From Exhaustion to Inspiration & Tools for Happiness

Hi Dear Friends,

Today the angels address the wide range of feelings flying around from enthusiasm to exhaustion. They explain how to move past exhaustion back to inspiration, and how if you're feeling anything, it's a good thing!

I'll share examples from my recent life and tips for learning how your feelings are a barometer to keep you in a high vibe and on a happy path!

Happy Juneteenth to all who celebrate!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Never in your human history have you, as a species, been clearer on what you want from life. Your pandemic inspired you to send cries unto the heavens. "We want to be in this together. We are one world." "We want to connect! We are tired of hatred!" "We are tired of polluting the planet we walk upon." "We are tired of doing things that feel meaningless, going through the motions in life, and feeling duty-bound." "Dear heavens, we are tired..."

And so many of you are tired, dear friends. Many of you are exhausted from trying to "push the river' and/or resisting your own feelings.

All of you are acclimating to the new energies. You are all working diligently to raise your vibration so the new, increased, and beautiful flow of love can move you and move through you unobstructed. Like a wire not yet rated for a higher current, it is your resistance to love that makes you, like that wire, short circuit, burn out, or blow up!

Conversely, if you're living in alignment with your heart, which most of you are in many instances throughout the day, you will feel more energized, passionate, and open to guidance than ever before.

Most of you are vacillating between these two extremes, inspired by a thought one moment, exhausted the next.

You have complete control over these dear ones! You can choose to surrender to the exhaustion, nap, rest, and be gentle with yourselves. You can choose to give your own thoughts a rest and do what feels good to you in the moment. In loving yourselves in this fashion, you will raise your vibration and find increased energy. When you are impassioned by or feel drawn to something, you will feel energized if you go with your flow of thinking or action. You will feel tired if you resist. You will feel energized by loving thoughts, and tired or even exhausted by anything less. Best of all, in surrendering to the heart, you surrender to your guidance.

Your feelings are a loving barometer that let you know when you're in a higher or lower vibration. They tell you whether or not you are surrendered to your heart and flowing gracefully towards your desires, or whether or not you are resisting a loving flow. In neither case are you right or wrong, good, or bad. You're just having a different experience of life. Don't judge yourself when you're in a low vibe. Just do your best to shift towards a kinder one. your thoughts are the tools you use to fine-tune your feelings.

We have said this many times. Be gentle with yourselves. To the best of your ability, listen to your hearts. Don't push yourselves to do things you don't want to do, or if you must, at least find reasons to like what you're doing. To the best of your ability, try not to indulge in thoughts that bring you down. Instead allow your mind to naturally drift upwards towards what feels best.

You are all learning to live in a higher vibration. Watch your feelings this week and notice how they correlate to your physical conditions and physical energies. You will soon come to understand, through your own observation, that you are energetic beings who are either choosing your vibration or reacting to the vibrations of the world. It is always your vibration that dictates how you feel, what you will attract, and how gracefully you flow through your days. We wish you ease, grace, joy, and dreams come true.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I have a gazillion projects I'd like to accomplish. Lately, however, all I want to do after hours is clean out and organize. It is what gives me joy now. I thought about hiking last weekend, and I love hiking... but my energy didn't soar. I thought about cooking, and I love cooking too... but I didn't feel like cooking. I thought about cleaning out my closet and garage and that lit up my heart! I rolled up my sleeves and dug in.

I had so much fun donating once-loved items that no longer "sparked joy," as the author, Marie Kondo would say. I was thrilled to find inexpensive little containers on amazon for all my miscellaneous screws and bolts. To my great delight, I discovered little magnets in my craft stash that helped me organize my tools, after years of digging around for the right one every time I had a project. I recycled old boxes from electronics long gone, got new garage bins to replace ones over 3 decades old, and gave things still useful to friends. I tried on every item in my closet and really thought about what I'd love and use again. My closets (and me!) are starting to have room to breathe. It feels deeply satisfying to do even a large chore when the heart calls.

Of course, there are things I must do and things I've committed to doing. Sometimes I feel like doing them and sometimes I don't. Most of the time I feel energized by them. When I don't, I put them off and do something more inspiring until joy calls.

Last week, for example, the newsletter came to me later than usual, but when it did, it flowed and felt in total Divine order. The angels talked about how a "rising tide raises all long as they're tied to the dock by a long rope" and described the metaphor that symbolized. As I watched Braco's gazes on Sunday, my jaw dropped. The video after each gaze showed boats tied to a dock by long ropes. A man in one of the intro videos used the same quote the angels did.  It was obvious once again that the universe really does know what it's doing with our hearts and our timing.

The angels have been talking a lot about feelings lately because we can't help but feel these days. If we resist, it hurts! If we blame others, we feel powerless. As the angels have been saying for years, all of our feelings have incredible value. Our feelings tell us when we're in a loving flow and when we're not. Our feelings tell us if something is authentic for us to do here and now. Our feelings indicate if our thoughts are high or lower vibe thoughts. Our feelings tell us when we're on track with our own dreams.

So next time you have a strong feeling, instead of making it wrong or blaming the external world, take time and breathe into it. Feel it deeply. Ask it what it is trying to tell you. "Joy, where are you calling me?" "Anger how do you tell me I need to change?" "Sadness, are you telling me I don't really believe in my dreams, or that I don't really believe I can connect with someone's soul?" "Jealousy are you telling me I do not yet believe I can create?" Each and every one of your feelings is just guiding you.

Here are a few pointers to help you feel and therefore reveal your soul's truth in a given moment.

1. Practice paying attention to how you feel

I don't think I really let myself feel until I was in my late twenties. Of course, I felt everything as a child, but I went through a phase of becoming "the good girl." I made nice, did what I was supposed to do, lived the life I was supposed to live and performed as I was expected to perform. I graduated from college, got a great job, got married, got a house, got the car, got the bank account, and woke up after all that realizing I was in pain and miserable. That's where my book, "Whispers of the Spirit" starts off – with me in my late 20's feeling like a big false failure. I didn't know who the heck I was.

Then I started feeling. I felt sad and sorry for myself. I didn't realize I could change. I felt angry. I didn't realize I was giving all my power away. I felt confused. I didn't want to admit what I really wanted. I felt unworthy of asking for more. I felt trapped. I felt, felt, and felt. And then my heart began to whisper. I wanted to quit engineering. I started to pray to wake up happy and go to bed grateful and make a living. I started to listen to my heart and do things very uncharacteristic of "Miss Professional Avionics Engineer". I felt like going to a conference on Alternatives in Healing and it was there that I first stepped into the great big, beautiful world of energy. I felt like my soul had been lit on fire. It was as if suddenly I had found something I had been missing my whole life.

I started to pay attention to my feelings and do the things I was drawn to, even if they made no logical sense at the time. I quietly took channeling sessions – certainly not a skill required in my engineering career. I experienced a past life regression. There was no seeming purpose, but it gave me a broader perspective of who and what we are. One book, one class at a time, my feelings guided me straight to the life I live now. Needless to say, the anger, sadness, and frustration that were a daily undercurrent have been replaced by passion and joy for life!

Take time throughout the day to stop and ask yourself, "What do I really feel about what I'm doing?" "How does this train of thought feel?" If you don't feel so great about what you're doing or thinking, ask yourself, "What thoughts or actions might feel better?" At your first opportunity act on these feelings, or right here and now switch to a better thought.

2. Give yourself permission to be happy

Most of us weren't taught it is OK to be happy when you're sick, tired, can't pay the bills, have been recently dumped, abandoned, etc., but why not? It feels better. We may not be happy about one circumstance in our lives, or even several, but if we're willing to look for things that make us happy, we can find them.

Some of you have heard this story. I was in a pretty ugly hotel gym room on the treadmill years ago and noticed I didn't feel happy thinking the battleship grey walls, drab carpet, and dim light. I started looking for something to feel better about. I liked the red glow of the numbers on the treadmill. That felt a little better. I liked my neon shoelaces. That felt better. Oh!!! I found a patch of deep sapphire blue on an otherwise drab painting on the wall and started to get lost in the color. It led me to thoughts of the ocean, the sky, the roaring of waves, white puffy clouds... Pretty amazing for a 6" patch of blue.

We can always find something to be happy about. We just have to give ourselves permission to look, to think, and to feel our way into it.

3. Congratulate yourself with every victory, no matter how small

At first, it is hard to switch off old worrisome, nagging, anxieties, or upsets. It takes effort and commitment. However, the rewards are HUGE. You feel better and end up getting guided towards what you want!

We've been trained to focus on problems – not realizing that this focus will not solve them. Focus on a high happy vibe and solutions will appear. If you congratulate yourself every time you switch to a happier vibe that will help you spin upward even more easily!  Self-love raises your vibe like nothing else, while self-criticism can spin you down pretty quickly as well.

The other day I had a little challenge finding my scissors. I started out with the usual litany of "Where on earth did I put them? This is so silly. What a waste of time!" I caught myself. That line of thought didn't feel good! I shifted and started thinking about how wonderful it would feel to find them. I imagined the feeling when I'd stumble upon them and say, "Oh, there you are!" Suddenly the inner voice said "They're on the floor in the garage. "Oh, there you are!" Nothing like a high vibe solution to a practical problem! I congratulated myself for shifting into the solution. Next time I lost something it was much easier to manifest finding it since I had reinforced success with a small celebration.

That's a silly example. Here's a tougher one. A few weeks ago, I didn't pay attention to my feelings of sadness over a friend who is mired in negativity right now.  My body reacted quickly. I broke out in a rash, goiters appeared suddenly around my thyroid, and I had a splitting headache. Ow! It came on so quickly it was stunning. I had ignored my feelings which were telling me I was drifting into low vibe waters and as a result, I was pinching off my own well-being. I was letting someone else's drama and negativity be a reason to get lazy in my own thinking and as a result, my vibe had spiraled down quickly.

Now there's nothing wrong with any feeling. They're just indicators – high vibe, or low vibe. Feel them and heal them, but it's just not pleasant to stay stuck in the lower ones. The minute I saw what I had done, I indulged in a good cry for a few minutes, felt my frustration for a few more, then started looking around, flowing love, and spun my vibe up very quickly. The rash was gone the next morning. The goiters disappeared and the headache was history too. I celebrated my choice to be happy and feel well. I'm much more useful holding space for my friend in a high vibe than I am sinking with them into a lower one. I reinforced my soul's victory with a good happy dance!

Celebrating your victories will reinforce your ability to choose a higher vibe, both now and in the future.

Life pulls you with pleasure and pushes you with pain. Learning to recognize emotions as those "tugs and pulls" is phenomenally empowering. Instead of making bad feelings wrong, you can embrace them, make the adjustments to your energy and/or actions, and then as if by magic, your vibe will rise, and you'll be back on a higher, happier course in life.

Love you all! Have a blessed week!



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