My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Today we wish to speak to you about the concept of “Destiny.” It is widely misunderstood upon your planet earth. You are not destined to do anything. You are free, creating in each moment.

Instead, you came into this lifetime with what we might call “Travel Plans.” There were certain people you wanted to meet, lessons you wanted to learn, and things you wanted to contribute. These things are very likely to happen. However, just as with any journey, you are free to change your plans along the way. At every given moment in time you begin, based on the vibration your emitting both consciously and unconsciously, to change your reality.

Suppose for example you were going to take a trip. You might know what route you are going to take. You might plan to meet a friend along the way. You might choose a restaurant en route for lunch. Then you get in the car. You realize the road is closed ahead or you hear of an amazing detour, so you change your route. You aren’t hungry when you thought you would be, so you change your lunch spot. Your friend can’t meet you, so you arrange to visit a few other places along the way.You still have the same goal in mind, but you’ve just shifted your reality along the way.

It is like this in your life. What you call “Destiny” is simply the soul's firm conviction to experience a certain reality this lifetime, very much as a determination to stop and each lunch exactly when you planned it. In reality you can change your “Destiny” with every conscious thought and every consciously designed feeling.

If you aren’t making much money for example, you might say, “Well I guess its my destiny to be poor.” In reality you may have chosen poverty to learn to value what is important, and when you achieve this, you can achieve great wealth. So to shift your reality, you would say, “OK what am I to learn from this? Let me learn! I do I wish to create an easier reality!” You begin to think thoughts of gratitude for all you have, and thoughts of abundance. Suddenly you have learned to value what is important in your life. You have learned to be a powerful creator. You have shifted your reality. Your life will begin to change.

You have only one “destiny” or rather “destination” that is etched in stone dear ones, no matter how many lifetimes it takes, and that is to be reunited with the source of all Love, once and for all, knowing you are the very same.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

I hear a lot of people asking if it is their “Destiny” to suffer. The angels always answer with a resounding “no,” adding that there are simply lessons to learn, illusions to release, and love to be embraced. Sometimes people want to do the growth and they move into an amazing existence. Other times, sadly, they do not.

I once asked the angels if it was my “destiny” to be an angel communicator. Surprisingly they said no. They told me I came to earth, wanting to learn to love in spite of it all, wanting to be a humanitarian in some capacity, and wanting to add more light to the planet. In my case, I didn’t pre-plan a relationship or career. I had broader goals. Along the way, as my human self spelled out ways I might want to experience these goals the angels waited in the wings to supportme.

It is as if we come to earth saying, “I’d like to make a beautiful painting.” On earth, we choose the canvas, the medium, and various colors. We choose a style and subject, and then we paint. We can change any of that along the way. Suppose you didn’t know what medium you wanted. In that case your angels and guides would suggest one that would delight you and fulfill your desires to create a beautiful work of art, and more so a work of heart.

When I was ready to quit my career in engineering, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I tried getting a job at a spa doing Reiki and blew it before I even got an interview. I had no clue where to turn. I simply prayed to “wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living helping people.” I had already found a closet interest in angels and so the spirit world saw a possible future that would make me very happy and guided me towards it. I had choice all along the way. Weall do. Here are a few pointers to help you create the best "journey" you can, whether or not you stick to your "travel plans!"

1. Take inventory periodically

Are you happy now? If not what would you prefer to see in your life. Be as broad or specific as you know.

For example if you are in a tough marriage, you may not know if you want to stay or go, but upon being very honest you might say, “Dear God I want to be in a happy relationship. Help us grow together in love, or help us separate with love and find more appropriate relationships. My preference would be to grow.” If you are in a career you don’t like try this, “Help me find a career that gives me joy, abundance, fits my desired life, and is a beautiful expression of mysoul.” Ask for as much or little as you genuinely want.

2. Imagine how you would feel if you had the desired reality.

The angels often say, “What would life be like if you didn’t have your biggest complaint? What if your dream was already here. What would you be doing?” Then do as much of that as possible. You might say, “I can’t!! If I had a million dollars I’d have charity!” The angels would reply … how would you feel creating a charity? You might say, “Generous.” They would say, “Be generous with your heart now. Give compliments. Share your talents.”

You might say, “I wouldn’t be lonely if I had a relationship.” The angels would push you further… “What would that make you feel?” “Not lonely!” people reply. They persist. “Well, it would give me the courage to follow my heart. It would help me have more fun.” They urge you to grow, follow your heart, have fun now. Get in the energy you’d have if you had no complaints. The circumstances might be different but you can find that feeling now. You are tuning yourself into what you desire.

3. Keep the faith, Keep the focus, Remain Flexible

Trust your energy is creating. Generate the feelings you want as often as you can. Allow the universe to bring you your desires in miraculous ways you might not expect. I stood beside a lady in line today with “Believe in Miracles” on her T-shirt. I do. You can too! They are a natural consequence of knowing the universe loves you!
All things are possible with God. And in each moment we set a course, assisted by angels and our own desired path to learn and grow.

Love you all!




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