyone happy!

Here are a few tips to live with iLive-iLove-iCreate running in your mind... and I'm still giggling about the angels inventing apps!

1. If you're not happy, you're not running iLive-iLove-iCreate

If I'm not happy – in iLive-iLove mode – I know I'm not creating. I'm moaning instead about something I created in the past that has just appeared in my life now, or I'm moaning about some life circumstance that is actually trying to help me, but doesn't look the way I want.

In any case, I start to refocus on what I want once again. I jokingly pray, "Dear God, you know what you're doing!" I spend a few seconds focusing on what it would feel like to have what I want then I let it go and focus with gratitude and love on the day in front of me.

Once we start the "app" by focusing on our creations with love, it runs in the background and keeps running if we keep living while loving our lives!

2. Think about your dreams with love and anticipation.

The angels often say that when you think about your dreams like a child looking forward to Christmas, then you are in the right energy. Fantasize, intend, imagine. Get juicy! Don't let the voices that say, "How can you? You can't? You don't deserve?" etc. distract you.

Forget worrying about blocks, and just refocus. Joy will override resignation if you allow it.

3. Enjoy your day

The angels remind me so often. The universe runs without my input. My heart beats without my input. The most amazing things in my life have occurred without me figuring out how to make them happen. My dearest friends showed up when I least expected them.

When we are in a space of love and gratitude (iLive-iLove), we are allowing our creations to unfold without getting in the way.

When you hit Enter on the computer, you don't wonder if the bits are going to show a new page. You just trust they will! When you imagine your dreams with love, then just "iLive-iLove" you really do "iCreate!"

Have a fantastic week playing with the unbounded, unlimited universe! Miracles really do happen when we live and love... That's when we truly create!

Love you all!


Toni 24th April 2018 9:05 pm

“iLive-iLove-iCreate””iDo”. I have this energy to sculpt features that flow. The love "iFeel" when they are fired & flow beautifully is enormous.

As an aside..


.” the magnitude of human problems and challenges, no matter how great they feel in a single lifetime, are minuscule compared with the challenge of making sure the planets and galaxies don't collide." the Angels...

Some galaxies do need to collide in order to evolve like the Andromeda & Milky Way Spirals. When united they create an elliptical galaxy that reflects the united masculine & feminine within one body of energy. The universe will stop expanding & start contracting...akin to breathing in & breathing out on universal terms. Many are here at this timing in this physical density to ensure this is a smooth union rather than a above so below in an expanding fractal of time.

Lol...that would be the mission of my Andromedan self getting triggered through my Milky Way Avatar... Hmm...

Awesome Ann :thumbs:

Toni 24th April 2018 10:44 pm

Talking to myself: ??? this as above so below fractal would need to align with the golden spiral or zero point field to maintain same pure geometric structure. Any divergence would result in different geometry & different timeline. Like what happens to the geometric structure of water when it meets pollution. Hmm...ok “I ask that all of who I am from Andromeda to Earth Avatar now align to the geometric crystalline purity of the golden spiral that creates ilove2live through this galactic union & beyond. Thank you.”

Lol that oughto cover the next 7 billion linear years or so...give or take a few million. :)


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