Avoiding the Agony of Over-Analysis

Hi Dear Friends,

No matter what is going on in the outer world, universal truth prevails. The angels remind us to avoid the "agony of over analysis" and drop into our hearts where loving guidance is always available. I'll share some thoughts and techniques to help you do so.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

No matter what is going on in your world, the 5D laws of vibration are, and always will be in effect. You have worked hard this past year to being to take charge of your minds, to focus on things that make you feel better, and to adopt a positive and uplifting outlook when you can.

Now it seems the world is tugging and pulling at you now in so many different directions. So many have strong opinions. So many think they know what is best for all. So many want you to agree with their perspectives. Should you take a vaccine or not? Should you live in fear of a political party or not? Should you take up arms or not? Should you pull your money out of the markets or pool it and put it in?

Dear ones, step back a bit from the agony of over-analysis. Step back and drop into your hearts, here and now, in this moment. What do you long to do right now? Do it as soon as is practical. Do you want to nap, garden, call a friend, take a walk, cook your dinner, get a project done? Your desires don't have to seem "big" in any way. Your guidance is often simple, peaceful, practical, and loving.

You may not think such guidance can solve the world's challenges, but if everyone lived according to their own hearts, they'd be happy, peaceful, healthy, and as a result, kind, loving, accepting, and allowing of others as well.

In 3D, when you honor yourself some will say you're self-loving. Others will criticize and call you selfish because you're not serving their needs. It is OK. Everyone is entitled to their own perspectives.

In 5D, when your honor your heart you'll be aware that this is the most unselfish thing you can do. In a happy, positive, peaceful, and loving state within, you are a vibrational contribution to the entirety of the human race.

So no matter what the world is doing, stop. Breathe deeply. Instead of over-analyzing how you should react, ask yourself a simple question, "What does my heart want to do in the here and now?" Trust this guidance. Honor it as soon as is practical. Allow yourself to embrace the universal 5D truth that a Loving Source is with you and in you at all times, attempting to guide you gently, kindly, and peacefully towards your desires in life, in harmony and in a loving dance with others who wish to be at peace.

Aligned with love you can be in the world but not of it. Listening to your heart you can dance around the chaos and be a contribution. Embracing a kind reality in your personal life, you be the change you wish to see. You can ripple kindness outward to the hurting hearts, and you can allow yourself a wonderful experience of life no matter what everyone else is doing.
This embracing of the heart, dear ones, is the farthest thing from being selfish. In honoring the true Self within, the One that guides you all, you honor that very light, love, and Self within all beings.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone!

I'm queuing this up a week before the inauguration. Covid is raging like crazy in Arizona and people I know near D.C. say the Nation's capitol looks like it is preparing for war. One of my friends is losing their long-term lease and fears being homeless. Another is sick. Family members are dealing with challenges. Clients are writing with serious problems, but in spite of it all I'm listening to my heart, keeping my vibe high, and doing my best to be a contribution rather than "peeing in the energetic pool" as one spirit from heaven recently (humorously) labeled an out-pouring of negative energy!

In the past I struggled with feelings of selfishness every time I had to turn someone else down in order to honor the truth within me. Now I make little apology for listening to my inner compass. I disappoint some and please others, but the reaction of anyone else, the angels constantly remind me, is none of my business. I remain faithful to the Divine within.

When covid first hit last year, I felt the heart's impulse to cancel a trip I'd been looking forward to so I could gaze, pray, and send light to the world since that is my greatest desire to do so. I had to disappoint others, but as a result was able to be a light, create a video to help ease the fears, and soothe a great many people. Throughout the year, I spent less time on emails and more time in peaceful Presence and silence. I rearranged my schedule per the heart to connect more with family and friends. I unplugged and took a blissful trip in October and hiked in the beauty of nature unmasked in heaven after the thundering hoards that had flooded the trails earlier in the year left. I had a beautiful holiday while basically ignoring covid, other than masking and washing up. The heart steers us in grace. Only once was I told not to go somewhere to avoid germs. I listened. I was tired and open to negative energies at the time. The loving Divine wants us to be healthy, happy, peaceful, and exist in a state of grace.

There are a lot of opinions flying out there. If you listen to everyone else you could easily get lost in a tangled over-analysis of "shoulds." Should you take the vaccine or not. Should you side with one group or not? Should you believe one news report or not? It goes on and on... and always will. Everyone has opinions. Everyone has perspectives. This is how we were designed. What matters most isn't what everyone else thinks you should do, think, or believe, but rather what the loving voice of the Divine within suggests, given your soul's desires, growth, and design.

In a space of listening to the heart's guidance, you will easily and naturally know what you "should do" because it is what you truly, deeply, lovingly, want to do. In a happy, positive, loving vibration you will be easily and naturally steered to live the personal reality you wish to live – no matter what anyone else is doing.

So this year, be kind to yourself. Listen to your heart. Care more about your internal guidance than the external opinions of others.  Tend to your energy more than stressing about your actions. Strive to connect to Love however, and whenever you can. In this reality we can be the loving energies and beacons that shine a bright, calm, hopeful, and peaceful light in our own lives, and therefore out into the world.

After all, "out there" starts "in here."

Here are a few pointers how to help you pay attention to your own heart...

1. When the urge to over-analyze sets in, stop. Breathe peace.

When you catch yourself thinking, "What should I do? How should I handle this? What should I say? Should I do this or that? Should I believe this or that?" catch yourself. Stop.

Breathe deeply. As you breathe imagine a column of light coming up your spine and as you exhale imagine it cascading out of the top of your head all around your aura. Breathe in and up. Exhale and release. Do this "self cleaning breathing" for a few minutes until you feel peace.

When you feel peaceful, ask yourself, "What does my heart want to do in the here and now?" Trust the first thought or feeling you get.

2. Calibrate your energy to love

Set reminders on your phone throughout the day. When they go off, calibrate to love. Think of a few things or people you love. Look at happy photos on the phone. Appreciate something right in front of you. Do anything to shift your energy into a vibration of love.

Practice this often and it will become very easy. You know what love feels like when you flow it. Try to memorize the feeling and see if you can call it up at will. Then ask your heart, "What next?" Trust.

3. Engage in disciplines that help you feel wonderful

We hear our heart easily when we feel good, so do what it takes to feel good in a healthy way. Engage in routines or practices that uplift you. Read something inspiring. Subscribe to a positive blog. Do deep breathing. Engage in spiritual disciplines. Take a walk. Do anything you enjoy to uplift and inspire yourself into a space in which you'll hear your heart more easily.

A wonderful, easy practice to help you get into the heart, both spiritually and biologically, is taught by the Heartmath Institute. They've done extensive scientific research that proves their simple method of getting the heart induces a biologically coherent state in which you will be less stressed, think more clearly, be healthier, happier, and, as the angels would say, more easily listen to the heart's guidance.

They offer a free, easy, science based, online class called "The Heartmath Experience" here.

The reality behind all 3D appearances is nothing less than a field of love always ready to support us, and just waiting for us to allow it to rise up within. No matter what is going on externally, when you align with your heart, you will align with peace, love, clarity, and your own guidance. In this reality you not only live a kinder life; you also become a beacon of hope, inspiration, and peace, and one of the souls working to bring greater harmony to the planet.

Love you all!



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