Facing Fears

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you poured water through a dry and dirty sponge, before the water can run clean, the dirt and debris must first be washed away. So too, as the light of love continues to flood human hearts, it continues to exposes human fears.

These fears expose themselves in many different ways. For example:

  • You may feel tangible worries about areas in your own life – the bills, your family, your job, your health, etc.  
  • You may have vague feelings of anxiety or unease  
  • You may experience tension, digestive discomfort, or a feeling like static electricity in the body.  
  • You may find yourself nervously diving into frantic activity, or discover your thoughts are jumping rapidly from one concern to the next.  

If you are not experiencing any of these symptoms, celebrate because you are happily tuned into a graceful and more loving reality that the vast majority of the world right now! You are keepers of the frequency of peace.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, celebrate as well. The light is exposing to you, areas of fear, areas of illusion within your own hearts. Fear is an elusive energy, always trying to make you feel as if something terrible might happen.

Fear was originally meant only to be a warning to the primitive brain – a tiger is approaching... a snake is under the rock... a storm is coming. It was meant only to warn a human being about a very real and visceral danger. Sadly however, the human race has evolved to feed fears by imagining possible dangers to the point where they appear all too real.

Dear ones, take the opportunity when you feel any of these symptoms to say to yourself... "What do I fear?" and then keep going, asking again, "What do I fear?" Keep asking the questions until you arrive at the core of the fear, the main illusion – your own personal "original sin" – the point at which the mind "missed the mark" of spiritual truth.

For example, you may be afraid that you cannot pay the bills. If so ask yourself, "What do I fear?" Your answer is most likely that you cannot pay the bills. Imagine you could not pay the bills, "What do I fear?" You might say, "I fear being homeless!" Ask again, "What do I fear?" Your answer might be "I fear being uncomfortable." If you were uncomfortable "What do you fear?" "I fear being around people who are derelicts andaddicts," you might say. If you were, what do you fear, "I fear I will be harmed or killed!" If I were harmed or killed, "What do I fear?" Ah there, now perhaps you are getting to the core...

"That I would not be able to life the life I really want to live.... That I would die and go into nothingness... That i would have failed..."

When you can find no deeper fear, you have found a seed of love, planted deep in the darkness, waiting to be birthed into greater light.

Next ask yourself, "Given that this is what I fear, what am I committed to create?" In the case above, you might say, "I am committed to create a life I love, starting now! I am committed to exploring the idea of death so I no longer fear it! I am committed to feeling successful in my life and increasing my self love!"

Dear ones when you find your "seeds of love" planted in the darkness of your fears, you have found gold! You have found the thoughts and beliefs that control you, manipulate you, and keep you from living the lives you truly want. Embrace these. Do the work. Be brave!

As you say upon your earth, "The truth will set you free!"

God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

Around mid-July I started getting the emails. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I just feel uneasy." "I thought I was doing well but now I feel anxious all the time." "It seems like fears I thought I was over are coming back," or "What the heck is going on? I feel crazy!!"

Have you ever felt this way? Did you ever feel terrified, even though rationally, you knew you could handle life and the situations at hand? I think we've all been there.

Being human, I am not immune to fear either. Even though I've done a lot of work on myself, I knew I had something to face when the "static cling" energy started plastering itself on me the moment I awakened. I was doing my meditations, getting out in nature, and living in gratitude to the point where I could quickly switch out of the static-y, anxious vibe on the planet, but the very fact that I felt it at all told me that somewhere, I was avoiding facing my own fears. So in I went... again :)

As many of you who have been on this list know, I had a few years of incredible spiritual education, when a powerful spiritual individual sent a ton of nasty energy my way that tried to possess me. That ended when I immersed myself in deep truth while filming Series 7 of Ann & the Angels. I learned to "love my enemy" as the saying goes, although I no longerbelieve anyone is an "enemy." There are only hurting souls.

Happily, lessons learned, I've been living in peace! However, there were a lot of physical issues that needed clearing up after so many months of pounding! During that unpleasant phase my fears drew unto me twisted intestines, accidents that injured my back and neck, illnesses, allergic reactions, and a skin condition that kept creeping around my face.

I have been clearing up all these issues, feeling pretty amazing, but when I started doing the exercise, "What do I fear" I realized I had been more afraid of the physical conditions than I wanted to admit. And as a result, they acted up. In fact, on the days I gazed and had no fear, they started to disappear, and on the days I feared, they got worse. It was remarkable to see the body's almost-immediate visceral reaction to my energy. While, I've been doingall the right exercises, eating the right foods, and doing all my spiritual work, I realized the conditions were hanging on because I still had fears.

So I did as the angels suggested... "What do I fear?" The answer felt ridiculous, but I'm just being honest about what I felt, "That I'll will never ever feel wonderful again! That these conditions will never go away and I won't be able to enjoy all I once did." I dug deeper. What do I fear?" Hmm.. it sure wasn't a fear of dying! I know where I'll go!!! I wasn't afraid of not being able to eat sugar and flour. I didn'tcare. I wasn't really afraid of the skin condition making me unsightly - I know my soul is beautiful. I wasn't really that afraid of pain, having had a lot this lifetime... Something was missing.

I dug deeper. "What am I afraid of?" "I am afraid of not being able to take care of myself and failing everyone I serve... and, oh boy, I could feel the emotion welling up... here it came... I am afraid of failing God." Oh Lord! The tears that accompanied that admission, could have watered a desert! Lifetimes of tears. LIfetimes of illusion. Lifetimes of lies in believing anyone, including me, could ever fail God... which by the way, is simply notpossible!

The truth did set me free. Suddenly the discomfort seemed like such a small thing. It become easy to focus on what I jokingly called my "miles of healthy skin" Within days it began to disappear. I started to look and feel even more radiant and vibrantly healthy. False events that appeared real (F.E.A.R.) were indeed banished by the light of truth!

Here are a few tips to help you bravely find and face your fears...

1. Do the exercise... "What do I fear?"

The key is to keep asking until you really feel the core emotion. You'll know it because you'll cry, shake, or have some visceral release. Fear is stored in the body and when you get to the core you'll feel a release of some sort. If you start to physically shake, just let it shake out. If you start to cry, cry it out. Whatever starts to flow on through, let it go. Don't block the release.

A friend who is studying to be a counselor told me there's a new type of therapy called TRE (Trauma Release Therapy) where trained counselors actually help clients release the fears in the body until the person involuntarily shakes for quite some time to release it from the body.

If you start to feel like the exercise is stupid, or you need coffee, food, suddenly have to do the dishes, or any other distraction, you are getting close and the psyche is just finding ways to avoid feeling. Keep going. Don't stop there.

2. Make sure you are very honest with yourself

Don't say, "I don't know." That allows the fear to grip you, rule you, and control your life. Keep going until you reach the core. Be very honest. Sit and pray and ask for answers. Ask your angels to help. You will get there. We really do know what the fear is.

If you still have trouble, pick the first tense spot in your body that you notice. Imagine you could breathe light into it. Feel the resistance. Ask that spot, as if it has intelligence – because it does – "What are you afraid of?" This often gets the answers to start coming.

For example years ago when I had a tight jaw I asked, "What are you afraid of?" The answer came quickly, "That no one close to me will care about my feelings and what I want to share." "What are you afraid of?" "That although I help everyone else I don't matter to anyone." "What are you afraid of?" Suddenly the tension just went away! I realized that the core fear was no longer a fear at all. It was just a lie. Sometimes it is that easy!

3. After the release, be very gentle with yourself

Be sweet to yourself after a big release of fear. Take detox baths with Epsom salts (2 cups Epsom salt in one tub of water, soak for 10-12 minuets), drink lemon water, take time among soothing company or by yourself.

You are newborn after releasing fear. You've birthed yourself into a larger and more beautiful reality, but still you may feel vulnerable. Fear gives us the illusion of protection. So for awhile go easy on yourself. You may notice that you want to speak up more, treat yourself more kindly, or change other behaviors. This is normal. You are no longer enslaved by an old pattern.

So this week, be brave, face a fear or two and set yourself free. I will be sending energy all week with the intention to lovingly support any of you who choose to do this, and if you're reading this years later, tap in... this energy is for you too :)

Love you all!




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