Cycles of Giving and Receiving

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

For every need on your planet there is a solution. For everyone who has excess there is someone in need. Givers and receivers are matched by God so love can continue to flow unimpeded throughout the universe. So when you are in need of anything, a simple prayer will do... "Dear God, I have a need today for comfort. I have a need for this bill to be paid. I have a desire to meet someone special. I need help arriving to work on time." And then dear ones, listen to those little urges to take action when they arise, and trust that everything is in right order.

There is never a need to "stress" about how or when things will happen in your life. If you are doing your part, you can trust that they will happen in the perfect time and the perfect way. How do you do your part? We reassure you it is not by over thinking the situation but rather by sitting quietly and asking God, "Guide me... what must I do today for myself to help bring about my solution." Sometimes the guidance is nothing. Simply be at peace and enjoy your day. Sometimes you will have a thought popping in your mind, or a sudden urge to do something or go somewhere. Suddenly you feel like doing something different than you had planned. Trust this movement. Trust God's timing. Trust you are in a beautifully orchestrated dance with all of creation.

Suppose on the other hand, you are feeling very blessed right now. You are happy and full. You want to know how you can help and assist the world. Again a simple prayers will suffice. "God let me be your hands, your eyes, your mouth upon this earth. Guide me where you want me to share you love." And then very much like the receiver, wait until you are impulsed to share, Perhaps you will share a kind word, a hot meal, a bit of money. Perhaps you will share your talents. Perhaps you will sit peacefully and pray for the world. Perhaps your own joy is your gift to humanity. Trust the impulses once again.

You are not so separate from one another as you might think dear ones. You are part of a human race that God attempts to coordinate in a beautiful dance, pairing up givers and receivers, knowing each can both learn and derive joy from the encounter. It is neither better to give or receive. It is beautiful to do both if both are done with love.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
–– The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

I have been asking God for a lot of help lately. I have so much going on! I'm in the midst of preparing to upgrade my 8 year old computer, getting ready for the holidays, doing a few more home repairs, and caring for my aging dog. I'm sleeping on the couch again! My dog sleeps better in her den (aka my bedroom) when myself and my spirit entourage are not in it! This arrangement came in response to some sincere prayers a few months ago... "God I need sleep... give me a solution." Suddenly the answer popped in my head. I have a very, very comfy couch. And I have heat. The ocean is not in my living room like so many back east. I feel blessed.

I get up every morning and read my huge to do list to God. "Please help me get this done, unless you have better plans." I sit quietly with my angels for ten minutes, breathe and ask them to align my energy with God. My days, although crazy busy are flowing smoothly and miraculously. I have lost a great many of my illusions of control.. it is easier to let God steer me.

More and more as I surrender, I am doing things without thought. Sitting at the computer I suddenly find myself getting up, running errands, and coming back to pick up where I left off, all accomplished while my little elder doggie takes her nap. There is a beauty and a grace to God's timing, that isn't always obvious until we look back in retrospect.

I've been in communication with some amazing folks back east who went through Superstorm Sandy. Many were without power for weeks. One is lucky to be alive but lost her car. Without fail they are turning their hearts and lives to God and finding compassion, care, and camaraderie in those around them. The angels always point out that after Mother Earth releases her pressures, there is always an uprising of love. Truly I have witnessed such beauty in those who have been so affected and my heart and prayers are still with them. We raised quite a bit of money to assist, and we sent huge doses of light. I prayed so hard for it to warm up back east, even asking God if we could have some cool weather in trade for them warming up... and well, it may likely be coincidence, but Phoenix got cold and the east coast did warm up last weekend. I believe our prayers are powerful.

So whether you have need or excess pray and ask for the direction and you'll get it. You won't have to overthink it when its guidance. It just feels right inside. Guidance is a direction you just want to take without much thought. And while our brains are so useful in planning, programming, and number crunching, they can get in the way when we use them to replay stressful options, instead of saying, "I've done what I know to do, now it s God's turn to guide me." In such a dance, life does flow, even with business, complications, and challenges. I like letting the creator of the universe assist in my days! They sure go a lot more smoothly!

Love and hugs, Have a great week,


COBALT 22nd November 2012 8:35 pm



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