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Hi All,

Today the angels talk about facts, truths, and the one Truth worth embracing. I'll talk about my first and last lie at the age of five and how that has shaped my view of "Truth" even when the facts in this world are hard to embrace.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is a great deal of discussion on your planet these days about truth. On a given topic, the word inspires many perspectives in many different people. You have a thirst for truth, and this thirst is one for a deeper Truth – that you live and labor in love, and that all souls, no matter how awkward or misdirected, are also attempting to live and labor in love.

No matter the "facts" of a situation, the love that lives within and beneath all creation is the deepest Truth. It is the Truth worth acknowledging, the Truth worth centering your life around, and the Truth that will keep you in a vibration above all the lower vibrational 3D-"truths" that abound.

Your quest for truth often turns into a search for the facts of a situation. What actually happened? Who did what to whom? What are the "true" motivations of another? What is "real" in your 3D world? How do you prevent a virus from spreading? Which political leader did what, and why? Why do you feel "off" sometimes and like yourself others? Is it your energy? Your digestion? Your argument with the person you'll never meet in traffic? Why? What happened? What's the truth here?...

You could spend your life, dear ones, searching for facts. While this is often a worthy quest and we would certainly never make it wrong, there is one Truth that supersedes all others – one Truth that is always worth searching for. Where is love in this situation? How can I see love and be love?

We know you deeply desire – by virtue of your involvement in the physical world  – to search for the facts of a situation. You learn from them. You evolve as a result of wanting to understand your biology, your planet, and your human nature. You find better ways of interacting with one another and the 3D world, as a result of your quest for understanding facts... when you seek those facts with loving intent.

If, however, you seek facts from a fearful or angry intent, then dear ones, no matter where you look, you will find facts to validate your fear, your anger, your suspicions, and all that you resonate with. Far better to seek the facts with loving intent born of a desire to learn, to mprove yourself and your world, and to raise yourself above duality into the Oneness of the love that lives and breathes within you all.

As you seek "truth," look first at whether or not you are seeking the "Truth" of love. Look at whether or not you intend to see through the loving eyes of the Divine, or to find fault with another. Are you seeking to find the good in a situation, and even if you see the "bad" are you willing to be part of a solution? Is your desire to validate your own fear and anger, or is it to find the facts because you love the world so much you want to improve it? Is your desire to make someone wrong, assassinate someone's character find fault, blame, etc., or rather to understand the thoughts, feelings, and dynamics that have been in place to create a better world?

When you look at the murderer and search for the facts, are you searching for understanding to help prevent such horrific events in the future of humanity, or are you searching for facts to murder this soul with your own hatred?

Dear ones, we know that as of late, the "Truth" of love we are sharing is sometimes difficult to embrace. You have been taught to hate the hateful. You have been taught to find the facts so you can find the faults, and while this may be necessary to keep your social order, why not find the facts so you can seek the soul, and discover the disconnection so you can help reconnect perhaps even one soul, or a family, community, or even a nation with love?

Certainly, you can look at the "facts" and challenge yourself to stay connected with love. No matter how difficult. It is possible. You have not been trained to do so, but your heart and soul crave this connection with love, no matter the facts of the situation around you.

There are many "truths" in your 3D world, in fact, one truth for every person in every given moment in time. That is approximately 7.8 billion truths multiplied many times in a second for the brain processes "reality" very quickly. There are so many 3D "truths" dear ones. So many facts. So many perspectives. So many interpretations.

Are we saying turn a blind eye to the facts? Not at all. We are saying, however, that when you seek the facts with a desire to see the love beneath it all, then you will find the facts that support love, and be guided to solutions to the situations that have arisen from a disconnection to love.

In the 5D paradigm of reality, always and forever, your energy matters more than your actions. The "Truth" of love that lies within and beneath all 3D facts, truths, and perspectives is the one that will lead you to a life that is born of love, created from love, and lived in love.

So seek the facts, and see the facts, and as you do so, do your best to stay aligned with your deepest Truth which is love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

My first big lie was my last. I was five years old. I found a pretty rock and fancied that "Aunt Olive," as we affectionately called the elderly neighbor that lived beneath us in our two-story apartment building, would love to see it on her window sill. The apartment was one of those old brick structures you find back east, with concrete windowsills that were wide enough to provide ample room for birds to frolic upon, and (so I thought) plenty of space for a pretty rock. I picked up the stone and hurled it upwards.

Instead of landing on the windowsill five feet above my head, the rock crashed into the basement window and shattered the glass. Horrified about how much trouble I imagined I'd be in, I immediately concocted a huge lie. "A bad man got out of a car and threw the rock so he could get in the basement and rob it but then he saw me and got back into the car and drove away." The fib got bigger with every new detail.

My parents played along, grilling me for more "facts." Finally, they told me they were going to call the police to get fingerprints off the rock and figure out how to find the man and put him in jail. I broke down in tears, wailing with remorse and terror. I didn't want to go to jail!! "I did it! It was me. It was an accident. I didn't mean it! I just wanted to surprise Aunt Olive. Don't call the police! I'm sorry. I didn't mean it..." More sobs. I was five and didn't want to spend my life in jail! (Talk about kid logic!)

"OK," they conceded continuing, "but you have to tell Aunt Olive it was you." I cried even harder. I didn't want her to be mad. They escorted me down what seemed like the world's longest flight of stairs and waited while I knocked on the door. I burst into tears again. "I threw the rock! I wanted to surprise you. I didn't mean to break the window..." I was openly wailing again.

Aunt Olive told me very kindly and seriously, that she was glad it wasn't a "bad man" who did it, glad she didn't have to call the police, and she was very proud of me for telling the truth. I'm sure that she and my parents had a good laugh at all this later, but for me that was it. No more lies. It was far too painful.

That incident taught me something wonderful. Lies are a net that we cast around ourselves and imprison ourselves with. The liar is hurting far before, and often more than the one being lied to. It has granted me far more compassion and far more ability to see the world through God's eyes. Those who lie fear their truth will not be heard. Do I like it when others lie to me? No. Can I see the love they're trying to show themselves, albeit as awkwardly as I did at age five? Yes.

Can I trust myself not to lie to myself about what I feel, so I don't have to worry about whether or not others are telling me the truth? Yes. I know what I feel. I listen to that above all else... no matter what the "facts" are that others present to me.

As an adult, especially one raised in the scientific paradigm I was taught to be factual. I'd share my feelings and hear the facts. I'd share my intuitions and be negated or validated by the facts. I was raised to believe truth is that which you can prove, or validate with concrete 3D reality. To a degree that is true. Nonetheless, our understandings of "reality" change. Today's facts may give way to tomorrow's new paradigm. As science evolves we learn new facts and come to new truths. Butter churned straight from the cow's sweet milk, was really good if you lived on the farm. In the age of margarine, it was suddenly bad for you. Today it is considered by some to be healthier than margarine. For vegans, it is not ... and so it goes.

Our 3D truths will evolve as we learn and grow and find the unique perspectives that work for each of us, but there is one Truth that is worth seeking no matter what we believe about all else, and that is the Truth of love.

When I lied at age five, my parents saw me through the eyes of love. They knew I was scared and they also knew I wasn't typically a liar. They wanted me to find my greater Truth – the truth of my own loving heart, rather than fearing the facts. It was one of those defining moments.

I heard a story this week that has gone global – about a young man who is the first one prosecuted in the recent conflict as a war criminal. He shot a 62-year-old man because he was commanded to do so. The situation is so sad, but the angels remind us that a greater Truth is calling us forward as a human race.

I prayed to see this story through the eyes of love. I was transported to what I call a "kaleidoscope view" of the situation – seeing and feeling the perspectives of so many involved all at once. I felt the underlying fear of the commanding officer, and beneath that, his underlying love for his men and mission and all he felt was worth fighting for in his perspective of the world. I felt the conscience of the young man when ordered to pull the trigger and the deep, torturous inner conflict he felt. In the flash of a second, he knew it was wrong and he also knew if he disobeyed, he risked ridicule, dishonorable discharge, imprisonment, death, or possibly putting the lives of his troops at risk. If he obeyed he had to disconnect from his spirit. In a moment reminiscent of Kylo Ren putting his tortured heart aside to kill his father Han Solo in the Star Wars saga, he pulled the trigger. The elderly man immediately transitioned into the light and bliss of heaven. The young one transitioned into a living hell. That moment will haunt him for the rest of his life. He apologized to the widow and told her he knew she could not forgive. My heart weeps for both the widow and the warrior. My soul is encouraged to see the world waking up to the loving truth that in such conflicts, no one wins.

So while we want to know the truth of a situation, there are many windows through which we can view any given set of facts. It benefits us to pick the cleanest window, the one in which we can see clearly through the eyes of love and compassion. It benefits us to see the "Truth" that – whether horrid or beautiful – all souls are trying to let the love that lives within them them come to the surface.

Seeing this Truth frees your energy, raises your vibration, and ultimately brings the Truth of Divine love into your flow and your life, no matter what anyone else is doing.

Some souls act with such disconnection from love that we call their actions evil. Some act with such alignment to love that we call them masters. Nonetheless what lives within and beneath all beings and all things, all actions, and all words is nothing less than love trying to push its way through the blockages and barriers to the surface, so each soul can eventually feel, see, and ultimately embody the love from which we are made.

Here are a few tips to help you embrace the Truth of love even when the facts and 3D truths aren't so pretty....

1. Prefer being happy to being right

It is an old adage, "Would you rather be happy or be right?" Many times being right doesn't make you happy. You may be right about the ex stealing from you but does that focus make you happy? The angels once told me, in such a situation to focus on God's abundance instead. That Truth of Love changed my life and got me in a flow where I could make more than I lost at the hands of and old boyfriend who wasn't so honest.

You may be right about how hateful and hurtful actions are in the world, but does it make you happy to stay stuck on that focus? Instead, acknowledge it –  these things are happening, but then ask yourself, how can I focus on the good in the world? Better yet, how can I contribute to it?

While you may be right about a great many unpleasant facts and 3D truths, there is always a greater Truth available - love. You can focus on the cause you love rather than the problems you hate. You can focus on the people doing good rather than those doing harm. You can focus on loving yourself even when others don't. You can focus on beautiful nature when other things bother you. The angels never tell us to pretend the sad things and sad people in the world don't exist. They urge us however to turn our sights towards God, good, and all that is love.

2. Love even when you can't like

Love and like are two very different things. The angels have worked with me for years on this. You can love a buffet but you don't like everything on it. You can love a soul and totally dislike their beliefs or behaviors. You can love the right for all to find their path to love but also like and prefer your own smooth and grace-filled path.

No one in the heavens is asking us to like the unloving behaviors and unloving situations, the lies, and the violence. The heavens are simply asking us to acknowledge that all souls have a right to be and to learn in this great vibrational dance and if we stay in our own vibe, then we need not attract those in vibrations we'd rather not dance with.

3. Pray to see through the eyes of the Divine

More and more I pray and ask a simple question, "God how do you see this situation or this person? Angels how do you see this." Then I temporarily set my own ideas aside, breathe, and wait for insight. Soon I am seeing through a kaleidoscope view - through the multiple perspectives of various people involved.

Even more loving - ask to see yourself right here and now through the eyes of God. You will be moved to tears. Imagine you are backing up above your body and personality and looking through the ever-loving, ever compassionate eyes of your angels. It is hard to be hard on yourself in this space. You'll find a tender love for yourself and the more you ask for this, the more you'll be able to live in a Truth worth embracing – you are born in love, live in love, and strive always, no matter how awkwardly to be that love.

So does everyone else.

There are a lot of sad things going on in the world. There are also so many beautiful things going on. So many people are kind, loving, generous, and caring. Miles off the trail in the middle of the woods I run into a lady that helps people die with love and dignity. At the thrift store meet a healer who happens to love reading as much as I do, and shares with me a find she has learned I'd like. In a local shop, the shy young girl at the cash register with a pierced nose and colorful dyed streaks in her hair is one of the sweetest little angels I'd hope to meet. People hold doors open for me at the gas station, and I return so much genuine gratitude they feel an acknowledgment for their souls.

I can't stop global conflicts, but I can embrace the Truth of an eternal love that lives within and beneath us all by looking for it, expecting it, and sharing it as often as I can. In those cases where I witness or run into those who have a sad disconnection from love, I do what I need to do to take care of myself and have healthy boundaries, but I also pray for all involved and focus on the light within.

Seeking the Truth of this love is a definite way to feel good, God, and the eternal flow that ultimately carries all souls into the Ocean of love. I do love knowing the facts of most situations, but more so I love seeing the love beneath.

Have a beautiful week :)


N.i.kk.3V3 30th May 2022 4:41 pm

I d' like to say something from my male perspective..

The way I see it.

If not all......................,. most men are in a way of what do I have to live and ... the others on what do I have to know.

......(words need not to collide with this 'have to'.)



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