Celebrate Who You Really Are!

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Happy New Year and as we like to say Happy New You! Happy New, Wonderful, Magical, Creative, Abundant, Prosperous, Wise, Caring, Compassionate, Loving You! For that is how we see you! This is who you really are. This is what you want to bring to the surface this year! It is a year of loving the truth of yourself. It is a year of being authentic. It is a year of being committed to being "real" with everyone and everything around you.

Look around your homes. What gives you joy? What brings you down? Look at your lives? What situations uplift you? What no longer represent who you wish to be in this world? Look at your relationships. Are you relating from a place of loving truth? Are you really being the real you? Dear ones, if you can love all of who you are, in a given moment, you can change the course of your entire life. If you can say, "Here I am. This is who I am now, and I love me! I know I am God's love incarnate, whether I feel it or not. I know I have a beautiful heart, whether or not I am choosing to bring it to the surface right now or not. I know I have wisdom within me, whether I feel it or not," then dear ones you will start to experience a kinder reality almost immediately. For in choosing to love the truth of your spirit, dear ones, you focus upon it. And whatever you focus upon with love is coaxed to the surface, nurtured, and experienced more deeply.

Look at your complaints! So many on earth truly love to complain. And so you focus your love on your complaints and thus they are reinforced and magnified. What if, instead, you focused on what is good, true,and beautiful with such great energy and love, for indeed it takes less energy to focus on what is good. It simply takes a little willpower and the willingness to shift your attention. If you aren't feeling abundant yet, look at the abundance of resourcefulness you have used thus far to get by. Focus on what is good within you. If you aren't feeling loving yet, focus on the fact that you at least are trying and that in itself shows there are seeds of love attempting to sprout. If you are not feeling healthy and well yet, focus on any little part of your previous physical vehicle that is feeling well, or even better yet imagine what it might feel like, or did feel like, to feel well.

You have so much power within you! Your power is to focus your love on whatever it is you wish to bring to the surface, experience, and magnify. Sunlight is needed for seeds to sprout out of the darkened soul, and your love is needed to sprout the seeds of power, love, and goodness within you! They exist. They are present already. Water them with kindness to self. Shed the light of your love on what is good within you. Then stand back and watch with wonder as these beautiful seeds begin to grow.

Happy New Year! Happy New You… or shall we say, Happy More Truthful, Authentic, Already Beautiful You!.
God Bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

During the course of putting my self love class together last year, I found myself in self-love bootcamp. I made every conceivable "mistake" I could imagine. I got sick, accidentally allowed a fire to start in my house, made silly financial decisions, and even on the day of the workshop found that because I had not tried out the shoes I meant to wear, discovered last minute that the bottom was coming apart! A good attitude, a practice of love for the true self, and in the case of the shoe, some good super glue came to the rescue!

Once again I found myself needing the power of focused love again during my Christmas break. I look forward to this vacation all year. I love the peace of the season, the beauty of the lights, the good food, good friends, and time to catch up, do crafts, and relax. This year however, as the saying almost goes, DOG had other plans! Little Lucy my Labrador started walking tipsily and acting strange on Christmas Eve. So while cooking and wrapping presents, I helped her around the house and calmed her and all in all we had a beautiful and magical time. The real trouble began that night and as midnight struck heralding Christmas morn, I realized my vacation was going to the dog! Suddenly this sweet little puppy was manic, pacing, panting, and twitching. She seemed to be having hallucinations. She wanted me to help her out, then fell over, got up, and came in. This went on for hours till at long last at 6am I fell asleep till she woke me up two hours later... walking. I thought things were well until night came and the crazy behaviors started once again. This night I spent six hours on the tile floor with her where she fell and refused to get up. I put blankets under her to keep her warm, got my own pillow and blankets and sang to her until she fell asleep. This went on for three days and nights. In my sleep deprived state I started feeling crazy and none too gracious and I realized I'd better pull out the self love practices asap or I was going to get all worked up. I sat and prayed hard, first for my own peace of mind. That came swiftly with the now familiar soothing feeling of heat running up and down my spine. Next I spent an hour doing mantras and asking God to guide me to a solution. Of course, one was forthcoming. Without thinking I grabbed the iPad in bed and googled "doggie detention." I hit gold. Sure enough there were all the symptoms. I wasn't crazy after all... Last year the vet had warned me of early signs, but I had completely forgotten.

CCD, or Canine Cognitive Disorder, as it is called, might be more aptly named Crazy Confused Dog. Luckily the articles on the web pointed to solutions. The minute the stores were open I was getting Ginko for her brain function, melatonin to help her reset her internal clock and this thing called a "Comfort Zone Diffuser" which emits the same pheromones as nursing mother dogs. Presto! It was Magic! Within the day my happy little girl was back, smiling, relaxing, and still not letting me sleep all that much, but at least being peaceful, graceful, and kind once again. We even enjoyed a smiling photo shoot. Once again peace returned to my house.

It is so easy to get down on yourself when life doesn't look like you want. It is easy to feel bad when we aren't our best. But it is imperative that we remember the truth of who we are, because if we don't we'll take out the lie of who we aren't on life and the world around us. So next time you're not feeling like sweet wonderful you, take some time to care for yourself, acknowledge yourself, and focus on what IS true within you. I was still a caring and compassionate soul even when frustrated beyond belief. I was still a good person when I was wishing my dog was on the other side during the worst of it. I was still an incarnation of God's love when I was throwing a serious tantrum to heaven about my vacation being "messed up." In truth as soon as I remembered who I was, I felt worthy of help, I remembered to ask for help, and I got help. Suddenly my vacation went back to God :) And that is where I want my entire life to be rooted and reside… in the truth that we are all made of the same stuff… the light, love, and truth of God!

Happy New Year!
I look forward to the adventures of 2013!
Love you all,


Connie 51 11th January 2013 5:03 pm

Thank you Ann: for sharing from the worst or nearly so to the best. I'm so happy that your dear dog recovered! I'm still missing my last dear fur baby my little Scrappy Doo. I know he has been around me as I've felt like he was brushing against my legs or curled up next to me. I'm standing albeit on wobbly legs at times in whom I truly am. Your right it so easy for our mind's to take us right back to old programing. I'm so very grateful I know whom I really am and now say NO. I don't want to go there anymore. And yes I may have gotten worried and had some anxiety. Like you I called on the Angels who are always near,dear,and ready to help us have everything work out for our highest good. Blessings I do pray for you, Ann as your article's always helps me. :)

Becs152 12th January 2013 5:16 am

I'm sorry, but 3 days and nights and then you decide to google? So I clearly missed the bit about your dog telling you not to call the vet or seek advice? Well, usually animals displaying this sort of thing, they suffer then come right on their own or they suffer and die, so either way...
I'm appalled.

kay 12th January 2013 7:13 am

Thank you for sharing the story about Lucy. Our animal companions are going through changes and growing just as we humans are. You trusted each other in a beautiful way.


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