Divine Timing

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you continue your year of manifestation remember that there is a timing inherent in all creations. The blooming of a flower occurs when the temperatures are just right by day and by night. The seasons change in their due course. And your creations, dear ones will come to you in proper timing. Last week we asked you to contemplate whether or not you are ready to receive your dreams should they be handed to you tomorrow? If you are, and the dream has not yet arrived, do not assume you are doing something wrong. The universe is working to bring you your dreams in the best way possible - in a way that benefits not only you but everyone else involved. God can direct a very beautiful orchestration of your lives as you allow Him to do so.

If your dreams are not yet here yet and you feel very much ready for them, simply pray and ask God to reveal and remove any remaining subconscious blockages, and then assume that everything that occurs within you and in your live is helping you along this path. Pray that if there are no blockages, you be given the patience, faith, and trust to enjoy your life while waiting for divine timing to occur. Assume you are not doing anything wrong.

Dear ones, assume you are not doing anything wrong.

There is such a tendency among you to feel that you have failed when things do not immediately go your way, and yet this is not the truth. When you consciously intend your dreams to come true, anticipate, and look forward to them, then in the right time and in the right way their essence will be delivered unto you. Trust until that time that all events are helping you prepare for the gifts of life that you wish to receive.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
-- The Angels



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