Embrace It All

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Rejoice when you find things within yourself that you think are less than perfect, less than loving, less than beautiful! Rejoice because now you have found areas in your spirit that are in need of love! No longer are they lurking in the darkness controlling you quietly and subtly. Instead they are coming to the surface saying to you, “Look at me! Love me! Transform me!”

Suppose you have said something unkind or insensitive. Perhaps you have done this unconsciously many times in your life, but suddenly you notice. You feel badly. Rather than beating yourself up, celebrate! You’ve seen something within you in need of love. Breathe deeply. Go inside of yourself. Ask the part of you that was less than kind, “What do you need? What do you really want to say?” and then wait for an answer. Every little part within you that you would judge is simply in need of love.

Suppose you have a health challenge. Again go inside and ask the parts of you that are diseased or in pain, “What do you need? What function do you serve? How are you trying to help me?” Acknowledge the service. Bless it. Thank it. Everything, and we repeat, everything, that arises within you is attempting to serve a loving purpose… no matter how strange or unbelievable that might sound.

So dear ones, this week strive to notice the things inside of yourself that you would judge. Ask these facets of yourself how they are attempting to love you, or how they are attempting to seek love. See if you can’t find kinder ways to fill those needs. And in so doing, you bring all that is dark, misunderstood, in pain, or in illusion within you to the surface, to be transformed in the light of the love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message From Ann

My journey with the angels over the last 18 years has been one of incredible self-acceptance. Just when I think I’ve accepted everything within me, something more comes to the surface for me to love. In truth this is our journey here upon the earth - to realize that we are made of love and that everything in us, no matter how crazy is attempting to find its way back to love. So is everything outside of us as well.

Just last week I found more that I was judging within. I’ve had fibroids for nearly a decade now. They are harmless tumors that can create a lot of discomfort from time to time. My mom had them. My grandma had them. And although I refuse to accept that our biology is our fate, I know that the emotional patterns we accept from our lineage can certainly recreate the biology we are predisposed to bear. When we change the pattern, we can change the biology.

For years, when I was pushing myself without mercy, they were horrible and huge, and I was in pain three weeks out of the month. Over the past several years, I’ve worked with them as energy, created a life in balance for the most part, enjoyed the work of miracle healers… and as a result they have shrunk to the point where they’re not an issue. However, from time to time, when I get off balance, they flare up. It amazes me that something can grow and shrink so quickly in response to my energy. The body is an incredible refection of our energy field, and mine seems to change on a dime.

After a recent period of all work and no play, they became uncomfortable again and I got irate and started judging them. “I hate those things! I wish they’d just go away!” I was on a tirade for a few minutes until the angels gently reminded me that only love can heal anything. They reminded me that I created these things and I could uncreate them as well. They were, of course, right!

I called upon my sense of humor and got creative. I decided to name these little tumors and make friends with them. I went into a meditation and promptly asked them to give me their names. Would you believe it? I heard two names and when I looked up their meaning, both meant “warrior.” Seriously! I laughed so hard. And like hardened warriors, these two little tumors inside of me thought they were there to protect me… to let me know when I was doing something that didn’t serve my own well being! Never mind that they were loving me to the point of pain, these little energies were attempting to help! And in truth they only became painful when I forget the softer, feminine side of my being. They only grew when I was pushing myself, instead of relaxing into the flow of life. They were my teachers.

I went deeper into meditation. I thanked these two little warrior energies for letting me know every time I got off balance. I told them they had done good work and and I would listen from now on. I immediately took a few days the following weekend to immerse myself in the feminine side of the energy - just relaxing, eating well, laying by the pool, and pampering myself. I embrace “being” instead of “doing,” yin instead of yang. The website waited. The show waited. Emails waited. I got strong guidance about certain exercises that always help. And suddenly these little warriors shrank in size and are no longer bothering me at all! They serve a purpose, so I’ve learned to love them for that. And the more I love them, the more they dissolve.


In my reality, “miracles” are what happen when I let love flow to those areas of my mind, body, soul, and life that I have not loved.

So this week, try to accept who you are in this moment, and all that exists within you… for it all serves a purpose. Accept who you’ve been. Love the things you’ve created and ask them how they are seeking to love you. And then, in the very next breath, decide who you want to become. That is the quickest way to evolve, transform, and create a kinder reality for everyone… you included :)

Have a beautiful week, embracing ALL that is within, transforming it with love!

Love you!



queens4freedom 5th June 2014 9:06 am

WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! the women in my family experience similar that we hoped to understand & heal. it's a challenge in this pushy world of DOING! AH! to be a gentle, divine BEING!!! PEACE, LOVE, JOY & PROSPERITY TO ALL!!!

Dls 6th June 2014 7:19 am

Ann, thank you for giving me another way to look at this. I am in your boat, as well, and I have definitely noticed the pain going from minuscule to great with regard to stressors in my life. I always believed mine were protecting me from having a child, who would have been born broken. Even after 2 medications and 2 surgeries, I am considered to be "unexplained infertility," which at this point, I have embraced as God's protection/love. But re: the pain itself, I will try your method of meditation. Thanks, again, and God Bless!


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