Everything Is Coming To The Surface!

My dear friends, we love you so very much. 

Understand that you are going through a time of tremendous growth. All that is hidden within you shall be revealed - your hopes, your dreams, your pains, your joys, your unexpressed emotions, you passions - all are coming to the surface. If you have already spent time developing an awareness of self you will weather these times much more easily. If you are unfamiliar with your own interior you may be feeling a bit out of sorts, surprised by your own feelings and reactions, or delighted by new interests.

There is great depth to each soul here upon the planet earth. There is always more to be discovered. An acorn is complete in and of itself and yet it longs to fall into the soil and grow into the mighty oak. An oak is complete in and of itself and yet it longs to bear acorns and drop them to the ground. There is an endless cycle of births within your spirit. There is an endless clearing away of the illusions until you embrace the fact that all is love. There is an endless desire to expand and grow, and to know more of the true SELF -- the Divine spark that you truly are.

As you find areas within yourself that you perhaps wish weren't there -- old angers, frustrations, intolerances, etc. please go easy upon yourselves. These are not reasons to judge yourself or reasons for guilt. Forgive yourself, release the emotions in a healthy way and move on. Seek out help if you need it and comfort in ways that truly nurture your spirit. When you find yourself feeling a little less tolerant with others, dig deep within and find greater love and pray to see greater truth -- even if you choose to move away from behaviors and personalities.

Dear ones, the deepest truth within you is that you desire to express and experience love. The soul, my dear friends seeks always to be loving -- to yourself first, and then to take that love and expand it out into the world. The souls always chooses love. The personality forgets this and becomes angry, sad, frustrated, or jealous... and yet even these are emotions are awkward attempts at self love.

Choose love dear ones. The energies upon your earth at this time are causing anything unexamined and unexpressed to come to the surface. Be kind to one another. Seek to express yourself always with love. Be gentle. Focus on your own heart and your own truth in communication with others and allow them to have their own as well. It is easy to erupt in frustration or to quake in fear at this time, but you can always calm the storms inside of you by choosing love and loving kindness.

God bless you! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels




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Ann Albers

Ann Albers is a popular spiritual instructor, angel communicator, lecturer, and author. She is a traditional Reiki master and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for modern living. Ann's passion and purpose is teaching others to tap into the power and beauty of their souls, as well as helping people connect with the love and wisdom of their angels.

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