Embracing 2016 with Love

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you take time to look back at the year behind you, our wish is that you would bask in your success. Each one of you has worked very hard to bring more love into your lives. Whether you have done so through joyful pursuit, or angry outbursts, because you desire better treatment, we know that what lies beneath all things, all feelings, all efforts, is love. Love is ever-present – in your old year, your new year, your old you, your new you, in every breath, and everyever-changing "now."

Love is what lives inside of you and gives you life. Love is what is trying to surface through the the veneer and shell of illusions and lies that try to tell you you are unloved. Love is trying to break through the misunderstandings between you and others and is trying to guide each and every one of you to connect with your heart of hearts.

So as you look back at your proud moments, celebrate! You have allowed love to break through the icy surface of fear and thaw those areas within that were once frozen! You have found the inner light and become the sun that shines upon the hearts of others and brings it warmth into a world in need.

As you look back at your not-so-proud moments, be compassionate with yourself. You were trying. You were seeking love.

Perhaps you got ill this year. Your body was trying to gently whisper... "Listen, love is trying to reach you and through misunderstanding you were a little blocked to its flow."

Perhaps you went through a breakup this year and love was whispering, "I have better for you. You tend to settle for so much less than I would give you."

Perhaps you lost someone this year and are feeling sad. Even there love is whispering in your heart, "I have not left you, for I cannot leave you. My form changes, but my existence is ever-present for you, in all of creation. Your loved ones rest in the truth of their greater being and are with you now in ways that are so glorious and beautiful you cannot even imagine."

Perhaps you didn't turn into the person you wanted to be at this time last year. Love is whispering, "Its OK. It's now. We have eternity and I'll never give up on you."

Dear ones, Breath! Receive! We love you. The love that gives birth and life to all creation and to you, right here, right now in this breath is trying to bubble up from within you, embrace you, and pour itself into the hearts of a waiting world – a world that has, in may ways, forgotten its nature, forgotten to nurture, forgotten that connection is more important than correction, and that the illusions of your differences are nothing more than a quilt that is the grand,glorious, and beautiful cloak of God.

Happy New Year! Celebrate the Love that lives within you, no matter how it has been expressed in the passing year. Our wish for you in the new year is that you can each experience the beautiful and breathtaking truth of your being, and allow this Love to guide you in every breath of your life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

The angels sent so much love to you as I channeled their message today, that it reduced me to tears. I hope you can feel the energy behind the words.

Every year, on New Year's Eve, I take time to look back as the angels have taught me, to appreciate what I've done well and to acknowledge Love's attempts to surface in those things I'm not so proud of. It has been a year of deep growth, challenge, beauty, and change for me.

I finished filming 84 episodes of Ann & the Angels this spring and can't believe how much we managed to pack into 21 months of filming. Looking back. I feel I've got my life's work to date online now, at least the core of it, guiding people through seven series that take them on a spiritual journey into Oneness. I couldn't be happier with what I've heard back from viewers in terms of the miracles and shifts in their perspectives and their lives.

I got redirected more into the gazing than I thought I ever would. That energy still continues to scour my soul clean of illusions. In fact, the reason I take breaks from gazing online from time to time is that I am going deep within, dealing with the spiritual, physical, and emotional detoxes that such beautiful light seems to catalyze within me. I want to be a pure and clean vessel to the best of my ability and my body continues to be forged to allow for that.

The desire to know the Divine intimately has grown ever stronger this year, and with it has come a commitment to love relentlessly. Being upset is now a driving call to love more deeply. Being uncomfy in my body is simply a wake up to examine where I am blocking love. Being anything less than joyful is a reminder that I'm not in truth at the moment.

I've embraced, more deeply than ever this year, the power of being present to my heart and my joy in order to turn everything around in a heartbeat.

I've had human fun too! Through the generosity of others, I've travelled with free airline passes to meet out-of-state friends for lunch and flown back the same day! I've hiked waist-deep in crystal waters miles from anyone with just the glorious silence and beauty of nature around me. I've played with butterflies, hosted a visiting coyote in my backyard, enjoyed celebrations with dear friends, and walked for miles on the beach in stillness until I merged with the ocean and felt as if allof life was making love to my soul.

I've struggled as well - to release my expectations of life and others. I've gotten my stomach all twisted up over unkindness, and relaxed deeply when I forgave what never even needed forgiveness. I've chosen to be kind to myself when others have not. I have worked very hard to focus more on being loving, and loving myself, than to focus on people and situations in the world that are less than loving.

I can't wait to see what the new year brings. I have big dreams, things I want to experience and contribute. We shall see how life unfolds. As always, I dance between my human desires and the calling within, and look forward to seeing where this marriage of human and spirit will take me!

Here are a few tips to embrace the past year and open to the next...

1. List 5 (or 500!) Things You are Proud of This Year
Self Appreciation Tunes you into Divine Love

Make a list of all you feel good about this year. It can be grand, like getting a degree or getting married, or it can be "tiny" in the eyes of the world – holding the door for a stranger, giving change to the person in line at the grocery store, or choosing to love yourself when you didn't feel so great. It can be cleaning out a drawer that bothered you or building a house. Scale does not matter. What matters is looking back at those moments where you chose to love yourself orcontribute something to life. I bet you can come up with a very long list if you try!

2. List 5 things you wish you could do better & Acknowledge the Love
Love is attempting to surface even in our painful & ungraceful moments

Looking back over the year, find a few things you didn't enjoy, didn't feel proud of, or want to change. Before resolving to change, first take time to appreciate and acknowledge the fact that love was trying to surface. Can you find it?

In pain, for example, there is a need to slow down and look at what the body needs. In sadness is a need for comfort. In anger is a need for change. In all those situations that didn't work, love is whispering...

3. What would you like your life to look like this time next year
Dreaming opens the door to guidance & miracles

Let yourself go... What would you LOVE your life to look like this time next year? Are you committed to it? You don't even have to know how to get there, but are you committed to focusing on this to exclusion of doubt, fear, discouragement, etc? Are you willing to believe? Are you willing to spend a few minutes each day imagining, feeling, breathing it in? Are you willing to act when guided... If the answer is yes, get ready for the loving ride of your life!

I give thanks for a year well lived, a year where all of us witnessed a world in fear, a world of change, a world in which Love is attempting to surface through the chaos. We can find peace in simply acknowledging this love, focusing on it, and breathing it in.

I wish you all the Most Magical & Miraculous New Year that you can dream, and an experience of Divine Love beyond your wildest dreams. I love you all so much and appreciate our journey together.

Happy New Year!




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