Embracing Challenge and Fear

Hi Dear Friends,

Sometimes life is easy, sometimes challenging and fearful. Today the angels talk about embracing the challenges to receive the love beneath them, and I'll share the story of my latest deep dive as well as tips to handle your own challenges and fears.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

This message is going to be short because we want to honor the channel. She is in need of rest and yet she wants so very much to get the weekly message to to all of you. She has been going through some very tough and courageous growth these past few weeks. We're going to let her explain that to all of you in her own words and we are asking her not to delete this paragraph.

Each and every one of you upon the earth is here to grow ever closer to the understanding of your unity with the creator and one another. Each one of you has times of glorious flow, and times where the growth you are on earth to do propels you into seeming chaos. Yet, even in these seeming times of chaos, you will see in retrospect, that a greater order was emerging in you life, and a greater understanding of the beauty, the truth, and the light that you are rising up from within.

Each of you is like a diamond, polished at times by the gentle touch of life's sweetness and at other times, made brilliant and strong by the challenges life offers. Each circumstance in life is your opportunity to more clearly know the God within, the love within, and the light within.

Your are all striving to re-experience your indelible connection to the Love of the Divine that gives you life.

When you face financial fear, you are forced to discover your true abundance in order to create more. When you face health challenges, you are forced to surrender, care for yourself, listen to your guidance, and release old fears or negative emotions that block health from flowing in your life. When you face relationship challenges, you are learning to love and accept yourself first, and then to forgive others for "they know not what they do."

In each seemingly unloving circumstances, you are being driven ever closer to a deeper love of God, self, and others.

So when you find yourself in times of challenge, rather than panicking and trying to figure out your own solutions, sit, breathe, receive our love, and then trust that the very power that creates universes – given your faith, trust, and surrender, will also assist you in returning your life to greater order. With faith and focus on the outcome you desire, you will be guided gently and kindly to your solutions.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Three weeks ago I was in a glorious state of heavenly bliss. I'd just gazed. I went up north and was able to enjoy a beautiful hike. I spent hours in prayer for the planet and every one of you, and nature even put on a blissful display of a huge heart cloud with the sun shining behind it when I ended my reverie with the Divine. I was on top of the world.

I really felt serious about wanting to deepen my union with God. I made a statement to the effect of "If there's anything in me blocking me from feeling God's love more deeply, I want it out by the roots." I forgot to say "joyfully and gently."

I broke out two nights later in a gum, jaw, and tooth infection that was so quick spreading, painful, and terrifying I was shaking in fear all night. I knew it was serious. I felt it creeping into my head and by morning I felt like a chipmunk whose cheeks were stuffed.

I was very well cared for. Loving doctors got me on a heavy dose of antibiotics. A dear friend picked them up for me just to make sure I got on them sooner rather than later. Out of the blue, some of you psychic folks sent me dear, encouraging gifts without even knowing why. I needed them. During the weekend, I did nothing but rest. I witnessed God's love everywhere, and yet I couldn't stop shaking with fear. I did what I know to do... I dove inward.

I literally took my consciousness into each tooth and sent light into the areas of infection. I saw many terrifying past lives where I'd died painfully. I felt the fear, that was trying to tell me, in spite of all rational thought, that it might happen again. I surrendered, rested, watched videos of Braco, Amma Karunamayi, meditated, prayed, and slowly started to stare these fears down, one by one. I chose life... again. I chose healing.

I talked with the angels through a dear friend and the told me I really had stirred up everything inside of me that represented my fear and upset with being attacked time and again – physically – in past lives, and spiritually/emotionally, in this one as well. They were right. I did fear pain, even though I've faced it time and again. And while I'd always offered love to those who attacked me I had stuffed a torrent of tears. I let them come to the surface and cried for hours. With each bout of release, I felt better.

The angels reassured me it would all be well but told me I'd need a root canal. That struck more fear into my heart! I told them I wanted a miracle. They told me if I had absolute faith I could have one but that I had too much fear at the present moment.

So I resolved to face those fears. I immediately scheduled an appointment with my dentist and a tentative root canal, pending the exam. I surrendered to God completely. I used all my will power to get control of my mind. I got present, started giving thanks for everything and everyone. I blessed the infection. I blessed the dentists. I blessed the dear souls who had assisted me. I prayed, "OK God, I'll face my fears and get this root canal. May all who work upon me be your hands, mind, and heart. May this be an incredibly loving experience. May I feel your presence through the whole thing!" I felt God's love flowing once again, deeply in my heart. I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally I was present and knew everything would be alright.

Within minutes I was called back for xrays. My dentist looked at them, looked at me, and told me I didn't need a root canal at this time! I looked at the xray and the teeth looked well rooted and fine. I was sent home with a warning to come back if the infection erupted again. I think I had my miracle. Talk about manifesting in the flow of grace! I am continuing to heal and am holding steady in my faith :)

The challenges do strengthen us. They reveal our areas of illusion and they drive us, out of necessity, deeper into our light if we are willing to embrace their true purpose. I hadn't even known I was harboring such deep fear of attack, pain, and suffering. It came up, by the roots, literally and spiritually. It wasn't easy to face. Nonetheless, the help was there unceasingly throughout the entire process.

Ironically, my old computer which had been in the shop was ready for me to pick up the very same day I had my good news. I got control of my biological mind and my electronic brain returned too... cosmic humor!

In all challenges, God is with us. The light is there. The love is there. The guidance is there. It is only our job to go within and connect, wait for guidance and do our best to love life as we can while we are being slowly and gracefully moved towards a more loving experience of life.

Here are some pointers to help you in challenging and fearful times of life:

1. Do anything possible to return your energy to peace

Life's challenges can easily send us into the fight/flight/fear mode. For many the first reaction is either to freeze or to spin into high gear trying to solve the problem. That's fine if you know how. When you don't however, or even if you do, the best first course of action is to find peace in the midst of the chaos.

Literally sit and breathe slowly and deeply. Meditate if you can. Ask God to rise up within you. Ask your angels to harmonize your energy. If you are afraid, breathe slowly in and even slower out. Listen to beautiful music. Watch inspiring videos on youtube.

See if you can just sit with the fear and realize it won't kill you. Its just a fragment of your soul or psyche that is freaking out and trying to protect you.

You are safe in God's arms.

2. Appreciate everything you can

In the midst of challenges, there is still so much love to be seen and appreciated in life. In the midst of a bad infection, with a broken computer, a dead vacuum and news that a dear friend may be dying, I still saw so much love. Loving souls helped. License plates like HUGS2U showed up in front of me. The yard is blooming and the clouds are beautiful.

Remember, your challenges might seem like they loom over your entire life, but in truth they are just a passing adventures in a life with so much else to appreciate. Contrary to popular opinion, there is much to love and enjoy even when things aren't easy.

True appreciation elevates the soul and will help you hear your guidance more easily.

3. Bless the Challenge & Focus forward

Even before you have the gift of hindsight to see how you've grown, trust you are growing. Bless the challenge. Thank it for teaching you. That isn't easy in the throes of it, but do your best. Bless the solution before it happens. Focus on it with confidence. As the angels said through my friend Summer Bacon, "Walk by faith, not by sight." I knew they meant focus on the solution I wanted in faith, not on what was currently going on. It really works.

I pray your life is going smoothly and gracefully. If not, know you are loved, guided, cared for, and that, if you're willing, you will emerge from whatever is going on stronger, happier, and more connected than ever before.

Love you all!



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