Endless Possibility...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There are so many ways that your life can change for the better. Even using all your human resources you can conceive of so very few. If you try to solve your own problems you will employ ways you have already learned, ways you've heard of or read, or perhaps ways recommended by others. You might even use your Internet to find solutions.

While that might seem like an abundance of options to you, the Divine dwells in infinite possibility. With all the solutions you could discover using human thinking, these are but a tiny segment of the infinite number of ways in which your reality could shift.

Never limit yourself to only what you know how to achieve for as you know, with God all things are possible.

Your heart beats and your lungs breathe and yet most of you have a rudimentary understanding of how this takes place. You know that the rains fall, the sun shines, and yet how many of you know the mechanisms by which these occur? The flowers bud in the spring. The gardens grow.

You are surrounded by miracles every day and yet when a challenge arises in your life, or a dream seems out of reach, it is all too human and very easy to forget that the same creator that watches over the coordination of universes can assist you in your life.

Dear ones, dwell in possibility. Allow yourself to dream the dreams in your heart. Allow yourself to believe that there are miraculous solutions to your challenges. With God, and with faith, all things are possible. Breathe. Believe. Receive.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

When I was a little girl I wrote a short story and read it to my first-grade class, about how my daddy accidentally made me eat shrimp tails. He thought I was fussing when I was whining that my shrimp were tough, and had no clue I was trying to eat the shells! Needless to say I chewed and chewed after he told me to eat my dinner and he was horrified later when he found out what had transpired. At least I got my calcium!

Back to the story, my first-grade class loved the story and something in me knew right then and there that I was going to write books someday. I didn't have a clue how or when. I was a child and as most children know... anything is possible.

That vision drove me throughout the years. I wrote poetry in notebooks when I was bored. I taught myself to type in sixth grade and wrote mystery stories. A friend and I spent one-grade school summer writing what we thought was a brilliant book about her cat, found the "Writer's Market" at a local library and submitted our hand typed manuscript to a publisher. We got a pretty detailed rejection from the poor editor who had to read it, and decided she just didn't appreciate our brilliance!

Even as an engineer I knew I would write. I dreamed up books about the uprising of the corporate masses. I wrote a daily newsletter to keep hundreds of engineers at Honeywell and Boeing coordinated. I journaled. Ever-present in the back of my mind, the resolve to write a book never left me. I knew what I wanted, but not how it would happen.

The summer after I quit my engineering career I wrote my first real book, sent it to publishers... and got rejected again! They kindly told me I had no experience speaking in my field and therefore was not a salable author.

So I waited. When other books arrived in my awareness, I wrote them and one day, with the press of a "Submit" button on a self-publishing website, I turned into an "official" author. Within a year life conspired to push me further out in public, and I was speaking at conferences with famous authors.

I never dreamed this is how it would look. I had such a small vision looking back. I just wanted to write a book. God gave me a life working with angels, an international family of light, the urge to finish three books and many more brewing within me, a newsletter written weekly for nearly 15 years, speaking engagement, and now even this gazing that is happening. I never imagined this. It is far better than I would have ever asked for.

You never have to know how something will come about in your life. Just focus on dreaming the "what" into existence, and let the Creator figure out the "how." The Divine mind is brilliant, contains all possibilities, and offers so much more richness of life than any scheme the mind could ever conceive for achieving our goals or solving our problems.

Truly, all things are possible with God.

Here are a few pointers to help you remember that all things are possible...

1. When you have a challenge or a dream, write down at least fifty ways it might come about - ranging from the practical to the ridiculous.

Years ago I made a new friend. I asked the angels how it would turn out. They made me laugh by giving me a huge list of possibilities. They told me we could be best friends for life. I could insist I wanted someone to take care of me, fall out of a tree, and have him help me. We could get eaten by bears... Those were some of the more outlandish ones! The point was that anything could be created depending on our free will and choices.

Suppose you need to pay a bill you don't know how to pay... I've seen these scenarios: A friend of a friend who doesn't even know you pays for it. A relative pays for it. The bill is forgiven, delayed, restructured. You win money. You sell something you forgot you had. You sell something you knew you had but didn't think you could sell and don't miss it. A relative or friend dies and leaves you money. You forgot you stashed money somewhere ten years ago...

You get the idea and while this list might not apply to you, it does illustrate just a tiny set of the vast array of solutions I've witnessed.

2. Review your life to see the many times that things worked when you didn't know how

Sometimes we need evidence from our own life. Go back and look at your life. Think of times you were challenged and didn't know how to solve something. What happened? Think of things you wanted but didn't know how to achieve that you now have or had. What happened. Let yourself be convinced by the evidence in your own life that all things are possible.

3. Read other people's stories

Go to thesecret.tv and read stories. One miracle after the next is documented there! After awhile you can't deny that the universe is pretty creative in its problem solving and manifestations.

Enjoy not knowing how occasionally. Focus on the feel of what you want. Dream of it. Then let the universe and the Creator works it magic in your life!

Love you all!



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