Compassion Makes Us The Light of Inspiration

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As so many of you watch the recent natural disasters we want to remind you that the greatest way you could ever assist those who are suffering or in pain is to love them. This love can come in many forms. You can pray for the individuals affected. You can, if you are guided, contribute to the organizations and individuals offering relief. You can sit in a chair, and ask God to show you one individual who needs extra love and then imagine wrapping them in the embrace of your own loving soul. You can send letters when efforts to receive that kind of love are available. If you are in the area you can volunteer your time or services. Of if you are not guided to assist in these ways you can simply pour love into your own life, knowing that the greater number of individuals who choose to live in love and peace, the greater the peace on your entire planet.

There are so many ways to love and assist those in need, but the one thing we ask you to strive to avoid is "feeling bad for" those who have been affected, for in truth "feeling bad" or "feeling pity" has never uplifted a single soul on your planet earth. And although it is very human to do so, strive to change these feelings to feelings of compassion, for compassion is love. Pity says, "Poor you! This should not be! I am glad I am not you right now!" Pity is an energy of judgment, although subtle, and rarely intended.

Compassion, on the other hand says, "Although we are at different places in our journey, I trust there is a greater reason for this, even when I do not understand what this is. I am going to love you through your pain. I will offer you a hand up, rather than sinking in the depths of despair with you I will be a beacon of hope and inspiration for you, for we have all known loss. We have all known confusion. We have all known the fear of not knowing how life is going to work. My heart is your heart and I love you." Compassion is an energy of acceptance, trust, and unconditional love. A compassionate heart knows that there is a higher order to all things, even those that seem incomprehensible and hurtful, and can offer comfort to those in need. For out of every natural disaster, the most amazing acts of human love and kindness arise. Communities bond. The world comes together and sets aside greed, borders, barriers, boundaries, religious, cultural, and ethnic differences and realizes you are One human race with the same hearts, the same needs, the same concerns, and in the end, the same Love.

Beautiful hearts, we love you so very much. We know the pain you witness in others tugs and pulls on your hearts. But the sun does not dim to make you comfortable in your struggles. Rather it remains bright, supporting and guiding you, offering the promise of a new day even in the darkness.

Please know that your hearts are only being asked to open more widely, to share from the wealth of love within. And if you are one of those angels affected by the recent events, know that God walks inside and beside you, in the form of so many both in the heavens and on the earth that honor and acknowledge your willingness to uplift the human spirit even in times of your own need.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

I did not find out about the tornadoes in Oklahoma until I was in a chat room during the Braco live streams. A woman mentioned that she was there and the sirens were going off but she was fine. Her heart was peace in the storm and her home and family were mercifully unaffected. You see stories in every disaster of houses being spared by tornadoes in strange ways,and stories of people in hurricanes whose houses wash away, but who are miraculously tossed into safe spaces. I have a friend who long ago was spared almost certain death as waves of a wildfire in California miraculously went around the house where she was trapped and praying. We too can be peace in the storms of life. We too can have the faith that no harm comes to us unless we have something to learn or contribute through the experience. And when our lives are going well and we witness others going through sometimes unthinkable disasters and pain, we can be the angels who offer hope, relief, and compassion.

So how do you know what to give and when? Like many others, when I watched the recent tornadoes from the safety of my own solid home, I felt a mixture of both fascination and awe with the powers of nature, a sense of gratitude for my peaceful life, and huge waves of compassion for those affected. I wanted to reach out and hold some of those people in my arms, but instead I sent my soul and prayed for them to feel the ever loving embrace of God rise up within them. When I am guided I donate money. After one disaster, before I had even paid my own bills I heard the angels giving me a specific large amount to contribute. I wrote the check without thought, knowing my needs would be met as well. After the hurricane back east last year I was guided to connect those with supplies and those in need, even though I was nowhere near the area. Trust, that you will know what to do.

So when you see the tough things going on in the world, quiet your minds. Drop into your hearts. Ask a simple question, "God/Source what do you want me to do here?" You may get nothing. In that case, the answer is, "Nothing." You may get pray, play, contribute, etc. Trust your own heart and your own guidance. It may not seem like "enough" but trust again and always that the power that moves the stars in the heavens can coordinate the gifts of those "who have" with the requirements of those "who need."

I know that by continuing to celebrate my happy life, while at the same time offering immense light, love, compassion, and contributions as guided, this will be the way I can uplift souls. Some are guided to fly in and shelter or feed others. Some are guided to pray. Some are guided to counsel or console. Many are not guided to do a thing in one case or another. Your love in any aspect of your life, whether directly related to the disaster or not, contributes to the greater good of humanity.

So if you are affected, we send you great love and acknowledge you for your strength and for demonstrating the best the human spirit has to offer. And if you are not affected, ask if there is anything you can do to love those who have been affected. Listen to the still small voice of you heart, for this is where we connect with the One Love that binds us all together.

I love you all and hold you in my heart,


shapeshifter 28th May 2013 10:17 am

Thanks, Ann, for your loving contribution to the you-niverse.


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