Flow, Frogs, and the Healing Stream

Hi All,

Today the angels remind us to get ourselves in a stream of love so we can become conduits for this healing energy on earth. I'll share a funny story of nature, flow, frogs, and some tips on how you can tap into the healing stream – for your own benefit and on behalf of all who need it.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you are so sensitive. You feel the world inside of you. Although you have your unique physical form, personality, and combination of energies, like a wave you can feel the currents in the ocean beneath you. This is why so many of you are feeling waves of sadness. That is why so many of you are feeling edgier, or less tolerant than usual. This is why, it is also very important that you focus on that which feels like love, that which you can appreciate about life, and that which gives you joy. The more you consciously choose to tune into the higher vibrations, the more you send these higher and happier vibrations into the "ocean" of shared energy in which you are all connected.

A moment of unabashed appreciation for the smell of your morning coffee – just a few seconds of deep peace and contentment – will send a ripple of peace into the ocean of share energy. Imagine this ripple of peace touches a soul that is fearing for their life. As this ripple of peace reaches them, for just a moment, they too breathe more deeply and perhaps remember a simple pleasure in their own life. At that moment, temporarily soothed out of fear and into peace, they cease to become a vibrational match to a person who is angry and fearful. Your moment of appreciation may have just saved their life.

Every thought, every word, every deed sends a vibrational ripple into the ocean of shared energy. This is how you can positively affect your world, even when it seems there is nothing you "do." You can appreciate your own life and your vibration becomes an unspoken prayer for all souls to have a life they can appreciate. You can enjoy your own peace and your vibration becomes a prayer for all souls to feel peace. You can appreciate your home and your food and your appreciation is a vibration that emanates outward into the ocean of shared energy, resonating and strengthening the vibration of all who wish for a secure home and abundant food.

Dear ones in your rest, you share peace. In your loving action, you share the love. In your appreciation, you emanate a vibration that touches all hearts willing to open to appreciation. You cannot do anything in a vacuum for you have roots in the ocean of shared energy. There is not a thought you can think of, a deed you can do, or a word you can offer, without causing a ripple of vibration that touches all souls.

So the question to ask now is, "Am I empowering conflict or am I empowering peace? Am I sending out ripples of love and appreciation or ripples of anger? This is why fighting that what you hate never works - you simply empower it with your ripples of hatred. This is why wishing for others to change never works. Your negative focus on them inspires push-back. This is why love –  even in its most minuscule expression –  is powerful beyond words.

Take care, dear ones, to be kind to yourselves, to allow yourselves joy, to flow with your hearts to the best of your ability, and to look forward to your futures with positive expectations. In these higher vibrations, you contribute to the healing, the hope, the peace, the upliftment, and the kindness that is so needed here upon your earth at this time. You are making a difference. We see the ripples of love that you emit, joining with others to create massive currents of love. These may be undercurrents to some, obvious to others but nonetheless, the currents of love are strengthening upon your planet every day, and love dear ones, always, eventually, will prevail.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I finally went on a good long hike last weekend for the first time in seven months. Total bliss! Nature put on her finest show. I got lost in the symphony of birdsong and the wild winds whistling through the pines. The sunlight danced like diamonds rippling on the surface of the creek. I waded in up to my knees, felt the soft mosses on my toes, caressed the fuzzy spring maple leaves, and inhaled the perfume of wild lilacs. After lunch, seated by the creek, I went into a reverie watching the endless rippling flow trickling by. I merged into the oneness and floated out into everything...

That's when the frogs began to gather around me... two by two. I didn't know it was froggie dating season! However, as one pair of "double-decker" frogs after another hopped on over to check me out, it finally dawned on me that love was in the air! Later I learned that the male frog hops up and hugs the female with his little front flippers and they stay together like, hopping around, enjoying their day, until she lays her eggs in the water. At that time, he adds his contribution to the eggs, hops off, carries the eggs to a safe place, and looks out for them until the kids are born and can make it on their own. Talk about a devoted dad!

Seriously, I didn't know all that at the time. I only knew I was meditating one moment and the next I was looking into the eyes of several adorable frog couples that had appeared to check out this very peaceful human lost in her own flow. They sat in the stream, quietly gazing into my eyes, and I gazed back into theirs. I was mesmerized by their cute little faces and they seemed to enjoy my energy too. In this expanded state of consciousness, I felt their love and tenderness for each other. I felt their delight at the water flowing over their backs, and their curiosity at this diversion of something/someone new to explore. It seemed they felt me too – my delight at their company, the wind blowing on my skin, and the warm air baking on my back. You never what love awaits in the eternal stream (not to mention the creek!) when you surrender to its endless flow!

Later in the day, I ran across two snakes that stopped to check me out. I just let love flow through me to them, and we had a shared moment of mutual admiration before they slithered back into the brush. The whole day felt like a beautiful dance with life, where the harmless were drawn closer and others just moved away without incident.

As the angels wrote in today's newsletter, our every word, deed, and thought ripples outward and affect the whole world. I may not be able to directly save lives or stop horrific things I see on the news but I can ripple my love outward, affect the mass consciousness, and thus make a difference.

The angels like to say often, "Sit. Breathe. Receive." It allows their love to pour into you and through you in contribution to yourself and the planetary vibe.

Bruno Groening, a miracle healer in Germany in the early 1900s also used to tell people to sit in what he called "Einstellen" sitting upright, palms up, intentionally tuned into receiving the healing stream. If people wanted to help others he, like the angels, advised them to sit in reception, knowing the energy would flow through them to their loved ones who might not be willing yet to sit quietly and receive it for themselves. Bruno knew that although he was a huge conduit of this healing energy, it was God who heals.

Jesus also made it clear that it was "the Father" working through him. He would simply speak words of love and truth and people healed. Braco, the modern gazer whose work has catalyzed countless miracle healings simply calls the flow "the gift." When I've gazed for others, I feel only pure love flowing through me as I simply open and surrender to it.

Throughout history, some of the most profound healers "did" little to catalyze miracles. They simply opened themselves with total faith, in reception, and therefore transmission of Divine love. These healers often were greatly challenged by the judgment of others and the physical challenges that come with opening, without resistance, to such a massive energy flow, but the actual healing part was simple in concept – open, have faith, allow God's stream of love and grace to flow through them.

You have that same ability to receive and transmit God's love. We all do. As we surrender to love in any way – be it silent appreciation, words of kindness, or simply a willingness to sit, breathe, and receive –  we also, inevitably, become transmitters of the very same. We can't help it. Through our openness to be channels or gates through which this love from the higher realms can flow into our 3D reality we become 5D contributions to the planet, uplifting the mass consciousness, and often positively impacting the lives of individuals we will never meet.

This love can be allowed to flow as needed, or it can be intentionally transmitted to those you pray for – both those whom you cherish and those who are lost. If you can sit in reception of love and intend that those who are lost in fear or anger receive it, there is potential for magnificent healing. If enough people on earth were to intend that those stirring up the masses and hurting countless souls could feel God's love, things would shift for the better, much sooner. We can be that change.

Here are a few tips to help you open to the healing stream and allow it to ripple outward

1. Sit. Breathe. Receive

I know. I've written this from the angels hundreds of times. It works. Set a timer for 2-5 minutes, or longer if you have time. Put on some good music if you like or pay attention to your breathing. Intend to receive love. That's it. Focus on every good feelin you feel and see if you can experiment with opening to even better feelings. Know that as you receive love you naturally spill it over into the world.

2. Receive from a Transmitter

Gaze with Braco or sit in Einstellen and call on Bruno Groning's spirit to assist you. Come see Abdy when he is in town or go back to my old Facebook page and watch my old gazes. Pray to Jesus or your favorite spiritual master and ask them to transmit to you. Open to receive through souls that are called to transmit. Although we can all access this healing, loving, stream on our own sometimes it is easier and comforting to receive through another who has done the work of allowing it to come through them into the human vibration first.

3. Practice loving in the smallest ways in everyday life

The past few weeks I decided I would appreciate and bless everything I could and pray for everyone while I was doing it. "Thank you for my running water God, may all souls have access to clean water. Thank you for my bed. May all souls have a safe place to rest. Thank you for the sunshine. May all souls be comforted by its healing warmth." "Thank you for the musicians and artists that inspire us. May all find inspiration. Thank you for the flowers. May they spring up all over this world and share their beauty and hope..."

I do this now regularly, every day, as often as I can, sometimes for hours. It lifts me tremendously and sends emanations of love and prayer outward.

3. Receive on behalf of others, especially those who are lost

As you sit and receive love, no matter how you do it, intend that your love ripple outwards. It will anyway but if you are intentional it gets a boost. Perhaps there is someone in your life who needs love or someone you've seen on the news. Perhaps you are courageous enough to send love to someone who is lost in anger or bad behaviors, or someone who has wronged you. Perhaps you can receive on behalf of the souls so lost in pain and anger that they hurt others. Perhaps we can all do that and soften the hurting hearts.

While action is definitely needed in our world, and God will guide us to contribute as needed, our loving energy is what can create monumental shifts and changes in our own lives and in the world. Receive and share. As you enter the blissful flow of the Divine's unceasing love through simple acts of simple thoughts, you'll become a bright light and conduit for love in this world that needs it right now, and your life, heart, and soul will be richly blessed in return.

Have a beautiful week :)



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