Don't Fear Conspiracies

Hi Dear Friends,

Surprise to me, the angels talk about conspiracy theories, how not to give your power away, and the best kept secret of all. I'll share some stories about learning to use my mind to overcome "external" challenges, and share some pointers to help you do the same.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

From time immemorial there have been theories about conspiracies. Who is controlling you? What is controlling you? Secret governments. Chem trails, 5G, vaccinations, and the list goes on. Some of these theories have a foundation in truth, for fearful souls have always tried to control others through fear. Many are simply fabrications.

We would like to share with you the most hidden fact of all upon your planet earth, namely that you are so powerful that no one or nothing can control you without you vibrationally allowing for it.

Ask yourself, "Does that statement thrill me and make me feel empowered, or does it bother me, and if it bothers me, why does it bother me?" Would you rather give your power to be happy to another, and thus also give them the power to control you? Are you frustrated because you don't know how to access your power? Have you been so deeply conditioned in believing people, substances, and other forces have power over you? Are you unknowingly addicted to control dramas because you were raised within or around them?

If so don't beat yourself up, dear ones! You are not alone. You, as a human race, are learning to reclaim your God-given power to create life as you wish it and to stand in a vibration so strong that nothing or no one can control you other than the power of Divinity that lies within you.

You are learning to attune your energy rather than exert your effort. You are learning that no force on this earth, no person, no virus, no substance has more power over you than the power of your own belief.

There have been people of such faith in God's protection that tornadoes leapt right over their houses. There have been people in the midst of wars and bombs who had such peace in their hearts they lived in love. There have been brave souls in all ages, tending to the sick whose love protected them from the illnesses they tended to.

When you were a child , at the human level people had power over you, but some day, when you truly understand the vibrational laws of the universe and the true nature of your eternal soul, you will see all of life, from conception onwards, as a dance of vibration –  not a clashing of external powers.

We implore you not to waste your precious life and breath on worrying about who or what is controlling you. Instead learn to reclaim your God-given power. Learn to use your mind to select thoughts that attune your energy towards that which you want – so powerfully that you simply do not allow that which you don't into your field.

Give thanks for your health every day and focus on it so strongly that sickness cannot overtake you. Or if you are sick,do what you know physically, and then focus on what you will do when you feel well. Give thanks for all the goodness you do have. Enjoy life as best you can, and have faith you will heal... because your soul is alreayd well, and that is the only reality you will accept.

When you think of vibrations in the universe that you don't care for, for example 5G or chem trails, it is fine to advocate for other technologies, but dear ones, don't fear them! Don't give them your power. You are Divine! What you focus upon with love is your reality. What you focus upon with fear, slowly seeps into your reality as well.

It is fine to say, "We don't want secrets" but better to say, "We want truth." It is fine to say, "We don't want this and such" but better to say, "We want something better instead." Focus on what you do want, dear friends not on what you don't. Never, ever upon your earth have you solved a problem by obsessively focusing on getting rid of something or someone.

If you fear or hate certain technologies you feed the vibration that creates them. If you fear or hate certain political parties or leaders, you feed the very ones and things you dislike with your attention and energy. If you fear or hate your ex, you give him or her a lot of free energy!

However if you love clean, helpful technologies, you empower them. If you love things that assist the body in maintaining well being, you empower that. If you send love and prayers to any political leader or any party, you empower them with greater wisdom! If you send love to your ex, or at least ignore him/her, you keep your power to yourself!

Empower your solutions and desired situation with love! Don't give away your energy in anger, fear, or hatred to that which do not want to see. You don't mean to, but many of you are unknowingly empowering the very things you'd like to be rid of through such strong negative attention.

Far better to empower what you DO want to see with strong loving attention, which is far more powerful.

Dear ones, the only "conspiracy theory" worth focusing upon is the "conspiracy of love" for love is the greatest secret in the universe. You live and breathe it. You swim in it. You are made of it. You are connected by it. Set your sights there. Focus upon what you do love, what you can love. Love yourself as often and thoroughly as you can by accepting yourself without condition even as you grow. Love others as much as you can.

Someday, when you truly embrace your God-given power to create a loving reality by enjoying love here and now, and dreaming of what you love with faith in it coming in perfect timing, then dear ones you will be able to live and let live without worry, because nothing or no one will ever be able to control you again.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Wow, that wasn't what I expected the angels to talk about! They've never rambled about conspiracy theories before. I personally tend to avoid the topic, not because I'm naive but because my philosophy is that God is God and I don't wish to "worship false idols" by giving my power away. I still do, in many subtle ways. I catch myself all the time. However, when I can avoid doing so, I will.

I've seen one too many "miracles" to believe we are powerless. Years ago a dear friend was house sitting in CA when she awakened from a nap to see towering walls of a wildfire approaching. She started hosing down the roof, realized the futility of it all and just sat and prayed. She lost consciousness and woke up a block away, just fine, with no one around. The house was spared.

I recall a news story that came in during the tsunami of 2006. A man rushed to load 28 orphans into his boat. He saw the tsunami coming and, remembering that Jesus had calmed the seas, prayed, and miraculously all lived.

I've seen people whose faith has healed them of fatal diseases, financial disasters, and even seemingly irreconcilable differences with others, the last being the hardest to accomplish since it takes relentless unconditional love and patience, often for decades.

In my own life I try every day to live in a way that is harmonious to my body and current lessons, but at the same time not give my power away by fearing things. I try to focus on what I truly want rather than what I don't. It really makes a difference.

For example, several years ago I had a horrid case of shingles, feared it and got it a few more times! Not fun. The turning point was when I broke out on both wrists with it (looked like shackles!) the night before I was scheduled to fly out and speak at a conference three days later.

I had a choice. Freak out, get worse, cancel my speaking engagement, or deal, send it love and heal before I spoke. I chose the miracle! I bandaged up the wrists in apple cider vinegar soaked gauze and pictured myself speaking three days later with clean wrists. I did eat the right things, take the right supplements, etc., but instead of having this for six week, it WAS gone in three days and I spoke bandage free! Now if I see a little patch popping up I simply say, "It'll be gone by tomorrow" put on a little lysine ointment on to soothe, and it is gone within a day or two. Belief is an amazing thing.

I don't care for every regulation that I must live with or everything I must do to function in society but what I can't change, I embrace with love and without fear. I can't control chem trails or even offensive perfumes in a crowd, but I can put "filters in my aura" so I don't take in unwanted frequencies, and I can strongly remember a scent I prefer so as to avoid disempowering myself with overreactions. Likewise, I don't enjoy doing taxes, but if I want to embrace a frequency of abundance, I need to focus on the joy that I can "share!" rather than grumbling about having to!

Likewise, I don't focus on conspiracies. I don't have time. They exist. So do a lot of other undesirable things. I don't like all the food at the buffet, as the angels remind me, but I don't give the unpleasant dishes my power! I simply select the ones I do like. I'm working in my own life, one thought at a time, to focus on the things that make me feel good, enliven me, and empower me. It truly is a much happier reality.

I'd rather do my spiritual exercises in my head, than allow difficult lessons to play out in my outer world. Am I perfect at it yet? Nope! Nonetheless, every thought gives me a choice, and with every good feeling thought I choose, reality gets better, and better!

Here are a few pointers how to focus more on what you do want, when the mind wants to runaway focusing on what you don't.

1. Say "STOP" when you have a runaway mind

When my mind is spinning around on something negative or fearful and I really want to think better thoughts, I will literally say "STOP!" to my thoughts. If I can say it out loud, I do. If not I say it inwardly. Just interrupting the brain-loop can effectively give you a chance to become more conscious, breathe, and choose a higher, happier thought.

2. Focus on what you want or at least on high vibe thoughts

The more often you fantasize, daydream, and allow yourself to happily think of what you want (without focusing on the fact that it isn't here yet!) the more you raise your vibe and empower desired realities.

For example, if you want a relationship and you think about it with joyous anticipation, that's the right vibe. If you think about how it will solve your loneliness, not so much.

If you want health and you dream of all the fun you'll have when you have it, great vibe! If you feel bad about where you are now, or impatient, not such a great vibe.

If you focus on all the fun things you'll do with money and give thanks for everything you have now until you feel wildly abundant, that's a great vibe. If you focus on what you can't do not, not helpful.

If you focus on the freedom of your spirit to create, the joyous power inside of you and the fact that the creator of universes is in charge, that feels great! If you focus on fearing controlling souls or organizations, the puts you at a disadvantage.

If you can't create a high vibe thinking about what you want, then just focus on any high vibe thoughts. You'll know they're high vibe because they make you feel good. For example, thinking of hiking, cooking, animals, music, people I love, or meditating are high vibe thoughts for me!

3. If you feel afraid, comfort yourself in a healthy way

If fear is gripping you, give yourself a hug or get one from a loved one. There is nothing like comforting touch – yours or others – to biologically calm the fight/flight reaction. Breathe slowly and deeply. That does it too. Wrap a blanket around you and ask the angels for comfort. Talk to your inner child with love. Call a friend. Use a therapeutic modality like hypnosis (there are inexpensive hypnosis downloads at Nurture yourself kindly and slowly the fear will cease.

We were all raised in a world where we were taught to fear outside forces that could control us. We are all learning a deeper truth as we move into 5D thinking. Some day in the future children will be taught to train their minds to think good thoughts, from a young age and what a glorious, harmonious, happy, healthy world that will be!

Until then, may the Faith be with you – because faith is a force, that moves mountains, and certainly creates realities that you'll love to live!

After all, you are nothing less than a wave of light upon an ocean of love – eternally connected to and empowered by that Source of all!

Love you all!



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