Finding Love as We Rebirth...

Hi Dear Friends!

With so many disagreements about how to rebirth our world, the angels remind us that love is in our grasp... always. I'll share some tips on how to feel it any time you like.

Love you all!

♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Sit for a moment in silence if you can. Listen to your heart beat. Notice your breath. Feel the temperature of your skin. You are here. You are now. That is the only moment you ever have. Why not make it beautiful?

Can you think of something or someone you love? It might be a person, a pet, a sunset, a location, a favorite meal or a memory from long ago. It might be a feeling of fantasy about the future. Take a moment now. Drop into your heart, and feel the love that lives within you simply by thinking of someone or something you love. For some of you this will be easy. For others it will take willpower and intention. Do it now. Breathe while focusing on that love, expand it, and come back to read more when you’re feeling yourself in a space of love.

That feeling of love, dear ones, is what you are all seeking. While some are rushing to get back out to the world and others are wanting to sit quietly at home a bit more, all of you are seeking that very feeling in your hearts.

You want things, people, and situations in life because you hope they will bring you the very same feeling of love that you just brought forth from within you.

For all your searching, seeking, rushing, and procrastinating, you are all wanting the very thing you just found – a feeling of love. When you feel love, you are connected to your deepest, truest, essence. When you feel love – whether it be for a dish of ice cream or the love of your life – you feel the Divine. There is only One love. It lives within and beneath all things, all beings, all situations, all wondrous, glorious events, and all challenges. It lives at the surface in the kind ones among you and buried deeply in the rageful. It lives, nonetheless, within all.

You felt this love simply by using your will power and your intention. There is nothing you had to do externally. There is no one you had to be with. There was no change in your situation. There was only a simple shift in your mind, away from worries, cares, concerns, upsets, frustrations, and fears to love. You chose to connect with the Reality that underlies all “reality.” You chose to connect with You.

So as your world rebirths itself, as you witness a clashing of ideas, opinions, and concepts about the “best” way to go about this – the “safest,” “smartest,” “quickest,” “most economical,” “most courteous,” way to go about it… realize that all you want to feel is Love. In Love you are safe. In Love you are protected. In Love your very biology is stronger and more immune. When you are tuned into Love, you can witness the dramas of the world, and realize there is never one “right” way for all – there is only one “right” way for you. Whether you go out or stay in, dine out or cook, work from home or go back into the office, it is right for you, if you feel it is right.

How do you know what is right for you? Breathe again. Think of something or someone you love. Bask in that feeling of love. Amplify that feeling. Now ask your heart, “Heart what is right for me, right here, right now?” In Love you will find your answers. In Love you will hear your guidance. In Love dear ones, you rebirth your spirit in a single moment.

Birth yourselves into this new world in Love. Then, no matter what others are doing, be in Love, and you will be safe, protected, guided, and inspired along the highest and happiest path for your newborn soul.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

For years the angels have told me to drop into the heart. Their exercise of thinking about something you love is one I use in my angel classes to help people learn to receive guidance. I recently learned, by taking a free class online from, that just thinking of something you love creates a biological state in the heart that calms the mind, soothes the nervous system, allows you to think more clearly… and as at the angels say, to receive your guidance.

Whenever I don’t know what to do, especially if I’m worked up, I stop, get into a space of love then ask my heart what to do. It never fails me. Sometimes it says, “Wait – you need more information.” Sometimes it says, “Feel - you are avoiding something you need to look at within yourself and no answer will come until you feel.” Sometimes it gives me a very strong answer, “Don’t jump-start your car till tomorrow morning!” True story.

In all cases, the guidance is good when it comes from the heart. There is no easy guidance when the brain is spinning in upset. Happily, we can choose to “Be in love” at any time – not with a person perhaps but to enter in that state of consciousness and biology where we feel love. The more we practice, the easier it gets.

I have been practicing a lot. As the world rebirths, the conflicting opinions are inevitable. Some are afraid for their money and want to reopen quickly. Some are afraid for their health and want to reopen cautiously. Some are prudent and want to reopen carefully. Some are prudent and want to stay in a bit more. No one has the “Absolute” right. We only have the “right for us” “right.” The heart knows what to do at all times. The heart is our biological organ that receives pulses of information from the One Love that lives in all things. The heart knows what feels right and what does not. The heart guides.

I accidentally drained my car battery last week. I thought I shut the car door, but did not. My mind started going crazy until I stopped, thought of the beautiful places I’ve been and loved and suddenly, in that space of love, I remembered a little jump starter I bought myself for Christmas. I charged it up, found the YouTube videos showing me how to use it when I asked if I’d be safe to jump my own car, the heart said, “Yes of course. Do it in the morning.” Guidance knew I’m more likely to get the red and black cables straight when I wasn’t so tired after work! I started the car in less than 30 seconds the next morning.

A family member listened to her heart the other day and probably saved herself a lot of trouble. She has been going to the stores regularly, masked and disinfecting per CDC instructions, but one day, her keys kept falling out of her hands as she was about to leave the car. They fell into a place in the car where they got stuck. She got frustrated, but after awhile something compelled her to calm down. “OK Angels,” she said, “If you don’t want me to go into the store, then let me get these keys unstuck now!” Presto. The keys came out easily and she drove home, trusting that there was a reason not to go in that store at that time. She listened.

So, whether or not you think businesses should be re-opening or not; whether or not you agree with the medical debates, the politics, or even your spouse, remember… we just want to feel love!

In Love we are safe. In Love we are protected, guided, and elevated. So when the conflicts of the world as it rebirths seem insufferable, drop into the heart. Think of something or someone you love… and bask in that feeling until peace fills you – body, mind, and soul. In that reality, the world can do what it wants, but you will be happily protected in the True Essence of your being.

Here are a few pointers to help strengthen your ability to find and feel this Love

1. Find your happy thought... or several!

Find at least one thought that makes you feel Love. Think of a person you love, an animal, a place, a situation, your favorite meal, your happiest memory, your favorite fragrance, a perfect piece of dark chocolate, sweet tea on a hot day, warm cocoa on a cool day, the wind in the trees, the waves on the ocean. your feet in the sand,… whatever feels like love to you.

If you can, make a list of happy thoughts, or keep an ongoing “Journal of Happy Thoughts” and just jot down anything and everything that feels like love.

Make sure that you allow yourself to really think of your happy thought until you feel love, appreciation, peace, passion, or joy, in your heart.

2. Practice thinking your happy thought and feeling love

Set a timer on your phone or pick several times a day when you choose to think your happy thought until you feel love in your heart.

Some days and times it will be easy. Other times you will been resistance, and old patterns will want to feel something else. Resistance looks like this, “I’m too busy for this.” “This is stupid.” “It doesn’t work.” “It won’t work for me.” Any feeling other than “I can do this,” is resistance. We all have it. Don’t let it stop you.

Keep practicing. You will overcome the resistance, and you will learn to tap into the feeling of Love at will.

3. Practice aiming your love at others

After you can reliably call up a feeling of love, practice aiming it at others. Imagine as your heart feels full and happy you can send a beam of this heart light to others. In truth research shows that the stronger heart energy (be it positive or negative) will affect all weaker energies in the vicinity, and likely beyond. Imagine sending this love to an angry soul, a hurting soul… and for extra credit… a soul you just don’t like!

As love runs up within you and through you, you feel good and you contribute to making the world a better place.

Learning to feel love is perhaps one of the most important skills you can cultivate. I’ve been working very hard during this time off trying to practice it even when it isn’t so easy. I am challenging myself to witness people who are worked up and unhappy in news articles and to stay in love. I am trying to think of times in my past that deeply upset or hurt me, and to stay in love. The more I do it, the easier it becomes.

My prayer is that we all connect with Love inside of ourselves so we can be the light in a world that is truly conflicted right now about how it should rebirth itself. After all, Love will tell you how to rebirth yourself, and that is enough.

Love you all!


VAARRR 18th May 2020 2:28 pm

the best way is
give to every soul perception of charm, magic,
give experience of creation magically
give the experience of being in the magical,
love, and higher vibrations...
and then give a "really free" choice:
to remain in material reality 3d-5d, without the magic of the heat of magic
or make every effort, to stay in the magical and raise your vibrations even higher


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