Choice And Perception

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you strive to lift your spirits unto the heavens dear ones, remember, there is already heaven within you, and there is already hell. It is a choice where to set your sights. It is a choice to focus on the good in any situation or to focus on the worst. It is a choice to feel like a soul learning lessons or a human being victimized by life.

Each time you choose to look at life through the eyes of your soul - through the filters of spiritual truth - you grow, you increase your light and your positive vibration and you begin to set up your life to attract better. Each time you choose to look at life as if it is against you, you reinforce the illusions that you are unloved, uncared for, and have to fend for yourselves.

We understand human life can be very difficult. We understand its challenges. And yet dear ones, we also know that everything that occurs to you on earth is an opportunity to increase your love, your light, your kindness, your faith, and your compassion. God is not a parent, dear ones, who rewards you when you are nice, and punishes you when you are not. Instead God is a loving and merciful God who set up the physical universe with vibrational laws of cause and effect, and gave you free will.

It is through your choices that you set up your life experiences, and it is through your perceptions that you either enjoy and learn from, or feel miserable as a result of these experiences.

So if you are in a life you love, give thanks and attract more. Do not question whether or not you are worthy of this good for indeed all are worthy of this good. Instead celebrate, for in creating good you can share good feelings with the world. If you are in a life you do not love, rather than feeling victimized or beating yourselves up, look for the messages and look to a brighter future. Give thanks for lessons learned and ask for more joyful ones in the future. It is in loving that you assume your soul's power to create good.

You are, dear ones, allowed to be human. If you have a feeling, feel it. Your feelings do not create good or bad in the world when they arise from within, because they are simply indicators of what is already going on within you. If you are upset, this is an indicator that you are not in alignment with what you want in life. Allow yourself the feeling and then move forward. If you are sad or frustrated, this is an indicator that you have to let go of how you thought life should look and embrace what is so you can handle it more powerfully. Feel the feeling then move forward. Sadness, anger, frustration - these feelings occur naturally as a human being and it is an act of self love to let them flow and let them go.

It is only when you perpetuate your anger, sadness, and frustration with negative thoughts and beliefs that it is allowed to create negatively in your life. It is when you feed these lower vibrational emotions that they begin to have a life of their own. If however, you can say to yourself, "I am frustrated. I am human. This frustration is telling me I want to create better. I want more help, more support, more balance," then dear friends you have loved yourself in the moment and allowed yourself to move into greater love.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels



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