Don't Miss The Moment...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Every moment of your life is precious. Don’t waste it in worry. Don’t waste it in fear, anger, or anything less than what gives your heart joy. We know human life is not easy. We know there will be times when you are worried, fearful, or upset.  But even in these moments dear ones, you can add love. You can comfort yourself. You can pray. You can remind yourself that you are not responsible for the entire universe nor can you, even with the best of intentions, control anyone else’s choices.  You can, however, choose love. You can choose joy. You can, no matter what, choose to look for the gifts and blessings in each moment.

There are so many things around you to remind you that you are loved. The sun rises each day to warm you and give you life. The created designed such a vast and magnificent universe! You can rely on the planets revolving around the stars in patterns that are predictable enough to grow the food on your tables!  That same creator can surely handle your life. Give your problems in faith to the Divine that loves you. Give you worries and fears to the Divine. Unburden your hearts every night before bed by talking to the very Love that breathes life into you.  You are cherished beyond any human ability to comprehend.

Life is happening now. Each moment is precious. Look for the gifts, the miracles, and the blessings. Look for the goodness in human hearts. You are all doing your best. Picture your dear ones happy, healthy, abundant. Picture the best possible outcomes for your life. Each moment is a gift. While life may feel tedious and burdensome at times, here is the heavens some day, you will see each moment’s value and precious beauty.

We love you dear ones. This moment, in our conversation with you is precious to us. Now is all we ever have.  Right now, breathe deeply… we are holding you all very tenderly in our hearts

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

Hi Everyone,

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”  It doesn’t take something big to take your breath away. The dewdrops on the leaf in this week’s photo stole my breath. A miraculous universe existed in that small space.

This week the angels have been talking a great deal about how precious each moment truly is.  These dewdrops on the photo above last for such a short time and yet they’re magical!  If I had not slowed down to look around and see them, I would have missed a chance to shift my energy into a sweet space of wonder.  

Perhaps these moments mean more to me than many because I live with a constant awareness of life’s temporary nature. Dealing with death is part of my life.  I know, that no matter how long we live, life is temporary. I also know better than to take a breath – or a loved one – for granted. The only thing we regret at the end of our lives is missing opportunities to love ourselves or others.

As I’ve talked to deceased loved ones I’ve marveled that some, although young, had no regrets whatsoever. They lived their lives fully and completely, doing what gave them joy, relating to people in a loving way, helping others. These bright spirits so easily find their place among the angels in heaven. Then there are others, who sadly regret not spending more time doing what they loved or being with those they loved. In heaven there is complete acceptance and understanding. You feel unconditionally loved, but you can also see, very objectively, what you missed.

And so the dying have taught me to live. Whether I am joyous or crying a river , I know there is beauty in feeling and loving so deeply.  I treasure the sounds of beautiful music, the hum of the bees, and the birdsong that welcomes each new day. I value the sun knowing its nothing short of miraculous that a self-generating star can warm my face every morning. I look for dewdrops, savor raindrops, and do my utmost to not take the goodness on this earth for granted.

It is not always easy. I don’t always appreciate the moments when faced with pain or challenge. Nonetheless, the minute I can get back to that practice, the energy shifts. Everything starts to get immediately better.

So this week try your best to look for the everyday grace and beauty around you. It is true we live in a world with a lot of misunderstanding and darkness, but we also live in a world where there are miracles in our coffee cup, and shining brightly in the sky overhead.  Savor the moments. Take sweet sips from life’s sweetness.  Now is all we have.

Have a blessed week. I love you all!


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