My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we wish to speak to you about balance. We hear so many of you saying, "I feel off balance. I want to live in balance. How do I create balance in my life?" Most of you know what it feels like to be in balance and yet so very few know how to create this state of grace.

In a balanced life you feel centered and at peace. You have been taught that in order to live a balanced life you must find time for work and play, activity and rest, time for you and time for others. However dear ones, our suggestion for living in balance is much simpler. Rather than over-thinking the issue, realize that true balance can only be found in the present moment. Ask yourself one question now, "Do I feel centered and at peace?" If not, ask yourself, "Body, mind, heart, and soul... what do I need right now?" ... right now. Not forever. Not tomorrow. Not something outside of yourself or out of your reach, but right now.

To be in true balance is to be in alignment with God's love and grace, and that love and grace is available at any given moment. What is it you need right now to feel centered and at peace? Perhaps it is to breathe deeply. Perhaps you have to ask for comfort because you are worried about a situation and, like a child, you want your angels to come and give you a hug.

Ask and sit still and we will gladly come and comfort you. Perhaps you are filling your days with too much activity and you are craving rest, time outdoors, time to put your feet up, time to call a friend. Honor those urges dear ones and you will find your way back into the streams of grace, in which you are always in balance.

Consider the analogy of a tight-rope walker. Balance to this individual is not something he or she can find outside of the present moment. When walking a fine line, one must be in tune with their balance in each moment. To worry about what must be done several steps ahead could be fatal. To think about what was done a minute ago would distract from the task at hand. So too, you walk a fine line, always attempting to bring yourself back into alignment with yourself - with the needs of your own body, mind, and soul.

So dear ones, strive to be present with yourself often. Ask yourself, "Am I centered and at peace?" If not, ask your body, mind, and soul, "What do I need now?" Listen. Honor the guidance, even if it seems too simple. Often you think it is going to take massive changes to live in balance, but in any given moment, it takes only one small choice. You feel off balance when you ignore your inner compass. You feel in balance when you are centered in alignment with the Divine Love flowing through you at all times.

Whether you are a person walking through life, or tight rope walker precariously balanced on a rope high up in the air, true balance is not a static state of being, but rather one that must be assessed with each passing moment.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

Years ago I thought living in balance meant I had to pack in a little of every activity that I loved. I worked full time, had big birthday parties at my house each month for friends, got a massage and did my nails regularly, hiked, meditated, and so on. While this sounds on like a lovely life, it was too much!

I was cramming more in my schedule than my body, mind, and soul authentically craved and I was exhausting myself. I was thinking about how to create balance in my life rather than feeling my way into balance in each moment. I knew I was off-center. I would answer one more email when I really wanted to go to bed. I would do one more activity with friends when I really wanted to sit at home in silence. The guidance was there but I didn't want to give anything up. I was severely out of balance.

I went to see am a Karunamayi (a woman from India who transmits amazing energy) and asked for a blessing for balance. Three days later. I injured myself and was forced to cancel all social engagements, cut back on work, and rest more than I had in ages. It changed my life. Every now and then I get off balance and life sets me back on track. I pray for that kind of help.

After the holidays I knew my mornings were too hurried and I knew that I needed to adjust my diet to feel more energized. I didn't know exactly how to get back in balance and I didn't want to figure it out all by myself. So I did as I always do and prayed. "Dear God, Dear Archangel Raphael, help me find help with my diet and a way to make my mornings energizing and relaxing, even with all I have to do." A few minutes later, a dear reader wrote to me offering me her seven day Ayurvedic cleanse. Even though I had to add several more activities in my mornings as part of this cleanse (self massage, yoga, exercise, breathing) I realized my body was craving such care. I prioritize my mornings now around such care and mysteriously everything else gets done!

So if you feel off, overloaded, or bored with life, pray. Ask God and the angels to guide you. And then, as always, when you get the guidance via suggestions or ideas that inspire you and sound exciting or interesting, act! I could have attempted (again!) to mentally figure out how to be balanced, but at the moment I prayed, I desired help. Sure enough, help arrived! (A big thank you to Adena Rose who answered that prayer! She is an incredible ayurvedic practitioner whose programs are gentle, flexible, and kind to to both body and soul!)

I could have received her offer and ignored the work involved, but everything in my body was saying, "Yes, please do this." Magically the universe echoed back to me my willingness to accept help, ease, and grace, by making an incredibly busy week flow easily, gently, with help, assistance, and more grace!

So this week, be really honest with yourself. What is it you are wanting now? Rejuvenation? Time Alone? Time with others? Better food? Help figuring it all out? Wait until the desires arrive naturally. If you know what to do, do it. If not, pray and ask for help. The universe loves to answer prayers rooted in such love. Balance is not so hard after all when we create it one moment to the next :)

Have a balanced week!
Love and hugs,


Peter fox 28th January 2014 6:26 am

Tight-rope. Great analogy for living in the now. Thanks,Ann.


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